(Closed) Moissanite ring issue- fish eye (dark center) – how to fix???

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  • poll: What best prevents fish eye (windowing/dark center) in moissanite round center stones?
    shallow brilliant round cut : (2 votes)
    10 %
    oec (old european cut) : (9 votes)
    43 %
    amora enhancement : (1 votes)
    5 %
    forever brilliant enhancement : (9 votes)
    43 %
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    OECs will have a spot in the center no matter what the stone is.  It’s just part of the cut.  I’m not sure what you can do to fix it in the Ring Bearer.  I’ve never noticed it in mine.

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    Have you looked at cathedral settings? They keep the bottom of the stone off your finger which lets in more light, therefore giving you more sparkle. 

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    I don’t know that you can fix the fish eye. 

    I don’t see glassiness though, in your pics.

    Moissanite is not for everyone, I have owned LOTS and must say I prefer it for earrings more so than rings.

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    I think my diamond does the same thing? I also have a round cut. But it’s only in certain lighting. Honestly, your ring/stone is beautiful and no one’s going to think your ring looks dark. 

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    I’m afraid you got a dud. I have an unenhanced Ring Bearer and an unenhanced OEC as well as an amora enhanced Ring Bearer, none have the fisheye as bad as yours. for what it’s worth, my amora-enhanced Ring Bearer has the “worst” fisheye, but it only goes dark at a very small degree and only if you hold it up really close to your eye. at regular viewing distance all of my moissies have bright centers. the darkness in the center is just due to bad cut, and any type of cut (RB/OEC/cushion/etc) can be good or bad. so just keep trying, return it if you don’t like the cut. (to avoid too many returns I’d get someone to handpick a stone to your specifications. I recommend schubach’s for that sort of stuff)

    as for the “glassy” appearance, that’s just light bouncing off the table. Ring Bearer moissies have flatter tables than Ring Bearer diamonds, so yeah… that sort of cut bothers me too, hence why I opt for OEC now (smaller table). but for OEC there WILL be a tiny hole reflected from the culet at the bottom, though you can try to find one with a smaller culet.

    good luck in your search!

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    @patchy:  +1


    @dlzn:  I think you should return that ring back to Moissaniteco. Moissanite is cut by hand and that is why there is a great variation in cut quality. I am not sure whether Moissaniteco hand pick the stones, my guess is that is unlikely considering the volume of rings they churn out. They claim to screeen all their stones for cut and colour but I guess some duds slip through nevertheless. As pp said above I would also highly recommend Schubah (jcent) or Amcor Design (poppyseed) to get you the best stone for your ring.  

    When asking for a new Moissy, I wouldn’t be concerned with asking for “the whitest” (as the colour is less of a concern with a new whiter rough), I would be asking for ” the best possible cut stone from the new stock cut from the new whiter rough”.

    Fish eye can not be fixed with any kind of enhancement as it is inherent in how the stone is cut.

    Good luck!                                 

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    @dlzn:  I think the dark spots are just a natural result of certain lighting.  My stone does that, but I never thought about it as a bad thing.  It just doesn’t bother me.  My MCo ring came with a flaw in it.  I contacted customer service, shipped it off, and it was back on my hand and fixed in three weeks.  Good luck!

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    I have 4 Moissy rings – 1 with 6.5 FB Moissy (the stone is from MCo),  6.5 mm unenhanced OEC from Amcor designs (poppyseed), 6 mm unenhanced Ring Bearer (that ring was purchased from another forum member and redesigned) And eternity Moissy bands.

    Out of all the stones that I have the FB from MCo is probably the worst in terms of both colour and cut. It doesn’t have an obvious fish eye (I thought it did at one point but it turned out that there was a speck of dirt stuck to the bottom of the stone), but it is just not as nicely cut as the other stones I have. When Hearts and Arrows Moissanite (NOT Amora Gem, as I am not a fan of that at all) comes out, I will probably replace my FB with Hearts and Arrows and put FB into the pendent. Having said that, my FB was purchased a while ago and these days FBs are not enhanced, just whiter stones picked from whiter rough and Moissy did come leaps and bounds in quality just this last year (providing you order from the right place).

    I know for a fact that either Schubah or Amcor could order you that setting (as MCo uses stock settings from casting houses, they don’t make their own) and they will take care to pick out a great stone for you for sure. With OEC there is an even greater variation in cut and again , going through Schubah or Amcor would be my choice over MoissaniteCo. 

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    MoissaniteCo can take FOREVER to get back with you about certain things so hopefully this isn’t one of them. The setting has a lot to do with the fish eye thing. Getting a higher setting will let more light through to the base of the stone so you end up with minimal or none at all fish eye.


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    To illustrate my previous post with pics,


    1. 6.5 mm unehanced OEC in yellow gold milgrain bezel from Amcor Designs (poppyseed)


    2. 6 mm unenhanced Moissy in Ruby Moissy ring

    (ring was purchased from another board member and redesigned)

    3. 6.5 FB Ring Bearer in custom platinum setting (stone from MCo):




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    Hmmm…that’s pretty strange. I would suggest talking to the people at Schubachs (sp?) because they can hand pick one for you based on your specifications and send you pics of the stone before you commit to buy. I didn’t go that route, but I did have mine hand-picked by someone at C&C due to an error. I got a 6.5 FB OEC with a smaller culet. I didn’t like the look of a large culet.

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    That stone is terrible!! I’m so sorry. Looking at all the other pretty (gorgeous, even) moissanites posted here, it’s apparent that you were sent a dud. It’s green on top of having that terrible fisheye. Look elsewhere!

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