(Closed) MOH ended our friendship 6 months before

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@saralauren319:  She has problems that are unrelated to you.

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Busy bee

@saralauren319:  There has to be something more to the story, of what happened for her to flip out on you, surely it wasn’t just bc you were flirting with a couple of her friends or co workers. 

Either A.  You were flirting with one or two guys that she really liked and she told you about it or maybe you didn’t know but she was livid at you bc she really liked these guys

Or B. Maybe something happened after the day of day drinking that you don’t remember? Something that really embarassed her?

Something had to happen, just something right?  Or maybe your Maid/Matron of Honor is just a jealous byatch and has always been jealous of the attention you get from males.  A girl can hate you for that so maybe that was the reason she flipped out on your but there has to be something more.  What was she harping on you for when she was yelling at you about things in the past?

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I don’t think it was appropriate for an engaged person to be flirting with someone of the opposite sex all evening, especially while intoxicated. I wouldn’t have reacted how she did, obviously, but I sure wouldn’t respect it. 

I would have just got in a cab and went to a hotel. Obviously she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. The reason why doesn’t really matter. She’s made her decision and why would you want to be friends with her after all that?

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1) That’s a REALLY strong reaction

2) Did it have anything to do with the guy you were chatting with the whole night? Without knowing the situation, it seems like the kind of reaction someone would have if they have a huge crush on someone and then their friend (who should be off limits) comes in town and gets along so well with him that he doesn’t spend time with her, aso she gets pissed off at him for not paying attention and her friend for flirting with her love interest when said friend shouldn’t even be flirting.

3) I personally have no problem with the flirting, I was just trying to put myself in that angry flip a lid mentality.

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@saralauren319:  Oh my gosh thats so awful. And totally insane! Surely there must be more to the story?

I think her being Maid/Matron of Honor or at the wedding is over and frankly- is this a friend you really want in your life? Someone who would call you a whore and throw you out like that in an unknown city??

If you want to, you could reach out one last time:

“exMOH, I have always loved you like a sister so I am beyond hurt and shocked by your behavior. I was just chatting your coworker to be friendly- nothing ever would have happened. This leads me to think there is more to this story. If you want to cut me out of your life, that’s your decision but I would appreciate hearing the truth as to what happened that was so terrible it was worth throwing away our friendship”


If she responds with more name calling- this woman is a monster. Find a new BFF. I know that sucks because they dont come along that often but this woman is not your ally. 

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Busy bee

@saralauren319:  I once stopped being friends with one of my good friends for a year! For something similar to that… we were at a bar and it was just her and I.  She ran into some girls she knew ( not that she was friends with) from her high school.  These girls looked straight up from jersey shore and were leaving the bar to go to some trashy club. 

Next thing I know my friend is like lets follow them and go with them and I was like uhhh I came out to hang out with you not follow around some chicks you went to high school with.  Mind you the chicks DID NOT invite us to go with them and they weren’t even talking to us.  Next thing my friend is making me go follow around these chicks dressed like jersey shore skanks, short skirts, big poofy black snookie bumps and heavy drag queen makeup.  I finally got fed up and said LOOK I don’t want to follow around these chicks and go to the trashy club they want to go to, You don’t even know them?!  My friend got pissed and said FINE THEN GO HOME! & made me walk like 7 blocks to my car and go home by myself (it was a VERY dangerous walk to make by yourself) I was so pissed and mad at her i refused to call and apologize…She also refused to apologize so we were not friends for a whole YEAR before we made up.  TO THIS DAY she still thinks that I was in the wrong and to this day I still think that she was rude to do what she did.  We just never bring it up… LOL…SO you never know… yall could be friends again.

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I would take what she says — that she’s out — and move on. I would not contact her. I personally would be PISSED she was such a bad friend and person, throwing you out and berating you. Even if she apologized and said she didn’t mean it, I don’t think I would let her back in the wedding or be friends with her any longer.

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@saralauren319:  this happened to me with an ex-friend once, years ago. We were out at a bar, and she freaked out on me and cussed me out for seemingly no reason during a night out. It turned out that she was angry because the guy I was talking to (innocently) was the guy she’d had her eye on. Up until then, she got significantly more attention than I did, but right around then I started running and toned up and suddenly things were much more even. It infuriated her that she wasn’t “fairest of them all” and she couldn’t hold it in when she was drunk.

She apologized a few days alter, I forgave her, but I shouldn’t have because she’s a psycho bitch and continued to treat me like crap (with several additional freakouts, not related to guys) until I finally dumped her about a year and a half ago. Best decision of my life.

I know you’re in pain right now and feeling devastated – but trust me, you are well rid of her. If she thought you were behaving poorly, she could have addressed it calmly. She has no right to yell at you and she did you a major wrong by throwing you out on the street. You don’t need friends like that.

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@saralauren319:  She sounds mentally unbalanced and pretty cruel. Even if you were making out with this guy, her reaction was over-the-top and kicking you out in the middle of the night with nowhere to go is inexcusable.

I’m going to guess she either has something else going on in her life, was sitting on some long festering resentments, really IS mentally unbalanced or…

I kind of hate to suggest this but, is it possible she’s jealous of you? That she was interested in the guy chatting you up? Are you the one that normally gets more attention from men?

I’m sorry, but she doesn’t sound like a very good friend or person.

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Sounds like you were using the time you were to spend with your Maid/Matron of Honor, to “innocently” flirt with men.  I would be pissed too.

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@saralauren319:  It sounds to me like how my sister would sometimes (and still can) act when her friends are around. She starts screaming things that she would never normally say and just acts completely out of character to everyone around her.

It boils down to the fact she is trying to show off in front of her friends and a lot of times she is too embarrassed from her own behaviour afterwards to really bring it up and apologize when people are mad at her.

It makes me think she was showing off because it was never just the two of you all alone – her coworkers were able to witness it all… so she may have been talking about you behind your back and essentially lied about you and then had to put on this big show to look good.

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