(Closed) Moissanite Ladies: Can people tell the difference in your moissy and a diamond?

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I have a F color, SI1 1.1 carat, triple X diamond ring as my engagement ring and also got a 8mm colorless H&A moissy from moissaniteco. In natural daylight, they look quite different and you can tell the moissy isn’t a diamond and because moissies are not common where I live, they would be considered by others “fake”. However, indoors, they look quite similar. I heard that moissies look “fake” if they’re larger so your 2.5ct one will look even more different. They flash quite differently. A good quality diamond will give off bold white flashes and the colors will twinkle. Moissies look more purple and like a disco ball. While people who never owned a diamond ring won’t notice the difference, anyone who has a diamong ring will definitely notice the difference. I think one should always buy a moissy with that in mind – that they do not sparkle like a diamond and people will notice. 

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1.Get a private jet

2.Fly everyone to a private island

3.impress granny 

4.own jet to go wherever you please 

5.Order a berricle and call it a day ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

but in all seriousness, get what you love 

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Honestly, people aren’t going to look closely enough at your ring to notice the difference. Since I got engaged I’ve been trying to catch glimpses of married/engaged women’s hands because I’m interested to see what people ended up picking. And when you’re casually talking to someone and they’re moving their hands it’s really hard to get a good enough look at their ring to even be positive what shape their stone is. So I really doubt people will pay attention unless they’ve specifically asked to look or you’ve shown them. And at that point those people are most likely your friends (so they shouldn’t be judging your engagment ring anyways) or they are just being polite and don’t actually give a shit.

In my case, I could not afford a diamond. Maybe a preowned ring of questionable quality. But personally, I don’t want a diamond. When we first started dating I told my fiance (before I knew his financial situation) that I didn’t want a diamond because I didn’t want to support the diamond industry. I actually didn’t even want a clear stone, but if I had, I’d gladly have gone with a moissy or a white sapphire (or white topaz, or white zircon, or…). So don’t let people make you feel less than for not wanting a diamond. There’s plenty of reasons to be opposed that have nothing to do with cost.

Just get what you like and what you think is beautiful and ignore all the assholes. Your love is no less real if your ring didn’t come out of the ground.

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maccasgirl :  I’m normally a lurker because I think I’m too old to be on here, but I will answer this. It’s what you choose to spend your money on and place importance on.

This isn’t directed at you specifically, just that general sentiment, but I have no idea why it’s such a hard concept that a rich person can think a diamond is a total waste of money. Im sure I’ll get bashed for saying this but it comes up so much I had to answer. I think I’m “rich”, I’m in my 40s, professional, I worked my ass off for 25 years to get here and I just think a diamond is an asinine waste of money.

I’m not right or wrong, you’re not right or wrong. I think a diamond is a total waste of money and you don’t. I have a $100k car that I know pretty much everyone would say is a waste, but that’s what I wanted, so like I said, it’s what you choose to spend on and what you think is important. If you’re rich, you don’t frivolously spend on every single thing, you pick certain things, if you spent on everything you wont be rich for long, so yeah, I could afford it and wont. I chose the things I wanted to spend on, that I think are important, and “worth it” and I attach value to, and diamond wasn’t on my list. I am not wrong, Im just way in the minority because many women think a diamond is important, I just don’t. I don’t think a diamond is important at all, and it’s a horrible investment, you get nothing back on it if you sell it, I’ve done it.

Im not saying all the sim owners on here that say “I could totally afford a $40k diamond and not blink” can actually afford one, because im guessing most cant at all, I’m just addressing WHY a wealthy person might choose a sim over a diamond, and its just because they really don’t care. “People” aren’t sitting around looking at everyone else’s engagement rings and trying to mentally calculate their income to see if they could really afford it and whether it’s a sim or diamond or whether they inherited it, I don’t know any “people” that care about your ring.

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scarlettsky :  The only issue is the OP is insecure about the moissanite because she is concerned about what others will think of her Fiance.

In my opinion, she shouldn’t care what anyone thinks of her ring. However, since she does, she should get a ring she feels comfortable wearing in her social circle. 

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You should get what makes you happiest, regardless of whether it’s a diamond or not.  You don’t have to explain anything to anyone – you’re the only person that has to justify why you picked the stone you picked.  Deep down, I always knew I wanted a diamond and I’d never be happy with anything else, so my husband got me a diamond.  But do I need to explain that to anyone?  No.  I had a larger moissanite too just to try it out and whenever I wore it, it just didn’t get me “that feeling.”  You should get what you want and not worry about what other people will think.  People will think whatever they want anyways.  

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Im not sure why you are so worried about what other people may think. Maybe you should work on that and get whatever makes YOU happy. 

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If you were OK with a moissanite, you wouldn’t be asking if it could “pass.”  That will be my opinion every time this question is posted on Bee, no matter what the person’s backstory/cover story is.  I agree with the Bees who said that in legacy circles (inherited money), purchases tend to be quality focused, without logos, and that there is no need to “show someone” that you can afford x, y, z. 

A 2.5 diamond is low-average in my circle as well, with 4-5 being the larger end of the scale.  But it isn’t uncommon at all for my friends to wear large carat fun moissanite or even CZ sets when we go out that are switched up often.  Generally, larger stones tend to stay in the family vault with other insured purchases and come out for certain occasions.  So while they may know exactly what your ring is, or assume that it is a CZ, I don’t know that it would be judged harshly and at least where I am from it is pretty common to have multiple “back up” sets that would make yours perfectly acceptable. They are beautiful stones.

I cannot often tell on the Bee what is a sim vs. diamond, but in person in larger carat sizes, it is definitely apparent.  It sounds like you want a diamond. I suggest getting one now, not waiting and feeling anxious about what people think when they see it.  That extra money could be going into investing in the quality of the stone you really want.  And like I said, my opinion is that if you are asking if it will pass, you already know you want a diamond.

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scarlettsky :  thats fair enough and well said, if op had not stated her financial situation nor hinted at wanting her sim to look like a diamond, it would not be an issue….as for never getting your money back on a diamond, i cant imagine any bride thinking about resale value with their ering as one would with a car or the likes….

everyones varied opinions are what makes this place so interesting

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I can barely tell the difference tongue-out

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ms2mrs94 :  Honestly, most people don’t ever really say anything about my ring! I love my moissanite, and I’ve had plenty of jewlers tell me that my “diamond” is beautiful. All of my friends/people I know are aware it’s a moissanite, and every single one of them was shocked to learn it’s not a diamond! 

If it helps – I visited my grandma recently (she lives across the Atlantic) and it was her first time seeing my ring. She asked me what it was, and when I tried to explain moissanite to her she completely zoned out. It was like “Meteorite? Science? Whatever, it’s pretty,” and that was that! ๐Ÿ˜€

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scarlettsky :  I completely agree with everything you said.  I’m older as well and with that comes NGAF about what people think of my decisions.  Personally the budget given to me for my ring was 30k.  There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I am spending 30k on a ring.  That’s just craziness in my opinion.  My FI’s colleague spent 60k on a ring and got divorced a year later, he has a ring in a safe not 60k in the bank.  I would rather have the money in the bank should we want to purchase a new home, a new vehicle, go on a vacation or any other of many things that might come up instead of wearing it on my finger.  DK is creating a ring for me that will have a 2ct moissy and I will rock the hell out of that baby!

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