(Closed) (CLOSED) Mob Mentality on the Bee

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    perhaps Internet forums aren’t for you.

    just a subtle reminder that trying to control people’s behavior on the Internet is like trying to tell the wind which direction to blow: frustrating, and ultimately unsuccessful. It’s generally better to either accept that it is a windy day, or go indoors.

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    @fishbone:  +1

    You are one of my favorite posters. Just thought you should know.

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    @Rubbs:  The bunch of women in one room.  Like women are all the same, and we can’t control our behavior.  Fuck that.  If we’re going to accept comments like that, then we should also say…you know what happens when you get bunches of men in a room!  WAR, DESTRUCTION OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS, PERPETUATION OF RAPE CULTURE, etc.  All men are not like that, and all women are not gossipy twits.

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    @peachacid:  Well you must be glad you got that off your chest, huh!? Yell

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    There are posters responding to this very thread that have had disagreements with me and I with them and we “get along” just fine. Disagreements happen,  they can be healthy and they also are apart of life. Learning how to accept differing opinions and also articulate your own is a pretty useful life skill.

    BUT, learning the rules and hitting your stride on the internet can take time. This was my first forum to ever join,  and I’ve been here a couple years now. I’ve participated in nice,  happy,  snarky, sad, emotional and every kind of thread that you can come up with. It did take me a while to figure out the community,  and I find it to be an overall enjoyable one. 



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    @Hyperventilate:  I have mixed feelings about this. I wouldn’t say there is a “mob mentality” here because I see a lot of people just having a lot of similar opinions, and thus it seems like a mob.

    It’s also another “be careful what you ask for” sort of thing. If you’re not prepared to hear things you don’t want to hear, do not ask the question. It’s as simple as that. Not everyone is going to hug you, pat your bottom and tell you everything you want to hear. If you have that sort of expectation from this forum and/or life, you need a serious reality check.


    @j_jaye: Also agreeing with this.

    I read this thread yesterday and couldn’t figure out what in the world your goal was, OP. You either don’t understand how unforced, organic discussion works, or you’re still way too new here to get the hang of posting on a message board.

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    @fishbone:  The issue is, when a poster replies to the OP and her opinion is not liked by another poster, they are attacked. Instead of responding to the OP, they decide they need to give ettiquitte lessons to the secondary poster. 


    They are indeed, trying to control someone’s opinion and/or behavior. 

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    I havent read the whole thread yet but since I have spoken with the OP about how another thread went a while ago I think I get what she means.

    I personally don’t really care when people attack me. If I feel like arguing that day, I will. If I don’t I will leave. Usually if you reply directly to me but I dont want to take over a thread I will pm a person. Usually if they were sincere in their thoughts, they respond and we have a dialogue. If they were only in it for a show and spectacle they wont.

    I also enjoy watching threads melt down. Even my own when I am bored. For instance I know that my impatience and unwillingness to adhere to gender role annoys some people. So if I post about my situation, it almost always pisses off the “but he’s the MANNNNN, wait quietly” crowd.

    In the end I get where OP is coming from and agree that we could all try to stay on topic or try not to make situations worse more often. Will it happen? no of course not

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    @SoupyCat:  As a matter of fact, I think you and I have had disagreements before! Doesn’t mean I don’t like to hear your opinion though…keeps things interesting 🙂

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    @JoolyBee:  Absolutely! In fact, i’m sure I disagree with so many bees I couldn’t possibly keep track of who they all are (and after 3000 posts, I’d be crazy to try). But that certainly doesn’t mean I dislike others or that we can’t agree on another thread Smile

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    @Swizzle:  “To be honest i tend to disagree. I have been on the site for a year and a half and while sometime yes there is bickering, for the most part people are pretty chill around here. 

    Sometimes i find people dont like to hear the truth if they have acted inappropriately or whatever.”

    I agree.  I have been on this site a long time (almost 3 years) and posted to a lot of threeads.  With a few exceptions, it is typically pretty chill around here and most of the drama is due to someone wanting validation for a thought or action and getting mad when they don’t get it.

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    I agree with PP’s that the Bee has, in general, been a supportive and helpful environment for me, tangential topics and varying opinions included. I really enjoy the conversation and appreciate the advice and points of view that are presented here. I think the Terms of Service and their enforcement do a good enough job of keeping the boards from becoming a negative environment without the need to create a separate thread about it.

    I also think the mods do a great job of controlling the situation when it gets sticky, because the Bee is not 100% snark-free like any place on the internet. And there’s definitely a difference between snark and voicing another opinion, and between thread jacking and tangence. In fact, the only time I’m a bit critical of modding is when it seems too heavy handed in stemming the flow of opinions, especially when it results in the ban of tenured Bees (UpStateCait comes to mind, along with a few others, though obviously I can’t know all the details of their leaving).

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