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Sugar bee
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Haha, I know the feeling! One misunderstanding we had happened when we first met. We did a lot of texting back and forth and I said that I missed his blue eyes. He responded with, “I miss your hazel eyes”…I was like WHO THE F DOES HE THINK HE’S TEXTING?! I thought he was such a player. My eyes are brown.

Turns out he has some issues with using the right words somtimes. We both think he has Asperger’s. I was offended at first but now I see it in action all the time and I know he was telling the truth when he told me he thought hazel was just a fancier way of saying brown. Hahahaha!

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Helper bee
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My personal favorite of my SO and I:

We started dating after a hook-up (which I totally thought was a one time thing but he didn’t think that) so very early on in our relationship at a gas station he ran inside and left his blackberry on his truck seat next to me. I snooped. I snooped hard and quick through texts. Mainly texts from me but then I saw from a girl name Lindsey. (background- my SO has been married and divorced but not to a Lindsey!) These texts were all mushy, baby this baby that, then a fight, then back to mush. 

i couldn’t snoop enough to catch all the details. Most of my girlfiends said stay with him and see what happens- some said to leave. 

I’m so glad I stayed because a month later he complained his phone was acting up but blamed it on dropping it off a guard tower in Afghanistan on deployment – laughing saying that’s how he broke the first one and then Johnson gave him this one after his wife Lindsey mailed him a new phone…..


I went totally silent and then I had to come clean… We both had a good laugh!

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Blushing bee
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So, husband and I are joking around and he playfully grabs at my waist and says “Whoa! Did you know you had a little tiny pocket hidden in the waistband of those pants?!” Umm, yeah, I bought them. “What in the heck is it even there for? Nothing can even fit in that little space!”

So my snarky response, just to tease him was “oh a condom fits perfectly. You never know when you’ll need one”

To which he acts dramatic and defensive and says “whatever, get out out of here with your whore pocket”

I.Lost.My.Shit. My WHORE pocket?! You’re referring to my hoo ha as a *whore pocket*?!!! this started out playful and silly but that term was downright disrespectful and mean and really, really made me angry. I let him have it. The whole time he just stared at me confused. Turns out by whore pocket, he was referring to the actual tiny pocket in my pants – you know, the one to hold condoms :/ Not any body part of mine. 

He actually had no idea why I was upset so bad because he didn’t realize what I thought he was referring to. We had a good laugh after, and we use the term all the time in conversation. “Hey babe, do you have a pocketknife on you?” “yeah, I think I threw one in my jacket whore pocket, let me check”. 

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Sugar bee
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Very early in the beginning of our relationship, Fiance was working nights. We were sleeping over constantly, and I would stay alone at night at his place while he worked. He forgot his phone that particular night. It was around 3 AM. His phone kept going off. I eventually answered it. A woman’s voice was on the other end asking where he was and who I was. I was like, “Bitch, who are you?”

Her reply? “I’m his sister.” I instantly lost my attitude and explained he was at work. I met her in person shortly after that.

FI’s family teases me about it to this day.

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stardustintheeyes:  the funniest one I can think of isn’t with my Darling Husband. I’m the Maid/Matron of Honor in my best friends wedding and I was helping set up her wedding registry on ZankYou. I told her you can put a little paragraph about each item to personalize it. 

So were talking and we come up to the honeymoon fund. I asked her what she wanted it to say. What I HEARD was “we’re looking forward to exploring Alaska and having lots of snacks”

I was like “oh that does sound nice! Like Cheetos in bed haha” 

she looked at me so puzzled and said “what the hell are you talking about?” I said “what other kind of snacks are you talking about?” 

She started busting up laughing yelling “NO! Lots of SEX!” 

Then our neighbor walked by and looked at us weird 

it was hilarious and now we use snacks as an inside joke to talk about sex in front of people lol

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Helper bee

When I was getting ready for my second date with SO, we were texting and I lived in an apartment block. He was waiting outside for me to unlock the main door, I could do so from within my apartment. I had my hands full and was also trying to text him, what I meant to say in the text was…

“I’m just finishing off in the bedroom, you can come get me now :D” 

Which would of been fine except either my auti-correct decided to but in or I was being too ambitious by texting with one hand. What I actually sent was,

“I’m just finishing off in the bedroom, you can come in me now :D” 

You can imagine my mortiphication when a proof read the text…. which I have a stupid habbit of doing once already sent .. hadn’t even seen each other naked at this point, I was so embarassed.

Lucikly SO was a gentlemen and saw the funny side and we made plenty of jokes about it over drinks.. still winds me up about it to this day. 

Ironically he got me pregnat after only 4 months of dating. But here we are now 10 months later x

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