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  • poll: would you rather have a small diamond (1/2 ct or less) or a bigger moissanite?
    small diamond : (117 votes)
    44 %
    moissanite : (146 votes)
    56 %
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    I have a 5.5 mm round which would be similar to 1/2 ct diamond.. And I personally love it, but you should DEFINITELY check with her and make absolute sure that she would be okay with moissanite. There are a lot of ladies on this board that love it, and there are also a lot of ladies who don’t, and she might get angry if you picked something other than diamond… If you decide to go that route, maybe look at a few rings at a jewelry store and see what size might be good for her.

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    @gamecock0515:  I have very small fingers as well & I have a 3/4 diamond! It’s the perfect size not to big not too small.





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    @gamecock0515:  I would go with either a 3/4 or 1ct moissanite for a size 4 finger.  Moissanites are beautiful and some women prefer them over mined diamonds.  They are still a white stone so there won’t be any confusion that it is an ENGAGEMENT ring (sometimes people get that with colored gemstones).  The price is definitely right for moissanite! If you want it to look more similar to a diamond, I would go with the enhanced version of a moissanite.  I am no moissy expert but I hear people love them.  They are also a forever stone so you don’t have to worry about “upgrading” in the future if you don’t want to!  If she said she “doesn’t want to waste a ton of money on a real diamond” she sounds like a perfect candidate for a moissy!  It’s not like she’s asking for a diamond and you give her a mood ring.  Moissanites are beautiful stones!

    PS.  Congrats!

    PPS.  Where are all the moissanite girls!?  Help this guy out!!

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    My husband originally gave me a .25 diamond ring and we recently upgraded to a .75 Moissanite instead and I love it a lot more than I did my small diamond. If she doesn’t mind having something other than a diamond then I would go with a .75 Moissanite because it shouldn’t look too big on her finger. Here are pics of my .25 diamond and my .75 Moissanite in the same setting.


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    @gamecock0515:  if she said she liked CZ, then maybe she wouldn’t have a problem. I got mine through moissaniteco, and they have great selection and fantastic service. I would totally recommend them to anyone. if you are skeptical about it, don’t be! I was the most skeptic ever! I looked at forums and tried to hunt some moissy down before I even thought about getting a stone and then I finally took the dive and got it. It is super sparkly! You have no idea how many people stop me and say how gorgeous my ring is. I don’t tell anyone it’s not a diamond, only because nobody ever asks, but I have told a few friends and they wanted to get one too.

    believe me, I know how apprehensive one could be about taking a few words posted on the Internet for granted, but if she likes sparkly things, she’ll love moissy. 


    Also, have you considered buying a diamond online? You can get a bigger, much higher quality diamond for a lot cheaper than you can at the mall. There are sites like blue nile, union diamond, and James Allen that are all very reputable. Also, the folks over at the pricescope website have a wealth of knowledge.

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    Despite the advertising, moissanite doesn’t look like diamond, it looks different.

    I would suggest a small diamond or an elegant all-metal band. Natural colored gemstones is another option. Look at her other jewelry or ask her family members to get a sense of her style.

    I wpuldn’t suggest getting something seen as a simulant for someone else without knowing their opinion on it. Personally, I would be upset with a simulant. I would feel happier with a plain band of precious metal than a simulated anything. Plain bands are classic and authenticity is important to me.

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    I’m always of the “bigger is better” mind set, so I’d definitely go 1ct or 1.25ct. Shrinkage definitely does set in, and sometimes even my 3ct Old European Cut Moissanite doesn’t look all the big on my size 6 finger. As for moissanite vs. diamond; I’m definitely a moissy girl, but I MUCH prefer the OEC cut moissanite to the Round Brilliant moissanite.

    I’ve owned both, and hands down would recommend you look into the old european cut moissanite, since it’s more firey, and has an amazing facet pattern.

    Here’s a video of my stone loose before setting:



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    @joya_aspera:  Firstly, he does know her opinions on it. She said that she doesn’t even mind a CZ; so moissanite would seem to be MORE than acceptable in this instance.

    Secondly, I know moissanite can sometimes be contrued as a “diamond simulant,” but whether something is or is not a simulant is based on it’s function. A CZ is sometimes a simulant because it is used by its owner to look like a diamond. This isn’t always the case, and when it’s not, a CZ is no longer a simulant attempting to simulate something else. The same can be said of moissanite. I did not buy my moissanite to simulate the look of a diamond. I bought it because I love moissanite, I wanted a white stone, and I tell people that it is a moissanite, not a diamond. My moissanite is not a simulant for anything else, it is what it is, plain and simple.  

    Not everybody feels like they are being duped when they receive a moissanite, and moissanite owners certainly don’t feel like we are being “inauthentic” for not owning a diamond.

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    I would ask her to see what she thinks, she is going to be wearing it after all.  I have moissanite because I don’t care for the diamond industry (ethically or culturally) and I don’t really care for any other colored stones either.  I pretty much never wear jewelry (I really would have been happy with just a wedding band).  PP are right you shouldn’t expect it to act exactly like a diamond because it’s not a simulant in the way CZ is meant to be.   But moissanite pretty gorgeous on it’s own, I think you can order the stone from moissaniteco.com and if you/she doesn’t like it then you can send it back and get her something else. 

    Another option would be colored stones but I would ask her what her preference is because while some may love blue or red or green, others may hate it/them.

    3/4-1 ct sounds like a nice size, I believe moisaniteco.com lists the equivalent carat size (I don’t know what 5mm is equal to)

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    @gamecock0515:  I wear a size 3.5 ring and have a 1.2 carat diamond ring, but if he couldn’t afford a diamond, my next pick would be a moissanite. Maybe a white sapphire but moissanite is the next hardest stone after a diamond. Diamond is a 10 I believe on the MOHs scale of hardness. Moissanite is a 9.5? I think. And sapphires come in at 9. But moissanite has a fire that exceeds both diamonds and sapphires. It’s a beautiful stone and I wouldn’t mind having one at some point in my life. They are also a conflict free, ethical stone so I think that makes it nicer in terms of humanity. I think she would be happy with a .75-1 carat or even more if she likes big stones and will look nice on her finger. I wanted 1 carat and my fiance went beyond and I had no complaints lol. Anyway, good luck! Oh, and if I am not mistaken, I think Swarovski crystals can chip easily (ladies?) so I’d stay away from that. I think moissanite is a good route if she wants something sparkly and not too expensive. 



    EDIT: Oh, one more thing. My mom used to wear a decoy CZ ring to work because she didn’t want to wear her diamond, and her CZ also chipped on the corner so she had to stop wearing it and went back to her diamond. I wouldn’t pick a CZ based off of her experience with it chipping.

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    @Kat:  +1

    I have a 7mm unenhanced round brilliant moissanite and a size 5.5 finger. My husband got mine at http://www.moissanitediamond.com/. We were a bit worried because we’d never heard of the site before but it was several hundred dollars cheaper than anywhere else where we found the same ring, and the only place we foudn the stone size I wanted. It came with a certificate and I’ve had it for a year with no problems. He also just got me some moissanite earrings from the same place and they’re gorgeous.  Happy engagement!

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    Definetly check with her directly about this option before going ahead, but I chose a Moissonite and I’m very happy with it.  I also didn’t want it to look to big and flashy so I chose a 0.75 carat…but the boyfriend (fiance!) upsized it to a 1 ct equivelent.  I’ll say that to me it looks pretty big and I have a size 7 finger.  On a small hand and for someone who is comfotable beign budget concious a 0.5 – 0.75 ct equiv would probably look great.  Those really are pretty generous sizes.

    I also consider moissy if you’d like to opt out of the diamon industry for values related reason.  I know that not every single thing I do is perfectly aligned with my values – but for such a pricy piece of jewlery that has purely sumbolic meaning, it seemed like an important consideration.  

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