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Giselle1 :  

Hello! I recently got engaged & picked a moissanite ring. 8mm H&A from Helzberg Diamonds.

1. Where did you get your moissanite? Did you just get the stone or the enitre ring from the same place?

The ring was purchased at Helzberg Diamonds at the mall. (I know mall jewelry stores have a bad rep…) They sell complete C&C rings. These are the same rings from the Charles & Colvard site, but often for 10%-20% less than the C&C website. You also get to see it in person & try it on. Another advantage to purchasing from Helzberg is that they will inspect & clean your ring for free. I get my ring cleaned monthly since oil does stick to the stone.

2. Are you happy with it? Any pros/cons of having it?

Pros: I LOVE MY RING!! I LOVE MOISSANITE!! I wanted a ring that looks big, sparkly, & expensive. Moissanite is a great alternative for us middle class people that have the good sense not to drop 20K on a piece of jewelry. 

Cons: The stone gets dirty quickly, which dulls the shine & makes it look a bit cloudy. I do not know how this compares to a diamonds since I’ve never had a large diamond.

3. Do you tell people it’s moissanite? Has anyone been able to tell by looking at your ring?

I told my BFF & her friends that it was a moissanite. (I thought they would be able to tell since they are the type of women I’d expect to spot a fake a mile away.) They were shocked.

If you go to the jewelry store & look in person, the moissanite sparkles almost too intensely under jewelry store light. When you wear the ring in regular lighting, it looks like a very nice diamond.

If your fiance makes 30K yearly, but buys you a 3ct ring, then people will assume its a CZ. If you buy a reasonable size, I don’t think anyone will know unless you want them to.

I really think moissanite is amazing. I cannot say enough positive things about this stone.

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I haven’t decided on all the details yet but I’ll eventually be having mine made by Starsgem. If I wasnt having it made, i would probably buy from ring come true, east west gem co or true gem. I’ll definitely tell people its moissanite if im asked about it! 

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Bumble bee

I have several. All of mine are near colorless, I prefer their warmth. 

I’ve been wearing this one. It is very realistic,  always shiny, no rainbows, people never ask about my rings.  It is a Charles n Colvard forever 1 near colorless,  round brilliant  11 stones. The setting is custom v shared prong 


Scuze my messy nails . And my ring is dirty. Lol 


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