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another interesting site, c&C on here discussing their product amongst each other, wowser!

  http://investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=375&mn=24311&pt=msg&mid=12584720: there are tons of posts there, here is just one:

“Re: The sloppiness continues / this junk M is hurting the M reputation buildingYes. Small (relatively speaking) errors like listing the size as two different things.   And the BIG error (mistake) of offering those junky blue M stones at all.  This junk is going to ruin the reputation of M.That item has two 8.0 mm M stones, plus silver setting.  The price is $349 ?  And that is the inflated price before the discounts a lulu party customer would get, I assume.  How does nearly 4 carats of M selling for less than $349, help us in the mission to establish M as a fine jewel, and be a supplier of M jewels at fine jewelry prices and HIGH jewel margins ?Dumping this cheap stuff now, is getting the cart before the horse. Maybe down the road, AFTER establishing M as a top quality FINE jewel (selling only our best, Estrella, in only fine settings, at fine jewelry prices), we’d be able to also sell the junk grade M at low prices (like the D world)….but only after the M quality reputation is established. People don’t buy junk D because they like junk, they buy junk D because quality D built a fabulous reputation for D, such that some/most folks will settle for junk D just to have some D.  We’re not there yet with M. Selling junk M now is going to prevent us getting there. (And again, I wouldn’t ever have C&C selling junk M. Once there is generic M, we can dump the junk on some generic seller, and continue dominating the M market with our one grade only the best M. Oops….randy trashed that advantage of a one grade best only reputation. And now FB/Estrella will not have that advantage. Is a consumer supposed to just trust C&C to always give them the best M when they call it FB ? Trust them to never cheat a bit and throw in some sub-FB stones and label them FB ? Even while C&C markets/sells VG stones and even junk M ?  That is D world strategy. Maybe randy actually thinks consumers trust jewelers. We all know the consumer experience in the D world is horrible, they never really trust the jeweler, they buy a D because they want “real” D, and they accept that they will probably get ripped off. They limit their D purchases because D is not good value and the experience is horrible. They may never buy anything but an engagement ring. We need a totally different experience with M.)As randy noted, these treated coated stones are BELOW VG grade stones, that have color treatment applied to the bottom of the stone.    This is basically randy trying to dump some of the junk inventory on unsuspecting consumers….or those few who can be fooled (initially) with an expensive junky simulant (of colored D ?).A loose VG 8.0 mm round M jewel costs $599 on M.com, a FB 8.0 costs $899.  But this item, with two 8.0 stones is selling for less than  $349.  Am I going to buy a set of FB 8.0 mm 3.8 CTTW gold studs for $1999 (M.com price) while the same weight/size is selling for under $349 ?   When we are talking a jewel that doesn’t yet have a reputation established amongst the public.  NO WAY.   This creates total confusion. Consumers don’t know M yet. So what are they supposed to think…..is M a fine jewel, or a cheap simulant ?   If they are confused, they certainly aren’t going to jump in and buy the FB studs at fine jewelry prices, and take a chance that M is really just a junky simulant.This is the old mindset D industry nonsense being used by C&C with M.  Sell even the junkiest M to anybody you can fool into buying it.  Sell it cheap if you have to…..what the heck, that inventory was paid for during a previous regime (but remember, it was still shareholders money), so randy can rack up the sales at no cost (for the jewels) ,,,,,and probably hit some personal sales goal and get a bonus or something (like keeping the job he is failing at…making C&C a dominant M fine jewel supplier).This is short term revenue/profits, but in a way that hurts the reputation building for the product for long term positioning. Sell a few million now, but make it more difficult to ramp sales to Billions (a fraction of the D market) over time.  Penny wise, Pound foolish.

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