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we chose moissanite because diamonds are so damn expensive and we are in the process of purchasing a house. I wanted a big stone, they was clear, would last a life time and didn’t cost us our down payment for our house!

I chose moissanite because I can pass it off as a diamond. I may get hounded for saying that haha. I didn’t buy a clear, large stone so that it would look like a ruby, we got it because it looks like a diamond without the price tag. If someone were to ask me though, id tell them is moissanite. I wouldn’t blatantly lie. No one has asked though. My partner and I work good jobs so I guess no one has doubted it lol

My ring was custom made by Schubach Jewellers and I highly recommend them! My fiancé had a fantastic experience with them. 

my my partner chose to go with the forever brilliant rather than un-enhanced.

Size 6.75

2.5ct eq OEC FB moissanite set with diamonds in 14k rose gold.


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CremePK:  Your ring is so pretty!! Love your OEC! Great pic!

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I recommend MoissaniteCo.com. I had a really good experience using them for a ring. It is really great quality and I am pretty particular. This ring is an antique reproduction with an unenhanced 7.5mm OEC moissanite center. Here is a pic:

I also have a more simple solitaire and the stone was sourced from Moissaniterus on Ebay for a decent price. Here is the ring, also an unenhanced OEC, but smaller 6.5mm, moissy:

I recommened moissy. I am satisfied. It is a beautiful stone. It has a lot of personality! I have diamonds too. This stone is a little different. I work in jewelry and customers have said “I love your diamond”. I mention it is moissanite because I enjoy gemstone/gemology education. I don’t feel a need to pass it off, but if someone assumes and doesn’t vocalize it, how would I know? LOL. I will explain to anyone who is curious.

I care for it differently than my diamonds–I use a silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish/build up. (Sunshine polishing cloths work great!) Moissy develops a rainbowy film sometimes after a few months like a sterling silver ring turns black. It comes off with the polishing cloth in a matter of minutes. Mine took awhile (months) to develop this rainbow tarnish. That is the only additional care method needed. Otherwise dish soap and water work to clean it as you would a diamond.

I enjoy the warmth of the unenhanced, but other posters might not care for it. If you don’t want a yellow/cream/ivory tinge or undertone get the enhanced to lesson that likelihood. 


Good luck and welcome to the Bee!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you get!



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MissMonica:  Welcome!  I have a 1.5 carat equivalent amora moissanite from Better Than Diamonds and I LOVE it (including the beautiful but super flimsy setting which keeps breaking… :-/ ).  I initially looked into conflict free/canadian diamonds etc because I wanted a clear stone without the ethical implications.  On looking deeper into the industry I found that, while many places will say “conflict free”, you can actually never truly know that no one died for your bit of sparkle…that was a non-negotiable for me!  The only person who has even suspected (including several jewellers) is the jeweller who is making my wedding band and who inspected my ring to check the stupid prongs!!  He was so impressed by it and even asked if he could check it with his little diamond checker machine.  It read as a diamond so there you go!  I adore my ring and think its great that youre looking into options outside the eeeeevvvviiiiillll and manipulative diamond industry πŸ™‚

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CremePK:  Love your OEC and your ring! 

GemmaBella:  I love that repro setting! Would you share the model #?

This is mine from MoissaniteCo.com as well. I was impressed with the quality of the settign and the mosssy. It’s an 8mm FB OEC in an antique repro setting. 

I decided on moissy for a few reasons. Overall I think the whole diamod indusrty is a scam. Daiamonds are beautiful, durable and an amazing stone. However, they are not rare and one company pretty much controls supply and demand and the pricing. If I were to ever buy a diamond, it would be antique, since I love the OEC cut and true antique diamonads were mined before the blood diamond industry became a reality. 

I originally was looking at antiqur rings, diamind and gemstone, but the styles I really loved were WAY more than I was willing to ask my then Boyfriend or Best Friend to spend on a ring. I found an antique repro setting I fell in love with, and then decided that I did not like how a ruby would look in a setting. I had heard of moissy about 7 years ago, along with lab diamonds. I began researching for affordable, durable clear stones and was down to moissy and Asha. Lab dimonds and Amora Gem were still pricy, CZ was not a “forever stone” and white sapphire was not as pretty to me. I have a purple sapphire and love it! 

After deciding that Asha (which is a diamond coated CZ) was not really a forever stone, I decided on moissy. The fact that it is available in OEC sealed the deal for me. It would get me the antique look for much, much less! We are also remodeling our kitchen soon, and a double oven is more important to me than a diamond. 

I tell everyone that I am close to that is is not a diamond, and kinda assumed that since it’s 2ct (8mm) people would not think it’s a diamond. However, a couple of my friends thought it was before I told them. I think it’s more sparkly and more “disco ball” than a diamond in some lights. 

Hope all this info helps! Sorry it’s so long.



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1. We got our stone loose from moissaniteco and had it set and the setting made by David Klass

2. From a very young age I never wanted to go the tradional diamond route mostly for ethical reasons that I had even as a young girl, I rememeber certain family members saying you will change your mind when you get older πŸ˜€ so I’m glad I kept too that decision.

I considered natural Sapphire first but was worried about ware and tare over the years, I also looked at lab created diamonds both white and colored but I decided I like the look of a traditional ring so I thought a lab grown white diamond would be what I chose and then I heard about moissanite and the amora gem. I ended up chosing moissanite after lots of comparing only because I prefered the warmth and moodiness in moissanite but both are beautiful options! 


3. I am beyond satisfied I’ve only had the ring on my finger for 3 days and am so over joyed, more than I thought possible.


4. So far no one has noticed, but I havent really had time lol I dont mind telling people as I love it but I dont think anyone is really looking that hard besides yourself and family maybe πŸ™‚ 

5. I went with the FB enhanced so that it would match closer to my halo’s whiteness 


I’m pretty excited to be able to comment on these threads after a year of reading and looking πŸ˜€



This photo is inside with no light or flash

This photo is inside no light but with the flash on


This photo is the car with the sun 


And this is a professional photo by the jeweler. 

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PolkaDotBandit:  I love, love, love yours as well! Have admired that style since you posted it! And I think it’s great that people post the antique repros because here b/c the stock footage isn’t that great on the Mco site for people who are trying to make a decision.

Mine is the “Daisy”. It doesn’t have a # that I am aware of. I <3 your ring!!

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I would have been as open to moissanite as I was to diamonds when we got engaged, but I didn’t know about them until I joined these boards. I think they are beautiful! Maybe I’ll get one for a right hand ring someday.

That being said, I wouldn’t change my diamond Ering for anything, because it’s very sentimental to me πŸ™‚

But go for the moissanite if you like it!

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GemmaBella:  Thank you! I totally agree that the stock photos on the site are not that great. I actuially saw my setting somewhere else first, and then on a hand in a video so that sealed the deal for me.

Thaks for sharing the name, I have to go and see what it looks like on theor site, LOL. Maybe get it someday too πŸ˜›

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PolkaDotBandit:  Hehe, they do have those little videos of the antique repros that kind of helped me seal the deal! I lusted after this damn thing!! I am a bit of a vintage addict and their craftsmanship blew me away. I am sure you know what I mean. Just really nice pieces and they use original molds from the early 1900s for them. πŸ˜€ I would definitely get another one day too!

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