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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@Weetzie:  No, don’t spend money on that.  It’s easy and free to change to your married name and you can do it all yourself.  That “service” is a rip-off.

To answer your question – the first step is get married, lol.  THEN – head to your local Social Security office armed with your driver’s license and marriage certificate (after you get it back from the Register of Deeds).  It might take a couple of days for your Social Security card name to be processed – they’ll tell you.  THEN – after that has become “official” head to your local driver’s license office to get a duplicate license with your new name.

After that you can easily go to your bank and make your name change and all of your other accounts call them, email or whatever procedure they have for that.  It’s not a difficult or complicated process, people do it all the time.

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Sugar bee
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I did it myself and didn’t have any trouble.  Once you get your marriage certificate, change your name with the Social Security Administration, then the DMV, then your bank and credit cards.  The only one that was a PITA was Paypal, but that was because the files I was trying to send with copies of my driver’s license and marriage cert were too big.

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I bought the groupon for this service for 15 dollars.  I didn’t mind spending that for it and I would probably do it again.  I liked the convenience of having all of the forms I needed to fill out in one place and being able to print them all and have them ready before I went to the offices to get my name changed.  Sure, you can search for all of this information on your own and print the forms and fill them out, but I did like that the service asks you some simple questions such as maiden name, new last name, birth date, address, etc that are used on all of the forms, and automatically populates them for you.  Saves a bit of time and I also liked having everything together in one place online.  You can log in, add information, save where you are, and come back to it later if you need to look up some of the information.  It also had a fairly comprehensive list of forms to fill out which was a good reminder for me as I probably would have forgotten to notify utility companies for example of my name change.

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Sugar bee
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@MrsEagleEye:  See, I was thinking of getting this before the process of changing everything over began and it sounds worth it to me.  I might do a bit more research into it, though.

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Helper bee
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I bought the groupon for it for $15, I’m not sure I would have spent the full $30.  I found it helpful, having all the forms together in one place and knowing I had to change my social security information first, THEN driver’s license, etc.

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Bumble bee
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OP like most bees stated it’s a rip off big time, its free to change it yourself.

I was able to change most of my things over the phone depending on the accounts, Drivers License and Social Security office required a personal visit, but I did this in a span of 2 months after marriage. 

Good Luck.

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Once we were married, I just took our marriage certificate over to the Social Security office & requested a new card with my new name. Then, once I had a paper stating that I requested it, we had to take that to one of the offices on the army base to get my military ID as well. It really wasn’t that complicated of a process to me.

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I looked into those, but ended up doing it myself and was glad I didn’t spend the money. It took 20 minutes at the social security office (most of that was waiting – actual name change took 2 mins), and the rest (bank, school info, etc) took no longer than a few mins to upload a pic of my new ID and marriage license. I haven’t changed my info w/ the DMV yet because I don’t have a license currently due to medical restrictions & we’re moving to a new state next month. So when I get the medical stuff cleared I will just get my new license in that state. I have a military ID so I didn’t need a state one. 

Not really worth it IMO but if you’re busy/have more places where you would need to change it, it might be 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Honestly it’s SO easy to do yourself, I would never pay for a service. I made an appointment at the social security office and was there for 5 minutes. Then onto the DMV – made an appointment, again there for about 10 minutes, most of it waiting. 5 minutes to change it in the bank, I brought the marriage license, and then I changed over the rest of my stuff as it was relevant. I sent letters with copies of the marriage license to my student loan companies, I think I faxed it over to Paypal to get it changed there etc. Super easy to do yourself with very little effort.

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I went to the DMV yesterday, after I picked up my marriage license. It cost me $12.50 to get  the name and address change and they took a new picture (sucks because I finally had a great license picture) and took my old license. When the new one comes in the mail I’ll go to SS and get my bank account and credit cards changed over.

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The worst part was waiting in line. I would never pay money for the forms, it’s quite an easy process.

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I bought it, total waste of $30. I did not find it a waste because I think changing your name is easy; I just didn’t think it was a useful service. What I needed to know was in what order I should change my name with each agency, and what each required in order for me to change it. That site did not provide any of that information, just copies of forms. Here’s how I changed my name:

1) I requested 10 certified copies of my marriage license from the state it was issued in. Some (though definitely not all) people want these, so I would get them first.

2) After I had received certified copies of my marriage license, I went to the nearest Social Security Admin office to get a new SSN card. I brought my current driver’s license, SSN card, certified copy of my marriage license, and birth certificate. The most PITA part of this process was getting up and making sure I was in line outside the office a half hour prior to opening, so I wouldn’t have to wait forever. Once I was actually in the building, it was pretty easy.

3) After I received my new SSN card, I went to the DMV to get a new driver’s license. I brought both my old and new SSN cards, my birth certificate, and a certified copy of my marriage license. This wasn’t any more painful than a regular trip to the DMV.

Once you have your new SSN card and your new driver’s license, changing your name with everyone else is a piece of cake. Most people didn’t want anything but a copy of my new driver’s license, and some didn’t ask for anything at all. Best of luck!

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Bumble bee
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Will they stand in line for you, or do they just give you the paperwork?  If you still have to show up at the DMV and/or Soc Sec., then don’t bother paying someone.

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Don’t waste your money.  It’s so easy and free to do it yourself. It only took me an afternoon to do it all…that included driving time and waiting in lines.

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