Moissanite vs. Diamond

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i think that if you really wanted a diamond, you should get a diamond.

i have a moissanite and LOVE it. however, i was never totally set on a diamond. i actually wanted a sapphire, but my Fiance wanted it to be a clear stone, and i learned about moissanite, and the rest is history.  if you think you’d regret the choice, though, you should stick with the diamond and save up.

i got my moissanite from, and it’s a 1.5ct round brilliant amora moissanite!

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I also hadn’t heard of moissanite until I came to the Bee.. the one thing I don’t like about it is that there’s nowhere (around here anyway) that you can go and actually look at it. And I don’t know anyone who has one. So I have no idea what they look like in person.

I don’t think it’s an issue for us. He only wants a diamond (and apparently already has it), I don’t care if I even get a ring or not.

ETA: if you really really want a diamond, I would wait for one. Even if getting a moissanite means getting engaged now I have a feeling you wouldn’t be totally happy with one. Also, maybe look at smaller diamonds. I don’t know what your finger size is but unless you’ve tried on 1.5ct ones and are stuck on getting one then maybe a smaller one would look just as amazing?? My brother got his fiance one smaller than a carat and it looks beautiful!!

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As you mentioned, you’ve searched through the boards, so you know that there are nearly hundreds of threads with the moissy vs. diamond title. It’s a hot debate around here and most of these threads take off with opinions one way or the other. Do whats best for you.

Fiance and I bought an Asha simulant so we could upgrade to diamond later. No one thing is better than any other, the only opinion that matters is your own and your SO.

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I am a classic girl myself. Never even considered not having a diamond. When I told my Fiance about moissanite vs a diamond. He had a “if your not wood don’t try to look like wood… this is a lie” reaction! I honestly think they’re both very beautiful. If a diamond is what you’ve always dreamed of then wait for it. However if you wanna get the ball rolling on your engagement then get a moissanite. It’s how you feel that matters, it’ll be beautiful no matter what! And you can always upgrade later on. 

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I would probably do the moissanite if I were you. A 1.5 round solitare will be quite expensive.  I think a moissanite will be gorgeous on you! I would get it enhanced as I hear sometimes  they can show a little too much warmth for some people’s taste if they are not enhanced!

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I had the exact same debate in my head for ages and we must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of photos and videos. We bought a diamond. Why? Moissanite didn’t have a cut (or color at the time) that I was in love with and diamonds carried more contrast and, what I perceived as, depth. I just realized that I preferred it. 

Don’t do what I did. Just order a stone. You can return it and all your back and forth and questions and google image searches will never have to occur. Or you can keep it if you realize you like the look of the moissy over a diamond. But don’t do it just to speed things up. You might finding yourself craving an upgrade sooner than later if you just settle to move things along. 🙂

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@tropicalfish914:  oh yes I was there!

I was absolutely set on a 1ct diamond and I’m a ‘oooh but I want the best!’ kind of girl. when it came to my ‘forever ring’, I wanted the best there was, and I never thought I’d settle for less than a diamond.

I’ll hold my hands up and say when I first heard of moissanite I was all ‘um.. fake’, and THEN! omg then, well, I became hooked.

My Fiance (then bf) wasn’t sold on the idea at first but the more I talked about it, the more he began to warm to the idea and eventually he saw where I was coming from.

He got me a 1.25ct moissanite and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

It’s SO much prettier than my friend’s diamonds – it sparkles so much more and it’s breathtaking in every way possible. Everyone compliments it, and if I choose to tell them what the stone is (depending on situation, of course, I don’t just blurt it out to every passing stranger) then people find it absolutely fascinating.

Do I tell them the price? No – because what’s that got to do with anyone? I tell them about it being discovered in a meterorite, and the other night on Stargazing Live (BBC in the UK) they had some stones that were older than the Solar System and along with a bit of diamond, there was Silicon Carbide, and I was like “oooh, ooooh! that’s what my stone is!”

I’m in love with it. And now I have my moissanite – I wouldn’t want a diamond because I love the fire too much.

Believe me, when people say “if you really want a diamond, you should get a diamond…” they don’t know how much an opinion CAN change. Mine certainly did and I will never, ever regret it.

(natural light with the sky and clouds reflecting in it)

(by the light of my computer – it’s so hard to capture those sparkles!)

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It really depends on what you’re looking for. One thing I will say is that diamonds and moissanites are completely different stones. Moissanites are beautiful, but they are not diamonds, and will not look exactly like a diamond (which is why I personally love them, I think they have so much character). But if you’re wanting to get the moissy in order to trick yourself or others into thinking it’s a diamond, I think that’s a bad call and I would wait. One thing I’ve noticed from these boards is most people who love their moissanites love them because they are moissanites, not because they look like a diamond. If it’s a diamond that you really want, you should wait for the diamond, because you’ll never truely be happy with a moissy if it’s not what you really want.

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@LilliePad:  yes! this is so true. i love my moissanite – not my diamond-looking stone. i will tell everyone and their mother what that baby is.

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@tropicalfish914:  for me it was a no brainer. I’d rather be married now than wait months to save for a ring. Also I’m older and this is both of our second marriages. The first time I had a beautiful 1ct diamond solitaire set in platinum that I ended up losing AND I was in a crappy marriage.  This time I know the important thing is Im committing to spending the rest if my life with the right man, not the ring, not a wedding. 

I would recommend that you look at a moissy in person Before deciding. They are different and not for everyone. Once I saw one I loved it. Search the board fopoco parison pics. I know I posted some it was my first post. That may help. 

If in your heart you want a diamond, go diamond!! Just be prepared to wait or go smaller. Hood luck. 

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At first I was more neutral about it, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how uncomfortable I was with the idea of moissanite. It is a synthetic stone that’s based on one that occurs in only microscopic quantities and is actually naturally dark green and not like diamond at all, but the synthetic version has been tweaked and tweaked to look as much like diamond as possible.

That wasn’t the right symbolism for an engagement ring, in my mind.

Have you thought about other natural gemstones?

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actually my post under the related post below. “First post!!! Diamond vs moissy IRL” not the clearest pics, I took with my cell phone. 

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