Mixing beers for ceremony

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

mingogo :  It’s an interesting idea, and since you’re have a BBQ theme I think it could work. If I were you I would definitely experiement and taste what you’re going to have prior to the ceremony. Will you have additional alcoholic beverages as well?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2016

 I don’t know.  Something about it just doesn’t seem serious enought for the actual wedding ceremony.  But, you should do what makes you happy.  To answer your other question, yes, I would  try it out before you drank it in front of everyone- what if it’s really gross?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

mingogo :  These cocktail, sandwich, painting, planting, etc ideas seem very try-hard to me. When unity candles came out 30 years ago, it was new and creative. Then it was “candles are lame, everyone does those, we’re doing this new thing with sand!” and now it’s “everyone does sand, we’re doing this really unique thing that’s just ours (except for everyone else on Pinterest who did it before and posted the pictures that gave us the idea).” It feels like it’s changed from a meaningful addition to the ceremony, into a contest to see who can think of something that nobody else has done. So I’m not a fan of unity ceremonies in general anymore. The wedding is the unity ceremony. The add-ons are theatrics for Insta-likes. If you think it will be fun and it’s meaningful to you of course you can do it and your loved ones will probably think it’s cute. Me personally, I’m not a fan.

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Bumble bee

Tbh I’d giggle if I saw that…more bc mixing beer would be so random and something generally not done with beer. 

I think adding a toast to each other during the ceremony and clinking glasses would be cute though.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

I love it ! Sounds like it fits in well with your wedding vibe and you and is personal to you and FH as a couple.  I think it’s a cool idea 😎.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2018

It does sound very “you” based on your shared love of beer, but speaking as a guest, that isn’t a drink I’d ever want to try.  I barely ever drink beer, usually only when it’s the only thing available, and if my only choices were IPA or a Dark Amber it would be a hard pass for me.  I’d rather not drink at all.  So it’s a cute idea, not the worst, I can see other beer lovers being impressed, but I’d guess that around half of your guests are likely to not be into it… No offense meant, I love the unique-ness, just sharing what I believe would be the typical guest perspective.

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Honey bee

I’m meh about it, but I’m meh about most unity ceremonies in the first place.  If you are going to do it though, I think that is something you need to test out first with exactly what you’re going to use.  Not everything has to be a surprise or super special reserve it for the day only.  Do you really want the first time you test this to be in front of everyone and then realize it tastes like skunk?  Because otherwise your unity message is “Here are two really great things and we’re going to unite them and now they suck.”

I’ve also “seen” the beer unity ceremony thing on a few wedding sites/message boards, so you might get some good ideas of wording or pairings if you google it.

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Blushing bee

Not being a beer drinker I read your post to my partner and he had a slightly different take on it. His idea was kinda going down the microbrewery route, we did a easy home brewing kit about a year ago where we added our choice of hops, yeast, etc. And let it ferment for about a month total. Then we had made our own beer. 

So his idea would be setting up the fermentation during the ceremony rather than mixing the finished products. I personally liked this idea more for several reasons. Mainly it is symbolic as you would be “starting” your personal brew at you marriage much like you are starting your lives. Also it would eliminate the bride and groom having a toast but the wedding guests not being able to join in as you said it was a dry venue. I would then move the mixed beer to the reception and have that for your toasts there, with others joining in if they like. I don’t know if you are planning on a honeymoon but depending on the type it may be ready to bottle when you get back, don’t quote me though as I’m not the beer drinker :). But the reason I liked it the best is rather than using someone else’s already prepared products you would really be making something unique for yourselves and you can tweak the recipe every year for your anniversary so it (the recipe) is growing and changing along with your marriage. Which the stupid romantic part of me like the symbolism. Also if the first batch needs improvement at least it could be enjoyed in private and not in front of all your guests :). Just another take on it in case you also like the idea. Let us know what you decide. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

mingogo :  I guess I didnt realize that this would only be for the two of you, I think as long as your guests have their own choice of booze, there isn’t a problem with doing this especially since it sounds like something you both would enjoy!

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