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i had never seen moissanite before in real life but i just told my Fiance just get it. its cheaper, and they look gorgeous on here, people rave about them. So he got it. it looked stunning when i got it and i couldnt be happier with my ring. 

answer to your question, i didnt do that, i heard a loose stone looks different than when its set but i just heard from other people. I would be nervous to fall in love with a loose stone and then it change. 

my advice, go to a place that has moissanite, i know some kohls and sears do as well as loal jewelers. look at their unenhanced and put your hand over it to shade it. see if you like the lighting difference and just know that yours will look better since its amora, but make sure you understand that it will stil have some lighting differences

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You might want to contact MoissaniteCo to see if they would be willing to make an exception and give you the chance to return it. Maybe if you’re lucky they will say that it’s ok. 

I went to see moissanite at a local jeweler before I bought from MoissaniteCo and it actually turned out that the stone I bought from MoissaniteCo was whiter than the one I saw at the local jeweler. I think some of these places use older stock of lesser quality than what moissaniteco has. I would not go by that to decide if you like moissanite or not. 

Ordering a ring online is a bit of a leap of faith. I was pretty nervous about it at first, but I ended up being quite happy with what I received (I bought a 1 carat unenhanced moissanite). I think a lot of times the issues with color in moissanite are exagerrated. Personally I think it’s not really that big of a difference with the stock that moissaniteco has unless you are very particular about color and comparing two stones side by side. When you’re wearing it, most people won’t notice or care if it’s slightly colored.


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So I have been researching these rings for hours and hours and days and days!! Finally we decided we would go with The reason for my decision: I emailed them and directly asked about my concerns. I have read that some people ordering had issues with the stones being loose and had to send back numerous times to have them reset. So I just asked Chris directly if this will be an issue. 

He explained that these customers had almost all had a pave setting on their rings and the loose stone problem is not only limited to moissanite rings, but any stone as the pave setting is delicate. 

I was also concerned about returns if I wasn’t happy with the stone, so his response was as long as I leave the tag on the ring, and return it within 30 days of SHIPMENT, I should have no issues. Another thing to be mindful of is that if you were to exchange for a ring of lesser value, they explain directly on their website that there is a restocking fee to do this. If I remember correctly, it was 5% of the purchase price. Further, they will not restock custom rings but I think it did say that they sometimes make exceptions. They reply VERY quickly to inquiries usually same day or next morning so just ask them!

I feel very confident after talking to Chris that my ring will be great. I am ordering from Canada so I did pay an extra $25 shipping for FedEx Intnl’ and if I return it, I will have to pay that again to return it and have another sent. 

I was so concerned with bad reviews after all of my research on this company, but it turns out most of it was just people who did not do their research well enough before purchasing! I’m so excited for my ring!! Ill update you ladies on it when it comes!! I ordered a sol365 1ct with the Forever Brilliant (FB) upgrade. 

Out plan is to pass it off as a diamond, so we went diamond shopping and tried the 1cts on. It seems like the most believable size and looks great on my finger!!! Super Excited!!!!!

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Just to clarify….  BetterthanDiamond is connected with Moissyco, they make the amora enhancement but its currently out.  Forever Brilliant is an enhancement by C&C and can be bought from a lot of places.

The patent thing you may have seen is about the Amora Gem, not Amora enhanced moissy.  Betterthandiamond is coming out with something called the Amora Gem which is made of the same elements as moissanite.  Because of the C&C patent on moissanite, its not allowed to be sold yet.

Hope that helps!

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I would definitely see a loose stone first, unless you use a comany that hand picks stones.  Moissanite varies greatly and you could get lucky, or you might not. I would also go with a white gold head/prongs if you want the stone to be at it’s whitest.  I just had my OEC set in peach gold and I love the way the stone reflects the warm metal.  But it does make my stone warmer.  You can see how it picks up the peach from the gold here.


White metal for the basket and prongs would have made my stone whiter, however, with an OEC, I wanted the warm glow.

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Candini:  Hi!! Do you have a picture of this ring by any chance? 🙂

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