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Blushing bee

I’m not sure. what size do you wear. If you look up Obsessivebee, she ordered a 3ct but it is round I think

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Sugar bee
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Fake as in not look like a diamond? Probably so yes. Do you lead the type of lifestyle that you could afford a 4 carat diamond? If not that it will really look like not a diamond. 4 carats is really large, even some of the wealthiest people I know do not have a 4 carat so personally I think it would look silly and be obviously not a diamond. Sorry!

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Blushing bee
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Like Soon2bMrsGski said, I ordered a 3ct round cut Amora moissanite. I compared it to a lot of diamonds in similar sizes in the H-J color range ( my moissy is rated as an I), and I couldn’t tell the difference. Some people say they can, but I would love to do a Pepsi challenge style comparison to see. I just don’t see how. You can tell a difference between it and diamonds with less color, but lots of larger stones (diamonds and moissy) have more color. I would definitely recommend getting an Amora. It makes a big difference in color.

I haven’t seen a 4ct, but I’m sure the color would be more visible. There is almost always more color in larger moissys. Also, cushion cuts have more color than rounds. That doesn’t neccesarily mean it will look fake because there are warmer diamonds too. You just have to decide if you are color sensitive.

CallmeC is right about the size. People may question if it is real if you wouldn’t be able to afford a diamond of a similar size. That still doesn’t mean it couldn’t be real though. People get good deals on diamonds everyday because it is vintage ( which some consider used), wholesale, etc.  You just have to decide if the warmth is important and if you don’t mind people wondering. 


I am by no means an expert, but I have spent a lot of time researching (*cough* obsessing) about this same thing. I hope this helps. 

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Sugar bee

I think the question you should ask is “will it fit my personality or will it look silly on me?” Not “will it look fake.” It’s come up a lot lately but I feel it’s worth repeating. Moissy isn’t a fake diamond nor is it meant to be used to trick people into thinking you’re wearing a diamond. If your personality is suited to bigger stones (I know mine is) and you know you;ll be comfortable rocking some big bling – go for it. If anyone asks how you could afford such a huge diamond just explain that you could because it isn’t a diamond – it’s a moissy. It’s an incredbile, unique gem. Get the word out there. πŸ™‚ 

Now, if you’re simply asking cause you’re concerned  the size might make it look like costume jewelry then I still say, don’t worry. πŸ™‚ I think it’ll be impressive. But I would consider how active your lifestyle is. I have a 1.5 and I think I would comfortable be able to go to 2. Anything above that would get in the way for me. I wish it wouldn’t, but I’m too active and clumsy. 

If you go for it I definitely want to see pics. That would be incredible. πŸ™‚

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Bumble bee
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I think that if you want a 4 ct., you should get one. But very very few people can actually afford a 4ct diamond, so I think many people would assume it’s fake.

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Busy bee
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@mixtapehearts:  I would have to agree as well.

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Honey bee
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Just going to jump on the bandwagon for what CallmeC said.


Even with Amora moissy, I don’t think I’ve seen many cushion moissies that didn’t show some color.  And these are moissies much smaller than what you’re considering.  I can’t imagine how a 4 carat cushion WOULDN’T show color.  The cushion cut in moissy’s a beautiful cut, and because of all the sparkle, it’s a beautiful stone.   Unless you’re Beyonce or something, the size alone will lead me to assume you’re not wearing a diamond.  

Generally I feel that if you want something that doesn’t look “fake”, don’t go with an enormous moissy.  If you’re looking for something that looks just like a diamond, you should stick to diamonds.  If you must “pass” it, Cz’s a much better substitute.   I think moissanite is a beautiful stone, but if you go with moissy, go with it because you love its properties. 

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Busy bee
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Yes it will look “fake”, as in, no one will believe it’s a diamond, IMO.

I know a LOT of wealthy people because of my job, and people just don’t wear 4ct diamons… sorry πŸ™


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Blushing bee
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I don’t know if you plan to pass it as a diamond or not, but, if you want to, there is no reason you can’t. Some choose to tell others and spread the word about moissys, others don’t. It’s a personal choice either way. Frankly, it is no one else’s business what your center stone is unless you choose to share that information.

I agree that people will likely assume it isn’t real based on the size, but they won’t know. It will likely have some warmth, but some diamonds do too. Actually, unless you live in a village of highly, highly knowledgable jewelers, it is very unlikely that you will encounter anyone who has the ability to be certain it isn’t a diamond without a loupe. 

If you want to tell people then do, if not, don’t feel guilty about it. 

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Sugar bee
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@raspberrymacaron:  Yes it will look “fake”, as in, no one will believe it’s a diamond, IMO.

…people just don’t wear 4ct diamons… sorry πŸ™

I’m afraid I agree. if I saw a rock on somebody’s finger that big, I would assume it was CZ, white sapphire, or anything other than a diamond. so I would be staring at it, looking for a telltale sign such as discoloration.  wheras if it were a more common size (like 2ct or under), then I would assume it was a diamond. 

practically the only way I would assume a 4ct rock was diamond is if she was very famous, or if  I saw her driving a lamborghini or something!  πŸ™‚

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Bee Keeper
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By “fake” I assume you mean “not a real diamond”.


Well, moissanite is not a real diamond. Some people try and pass it as such, but at the end of the day, it is NOT a fake as it is real moissanite.

Larger stones, and fancy cuts, do show more colour. Personally, I like warm stones so I love moissanite for that, but others do not like it.  I also do not try and pass it off as a diamond if anyone comments or asks about it.

If you are trying to pass it off as a diamond, you have to ask yourself if you could really afford a 4 ct diamond.

I just did a diamond search, and a 3.8-4.2 ct cushion, I/J, VS1-VS2, with VG to Excellent lab cut grade, can range from $56,000 to $89,000.  I know people who “could” afford that who won’t even spend that on a diamond. Not to say that there aren’t people who don’t. You can check out Pricescope for some examples of people who do wear legitimately huge rocks, but it is not terribly common.

Most people won’t know precisely how much a big diamond would cost, buit some will know it cost a hell of a lot. Others who know their rocks…are going to suspect if your lifestyle does not seem to support that kind of rock.

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Blushing bee
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I ordered my loose moissanite from betterthandiamond.com, which, I believe, is where moissaniteco gets theirs. I had a great experience with BTD, so you may want to consider going though them if moissaniteco is giving you trouble. The price is the same. 

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