(Closed) Moissanite Ladies: Can people tell the difference in your moissy and a diamond?

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Helper bee
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I’ve never been asked and don’t think anyone gets close enough or looks long enough to tell the difference! My family know I have moissanites, but my original ring is a diamond which I still have and love. I just wanted a bigger stone and moissy allowed me to do that. 

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Blushing bee

I have had my F1 H&A 8mm solitaire for about a week and nobody has questioned it.  Some people comment on the size, some don’t.  My friends who know it’s moissanite also say they can’t even tell. 

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ms2mrs94 :  I haven’t read all the posts but congratulations!

In summary, this I know…

Moissanites are beautiful and most random people don’t know what they are looking at. Seriously.

My moisanite e-ring gets lots of compliments! I don’t pass it off as a diamond and I tell people what stone it is if they ask.

I would be driving completely CRAZY by an poor quality diamond too!


Your ring will be beautiful I’m sure!



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Helper bee

madeforlove :  Yes, we have just upgraded to an 8mm OEC and I doubt anyone else will notice but me!

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Only because I’ve been on The Bee can I tell the difference between moissy and diamonds. I work with many women who have 2 carat diamonds and they definitely sparkle white vs rainbow. I saw a woman in a different department with a huge ring and I spotted the rainbows even in dim lighting. It was beautiful but definitely moissy. I wear moissies and if I never said anything I highly doubtful anyone would know the difference. Even the coworkers I’ve told it’s a moissanite don’t seem to care and just think it’s really pretty. 

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Just tell your grandma that you love the ring he got you and what matters is that the ring is a symbol of his love and marriage will come next.  Let your grandma know that he makes good money just like you.  Tell her that you are happy and it doesn’t matter if the stone is white sapphire or CZ or white topaz or moissanite or diamond.  Just tell her not to dwell on the ring.  If she wants you to wear a diamond then ask her to buy you one to wear on the right hand. 

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Worker bee

For me it ended up being that I noticed and it bothered me the most. I got a moissanite and LOVED the idea when I got it for various reasons. But as I wore it, I realized I didn’t want to tell people it was a moissy if they asked. I dreaded someone asking me what it was (that didn’t end up happening). I also just didn’t like it because it’s not what I wanted. I had wanted a diamond. On top of that, I could tell. I definitely couldn’t tell when I first got it but the more I wore it and looked at it, by week 3 it seemed glaringly obvious the stone wasn’t a diamond which only made me want a diamond even more, lol. I don’t know if anyone else could tell (probably not) but I could. And I didn’t like worrying or wondering if others could or couldn’t tell.

My advice – if you don’t care and you really know you don’t, no point in spending the money on a diamond. Just get a moissy. But make sure no matter what you get you know you can wear it comfortably. I ended up with a diamond and I couldn’t be happier. In the end, it was what I actually wanted.

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Sugar bee
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The vast majority of people won’t be rude enough to *directly ask* even when they notice it looks a bit different than a diamond! If you like it,  it shouldn’t matter what other people think but it’s best to be aware that some may think it’s a cz.  I would advise staying under a carat (diamond equivalent weight). The larger the moissy,  the more obvious that it’s not a diamond, especially given the rainbow effect someone mentioned above. 

2020bride20 :  agree!

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Honey bee

If someone is coming at you with a loupe, then yes, they will be able to tell it’s moissy. If someone glances at your hand and then goes about her day, I would say no, they will not be able to tell. Most people have this type of reaction:

Ooh, a shiny rock. Pretty ring. Now I gotta get some coffee/work on a report/see another patient.

Most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to devote time to figuring out the identity of your stone. In other words, they don’t care. They’re NOT going to to think/say:

Ooh shiny rock. Is it a diamond, moissanite or cz?  If it’s anything other than a diamond the ring is ugly. 

I question the sanity and logic of people who would “judge” you for wearing moissanite, (which really means they assume you’re poor). As someone who has a diamond I would judge you as smart, sensible and good with money. 

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Busy bee
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I recently had my first experience with someone noticing/questioning that my e-ring isn’t a diamond, but it was not a negative interaction at all. My hairdresser was gushing about my ring and asked to look at it more closely. While looking at the stone, she said “Oh my god, it sparkles like crazy. Is it a diamond?” I explained it was a moissanite (which she has never heard of before), and she was gushing about how lovely it was and how much she loved the intensity and rainbows of the sparkles and how beautiful it is.

It was a very sincere interaction, and I didn’t feel any shame or awkwardness in telling her what my ring is… I just felt proud that she was loving it so much and appreciating what a beautiful stone I have 🙂

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Worker bee

I second what mrstodd2bee said (pardon but I’m new here and haven’t figured out how to tag people, lol). The larger the stone, the more extremely obvious it’s not a diamond.

If you get a moissy that’s a carat or less you should be fine. Also some shapes look more noticeable than others. I wanted a 2 carat oval and that’s what I got. To me it looks extremely obvious that it’s not a diamond. The facets are huge, it sparkles a rainbow, and it most lights it looks – plastic? Fake isn’t the right word because it’s a real stone, but it doesn’t sparkle at all like a diamond. If I had gone for a 1 carat or .5 carat I’m sure it would have been way less noticeable.

I also live in the land of 2+ carat rings and people DO look at your ring. Closely. And ask questions about, lol. I found myself not wanting the attention because I didn’t want to explain what it was. If I had wanted a moissy that would have been a different story.

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Helper bee

I have two Moissy one is a 2 carat round which I initially thought I loved but  the more I wore it the more it seems huge and didn’t fit my lifestyle and the more non diamond like it looked as days went on.

I then got a 2 carat oval and I love it sooo much low set sparkles white only no rainbow just more my style. So selling my round solitaire.

 I think it depends on lifestyle what look your going for and expectations, if you want a beautiful stone that it is but if you want a diamond get a diamond! Both are beautiful to me. Ps I do love my oval though!!

first pic round second oval

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Blushing bee

My Nana can be snarky about fake jewerly too, she buys very high end pieces, and she absolutely loves moissanite. 

It isn’t a diamond, but it’s not a CZ either. It’s a great quality gemstone so be proud of it! My mom’s side of the family gets too caught up on expensive things, and so does some of my SO’s family, but I am excited to be like look at this huge beautiful moissanite that I didn’t pay the price of a car on. 

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