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  • poll: Bride/Groom brought up first? Bride prefer Moissanite or diamond? Family won over or judgemental?
    Bride brought Moissanite up first. Stone won family/friends over. : (56 votes)
    68 %
    Bride brought Moissanite up first. Family or friends judgemental : (13 votes)
    16 %
    Groom brought Moissanite up first. Bride eventually loved it. Stone won family/friends over. : (3 votes)
    4 %
    Groom brought Moissanite up first. Bride eventually loved it. Family or friends judgemental : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Groom brought Moissanite up first. Bride to be eventually preferred a Diamond. : (8 votes)
    10 %
    Groom brought Moissanite up first. : (1 votes)
    1 %
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    I would suggest going with a gemstone over moissanite. Morganite, pink sapphire, somethong other than a diamond like replica. Just my personal opinion.

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    I brought up moissanite. My then boyfriend liked the idea. His friends thought it was awesome that he got to save money while making me happy. None of my family has said anything negative about it, so if they’re judging, I don’t know about it. They know what I’m like though, regarding the environment and humanitarian issues, so I don’t think that it shocked them.

    I think that you should talk to your girlfriend about it. Many women still expect a diamond and would be disappointed in anything else. You never know, maybe she’s been secretly hoping for a coloured stone! Also, how is it any of her mom’s business? Even if she does judge, it doesn’t affect you, as long you and your girlfriend are on the same page.

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    Ok, so I have a diamond but LOVE moissanite. I wanted a heart cut stone and moissanite hearts only have one cut shape which looks not like the shape i wanted. However, I am getting an alt ring which will have a moissanite because I just love it that much. I have seen them multiple times in person and my diamond sparkles just as much but the moissanite has more color. Darling Husband wanted a diamond, best friend now wants a moissy now that I have shown them to her. my heart is 7.5 mm maybe 1.3 ct not sure of the exact weight but price wasn’t a factor

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    I wanted a moissanite originally and brought it up to my Fiance that I wanted a moissanite. He agreed, but when he went ring shopping he was convinced by his friends that people would think he “cheaped out” if he got me anything other than a diamond, so I have a diamond.

    That said, most people on the street aren’t going to be able to tell the difference, so unless you or your fiancee tell people it’s a moissanite, most people will assume it’s a diamond.

    I would discuss it with your SO though. If she’s expecting a diamond or anything else, you’re gonna be in for some heartache if you get her a moissanite

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    This bride is just very sensible. We make a good income, but also have a good amount of debt. I brought up getting a moissanite first. No one in my family has asked about or questioned my beautiful stone.  I think it is arguably more brilliant than a diamond. The way it sparkles takes my breath away every time I see it.

    You and your girl are the only people that HAVE to know it’s moissanite. I have never had anyone ask if my moisssy is a diamond or not. Here’s a pic of mine for inspiration. It’s a 1.3 center unenhanced with another .6 in the halo and band.


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    I originally got engaged with a diamond. The clarity was horrendous…like I2 and had several dark carbon spots in it. I came to the boards and discovered moissanite. I researched for yrs and finally chose a moissanite ring from moissaniteco. A yr later I switched my diamond ring in for a 2.5ct forever brilliant ring set. I love it! Only my gma knows it’s not a diamond…and that didn’t go over well. She has the mentality that anything but a diamond is trash. I don’t tell anyone it isn’t a diamond…cuz quite frankly…my family is really stuck up. 

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    mspropst:  dont post to an opinion board if you don’t want one holy crap!

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    My husband first came across moissanite in his ring research. We looked into all possible options, and ultimately I was 100% on board with moissanite! I am very practical and never bought into the diamond hype in the first place, so it was an easy decision. Most of our close friends and family know, and they thought it was gorgeous, and really smart of us to put the money towards our student loans instead. My husband also got a lot of props for having such a “cool” wife! 😉 We don’t bother with telling acquaintances or people who we feel would be judgemental- and nobody’s ever questioned it. Ultimately, it’s your relationship and your money, not anyone else’s. If both of you are in, that’s all that matters.

    Here’s mine!

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    MrsPierce2014:  He’s correct in saying Moissanite isn’t a diamond replica…

    and.. he also didn’t ask for suggestion on what else to get.. your response was irrelevant

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    i originally had a moissanite promise ring. I brought up moissanite to Fiance, I loved it, and only 3-4 people knew it wasn’t a diamond.

    My friend who is very eco-concious(she didn’t end up with a diamond herself) loved it, but she wanted something she could get at a local jewellry store. FI’s mom and sisters knew, and they kind of got snooty about it. 

    Honestly, nobody can tell the difference no matter what they tell you on here. I never really tried to pass it off as a diamond, and really, nobody ever asked. People would always tell me I had a pretty ring and then they would go on with their day.

    When Fiance proposed, he gave me a diamond because I wanted an Emerald Cut stone and diamond alternatives for emerald cuts aren’t that great.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t say one looks better than the other. Diamond and Moissanite are just a couple shiny stones, and one happens to be a lot cheaper than the other. 


    If you are worried about whether you will be judged based on your engagement ring choices, just know that people are going to judge no matter what. It’s your ring and your business, and you don’t have to tell anyone it’s not a diamond if you don’t want to.


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    I brought Moissanite up first because I *did not* want a diamond. America has gotten better about not importing blood diamonds, but I just think they are outrageously priced. I originally wanted white saphire (wanted a white stone because I like fancy settings and didn’t want something that would take away from that)


    That said I would have been excited by moissanite had my Fiance brought it up, he also dislikes diamonds.


    I have only told my family and close friends what my stone actually is and they are all very impressed by it. I feel like you have to see it to really appreciate it if you are stuck on diamonds.


    if you were to try to pass it off as a diamond to friends and family no one would know the difference.


    definitely discuss with your Girlfriend, show her pics, reviews, video! 

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