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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: November 2018 - San Diego, CA

Giselle1 :  I have a moissanite, it came from Brilliant Earth. The stone and the setting were purchased together at the same place πŸ™‚ I get compliments all the time. No one’s ever asked me what kind of stone it is they just tell me how sparkly it is. If anyone asks of course I would say it’s a moissanite because I think it’s really unique! I can’t really think of any cons. I do keep up with cleaning mine, I noticed that if I go more than two weeks without cleaning it, it does get a little dull compared to a diamond stone. 

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Blushing bee

I haven’t gotten the ring/engaged yet, but I knew from the beginning I wanted a moissanite. There are multiple threads here that talk about Tiyanu and Starsgem for loose stones and even custom rings. I decided to go that route, but if you’re uncomfortable doing a transaction online like that I would recommend finding jewelers around you that have moissanites. Even if it’s just to see one in person so you can see the difference next to a diamond. It’s a slight difference, if you’re not a certified gem tester you won’t be able to tell the difference. The hardness of a moissanite vs a diamond is extremely close as well. Diamond is 10 and if I remember correctly, Moissanite is 9.2-9.6. 

There’s great websites like brilliant earth like moonandstars said, as well as charles and colvard and moissaniteco. There’s also videos on youtube from fire and brilliance that really do a great job educating about moissanites. 

What it comes down to is a personal decision, do you really want a diamond, or are you just as content with a moissanite. If you have any questions I can try and help to my best ability, I’ve spent far too much time researching moissanites haha!

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Busy bee
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I have one that is large and it’s an antique cut. It isn’t a common looking stone in my opinion, to begin with, but no one has asked if it was real. Because of the unique cut, they might wonder, but I think that’s the reason – not because of how it looks or sparkles. Most people are uneducated about the cuts/types of stones out there, and in a beautiful setting, no one would expect it to be fake.

I had one friend, who I thought was pretty jewelry savvy, say it was an emerald cut. πŸ˜€ I just nodded and smiled, as we were in a group and I did not want to embarrass her. haha

No one will ask you if it’s fake and if they do, you don’t have to answer. I’d be inclined to reply with a statement of how rude that is to begin with. To answer your questions though:

Where did you get your moissanite? Did you just get the stone or the enitre ring from the same place?
I got mine from The True Gem Company. It’s a real store in Dallas, TX, but I live in VA so I ordered online. I got the whole thing from there, stone and ring. They have options of gemstone type, cut, color grade, size, gold color, etc. They will customize anything and their customer service is AMAZING.

Are you happy with it? Any pros/cons of having it?

I LOVE IT!! She is so sparkly and beautiful. Pros – it has all the four C’s of an expensive diamond in an affordable gemstone that will last just as long. I can use the money we would have spent toward a diamond on the wedding instead. No cons.

Do you tell people it’s moissanite? Has anyone been able to tell by looking at your ring?

I do if I think they’ll understand the decision. Some people do not understand gemstones or jewelry in general. Some people think lab created stones are “fake” or if it isn’t a diamond it isn’t worth anything. They’re uneducated so I gracefully accept their compliments and move on without disclosing what stone it is. Besides, no one asks that anyway. Most people don’t know about moissanite, but when I tell people they’re shocked it’s not a diamond. πŸ™‚


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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m hvaing a custom ring made through BailiesDesigns on artsy (they also have a IG page with videos of their stones). I don’t have my ring yet but they’ve been great to work with so far to build it.

Granted, I am opting for a very dark grey moissy so I’m not really looking for something that passes as diamond. But they have white and colored moissy as well.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: London, UK

I got my ring from Lily Arkwright, I designed the setting with them and they sourced the stone for me. They’re a UK company.

I’m thrilled with it, I can’t think of a single con. I guess some people would consider the con that it’s clearly not a diamond (mine’s a 2.24ct equivalent and I am not rich hahaha) but for me that is not a con because I did not want a diamond and had no intention of trying to get people to think I did have one. The pros for me are the cost, it’s ethical and it has double refraction so it flashes rainbow colours. Also it’s unusual and unheard of in the UK (in my circles at least) and for me that is a pro because I like things that are different.

I tell everyone who comments on it that it’s moissanite. Chances are that they don’t care, but I love talking about it and introducing people to the stone as most haven’t heard of it. I love telling people that it originated in space (another pro for me because I love space).



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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2019 - City, State

I love my moissanite! The stone and the ring is from MoissaniteCo. They tend to get some bad press, but my fiance and I had a great experience with them. They carry both C&C F1 stones and their own brand, and I find that their brand is actually prettier than the F1. I haven’t seen one in person but a few bees have raved about their new AGS 000 cut stones.

I really have no complaints about my ring or my stone. It doesn’t look exactly like a diamond, but honestly I think it looks better. No one has ever asked me if it was a diamond, because people in real life don’t actually care about other people’s rings other than “oh that’s pretty,” but I usually tell people because I’m excited about moissanite.

A lot of people question why moissanite is more expensive than CZ, and ultimately it comes down to durability. Moissanite will last. It’s harder, much less likely to scratch or chip, doesn’t cloud or react to CO2 or water, and doesn’t attract as much dirt and oil. 

That all being said, a lot of people buy into the notion that nothing beats a diamond, and that’s fine! But if you do feel that way you’re not going to be happy with a moissanite. It’s not a diamond, and it doesn’t look exactly like a diamond. 



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Oh, something I can answer!

Where did you get your moissanite? Did you just get the stone or the enitre ring from the same place?

I got a colorless moissanite from Tianyu, a Chinese vendor that has been mentioned a lot in several Moissanite forums. I am not jewelry savvy so I decided to buy the stone and have it set locally. I couldn’t be happier.

Are you happy with it? Any pros/cons of having it?

I’m very happy with it! The moissanite was very affordable (less than $100) and it sparkles like crazy. I can’t stop looking at it and admiring it. I don’t have any cons, except there are a couple things that bother me, which I’ll explain below.

Do you tell people it’s moissanite? Has anyone been able to tell by looking at your ring?

When I get compliments on my ring, I always tell people I have a moissanite. I don’t try to pass it off as a diamond and to be honest, I don’t think it looks like a diamond. So far no one has asked me if it’s “real”; I think they just admire how shiny and pretty it is.

Most jewelers can tell right away that it’s a moissanite, however. I think the main thing that bothers me about that is that I’ve had a couple jewelers pressure me into getting a diamond someday or they look at me with some pity because it’s not a diamond. It makes me more annoyed than it does self-conscious, to be honest. I do plan to get lab diamonds once the prices go down, but I don’t see myself replacing my existing moissanites with them. I might feel differently if I had a large collection of jewelry, but I don’t as I tend to be very picky with my pieces.

I do agree with the poster above that you shouldn’t get a moissanite if you actually want a diamond. It’s not a diamond and it looks different than a diamond. No beautiful moissanite can replace a diamond if your heart is set on the latter.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2019

 Mine is a sapphire but the halo and band is moissanite. I couldn’t be happier with my ring. I had it custom made with moissaniteco (they grow lab sapphires as well.) the whole ring was purchased together and I had a great personalized experience with them. I was wary to purchase a ring without seeing even a picture of it beforehand (since it was custom) but the end result was spectacular. 

I wanted moissanite because I wanted the halo to sparkle around the sapphire as sapphires are not super brilliant and the moissanite does not disappoint. It is also a harder stone which I felt comfortable with since I work with my hands at work a lot. 

And no, most people do not comment on the gem asking if they’re diamonds. However my experience might be a bit different because the center stone is not moissanite. However, a few people have said “the diamonds around it really make it pop” and I’ve said “thank you! It’s moissanite!” πŸ™‚ 

I almost got a moissanite solitaire and was lucky enough to live near a retailer (Helzberg) who carries them. If you are near a carrier and are unsure if you’d be happy with it or not, I recommend seeing one in person held up next to a diamond. I did this and realized how beautiful both were, hence deciding I’d be incredibly happy with moissanite! I plan on getting a moissanite wedding band from moissaniteco as well.

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Blushing bee

Where did you get your moissanite? Did you just get the stone or the entire ring from the same place?

I was very ready to go the MoissaniteCo route, and I even had one picked out. I went to Helzberg just to figure out which carat size looked best on my hand, and I fell in love with my ring! Both the stone and the setting are from Helzberg, it’s a 2 carat forever one in a white gold setting.

Are you happy with it? Any pros/cons of having it?

I love it to death. It’s gorgeous, easy to care for, and so sparkly. I’m a kindergarten teacher so I was worried about wearing something so expensive in my classroom, which for me was a pro for moissanite.

Do you tell people it’s moissanite? Has anyone been able to tell by looking at your ring?

No one has ever asked if it’s fake other than my mom, who only said something because she knows we couldn’t afford a 2ct diamond. Otherwise, I get so many compliments on it! This is also just me personally, but I honestly can’t tell the difference. I don’t own any diamond jewelry and frankly have never stared at any diamonds long enough to know the intricacies of what they look like; so for me, it looks like a diamond because I don’t have any comparison. But regardless, they’re beautiful and a great choice!


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

My husband and I recently purchased an alternative ring (when I want to switch things up with my wedding set). We got both the Moissanite and the setting through MoissaniteCo online. The only thing I’d be weary about is if you think you may not be happy with the setting or the stone, there’s a small restocking fee for returns. Exchanges however are free. The quality of the settings seems to be great, we chose a 14k white gold setting and everything was perfect (though the second time I received the setting it had a few minor issues that MoissaniteCo apologized for and is fixing quickly-they paid for shipping both ways) 

I initially picked out a Forever One colorless Hearts and Arrows Moissanite and while it was beautiful, I wanted more depth and a more diamond like cut. I ended up exchanging the stone for the new AGS 000 Moissanite from MoissaniteCo and I love it!! As of now, you won’t ever quite get the depth or steep crown cut that a diamond has with a Moissanite but this new cut is definitely the closest to my diamond engagement ring and it has fewer bright rainbow flashes (which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you like and want). 

I haven’t gotten to wear it out and about yet, still waiting for the ring to come back after a few things get fixed on it… but from what I can tell, it is very diamond-like! 

Here are a few quick snapshots I took and a nice comparison of two different Moissanite cuts- I’m planning on making an official post once I finally get my ring back so keep an eye out for that πŸ™‚ 

From left to right: AGS 000 MoissaniteCo Brand, F1 H&A C&C Brand, Ideal Cut Diamond

F1 H&A:

AGS 000: 


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2019

I have a moissanite and I love it so much! πŸ™‚


In answer to your questions…

1. I got my ring online on Etsy from Aardvark Jewellery, which is located in the UK. Setting and stone are both from them! 

2. I really don’t see any cons, honestly. It’s a really beautiful and sparkly stone! I have a totally colorless stone, so depending on your preference, I suppose a “con” could be how icy white it gets (especially on a cloudy day when I’m outside/near a window). But I actually genuinely enjoy that icy look. I think it’s pretty!

3. No one has ever questioned what my stone is πŸ™‚ I have told some people, but only if we get into a lengthy discussio nabout my ring (which is very rare!). Mostly I just get a “oh, your ring is beautiful!” and I thank them and move on. But if anybody ever asked, I’d tell them the truth πŸ™‚


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Bumble bee

I have had a diamond, white sapphire and a moissanite ring over the last 30 years. Same wedding band, different e-rings.

I loved them all. 

My most recent is a moissanite and I must say that the sparkle is what I love most.

Most people assume it’s a diamond. They did the same with my white sapphire. If they ask (most don’t)  I tell them.

Found a jeweller who worked with moissanite and he designed my ring, all online. Really happy with it. 

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Blushing bee

I bought the loose stone from MoissaniteCo (their brand – also bought a C&C F1, but liked the MoCo one better). I had it set by a local jeweler. I liked a Brilliant Earth design, but they really overcharge for their moissanite. With the custom setting I was able to change a few things I wanted to and still get it for noticeably cheaper than Brilliant Earth. I talked to three well-respected local jewelers, and they were all happy to work with a moissanite I provided. No one tried to upsell me on anything.

It’s worked well. No one has noticed it’s not a diamond, because you’d have to inspect it very careful under controlled lighting to be able to tell. Most people just briefly admire it and we move on, but if they’re really interested I’ll share the details with them. I like spreading the word about moissanite, as an option more friendly to the wallet and to the environment.

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Worker bee

My moissinate is a 7mm (1.25 carat equivalent) h&a from moissinateco! Both the stone and setting are from there. There are zero cons for me, I am obsessed with the sparkle. I did not want a diamond for my engagement ring (I had the option to have my fiance’s mother’s diamond set into a ring of my own.) Moissinates are just so freaking cool and beautiful to me!


I get compliments all the time but have never been asked if it’s a diamond or not. I happily tell people it’s a moissinate if I think they would understand it. I used to tell everyone but it got a little exhausting when the response was often “what is that?”. I’ve only ever had one “negative” response where my boss told me that it was gorgeous, but I should just tell people that it’s a diamond instead. I still love to spread the word, but sometimes I just like to thank the person as they are admiring the stone for its beauty, simple as that! πŸ™‚


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