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2 carat AGS 000 moissy solitare on 14k yellow knife edge band. I have a 2 carat moissy and a 2 carat diamond. I like my moissy better. Good luck in your decision and congrats on your engagement! 

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I feel like you will only regret having a moissanite if your heart is set on a diamond because at the end of the day it’s not a diamond… but they look sooooo similar and the differences are so small that the only way to regret having a moissy is the mental aspect of knowing its not a diamond …so do you really reallllyyy want a diamond? If so get the diamond, if you don’t care and just want a super sparkly rock and to save some money then go with the moissy! 

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Just to warn you, your thread is going to soon be full of people telling you that moissanites are very obviously not diamonds and that every person you meet will instantly know it’s a “diamond simulant” and secretly judge you for it but be too nice to say anything…

That is a load of BS! They aren’t identical to diamonds, but honest to God, NO ONE is going to closely examine your ring long enough to notice that it’s not an actual diamond (and honestly, normal people aren’t knowledgeable enough to even recognize the difference). There ARE differences (mostly in how it sparkles — moissanites are more sparkly and give off more rainbow-colored light) but most people won’t see them. And if you’re a fan of sparkles (like me!) it’s a positive difference!

In fact, I have gone out in public with friends who have diamond e-rings and waiters or cashiers have gushed about how beautiful and sparkly my ring is, but not commented on my friends’ (whose rings are about the same size as mine! I just gave a 6.5mm). That is not to say anything negative at all about my friends’ rings or their beauty! And I’m sure they get compliments too (and should!) The point I’m trying to make is none of these people compared my ring to theirs and noticed it wasn’t a diamond… they noticed the pretty sparkle!

I’m in a bit of a different situation as part of why I have a moissanite is because a diamond the size I wanted was out of my price range. But I love my moissanite and have zero regrets! 

If money is truly not an object for you, what about this? Get a moissanite in a setting you love and see how you feel about the stone. If you decide it’s not for you, replace it with a diamond ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have a 2 ct. equivalent moissanite! I LOVE it to bits. It is VERY sparkly. I will tell you that I, personally, do not think moissanites look like diamonds…especially not mine, as it is a Charles and Colvard Forever Brilliant. The cut is really different. Mine is more splintery than a typical diamond and has been cut to capitalize on how sparkly moissanite can be. The average lay person usually assumes it’s a diamond because it is a clear stone and I’ve only had jewelers clock it as moissanite immediately. I am always happy to share what my stone is if people ask. 

I chose to go with with moissanite because they are conflict-free, beautiful, and economical. I am not married to the idea of having an earth-mined stone, so it never bothered me that it wasn’t a diamond. I have not regretted my choice at all. The money we (he, really) saved on the stone allowed us to get a completely custom setting with ruby sidestones and a matching custom band in alternating rubies and black diamonds. (All conflict-free, yay!!!)

Looking down at my hand and seeing my little glittery rock makes my heart sing evey time. I still, over a year later, stare at it in all kinds of lighting. My Fiance loves catching me do this. It makes him happy that he was able to give me something I love SO much.

I say go with it if you don’t mind that it isn’t an earth-mined stone and don’t need the validation of “OOOOOOO it’s a DIAMOND”. I wouldn’t expect a moissy stone to behave exactly like a diamond, though, especially not at a 2 or 3 ct. size ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’d go for a 2ct diamond, still huge but won’t break the bank as much as a 3ct. I’m suggesting this option because you mentioned you’re already worried about not being satisfied with a non-diamond. I was in the same boat, I wanted a large diamond, could have had any size moissanite, but went with a smaller diamond and couldn’t be happier. I believe if you can afford it, and it’s something that you want, then go for it!

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The boyfriend and I could and did get a round diamond (lab grown) engagement ring.  I decided I wanted an oval stone, so we returned it.  In the process of looking at oval rings online and at jewelry stores, one of my best friends told me to check out moissanite.  I did some research and showed the boyfriend a stone and setting I fell in love with on MoissaniteCo.com.  It should arrive next week.

I can’t believe the beauty for the value.  Why would I want him to spend thousands upon thousands on a diamond ring- when that money could go towards paying off some debt, a vacation, donating to a charity, saving for a house?  It seemed silly to me.  We also went with a lab diamond to begin with because of the ethical manufacturing behind them.  

If you want a moissy, get a moissy.  If you want a diamond, get a diamond.  Or get one and change your mind like me.  ๐Ÿ˜. All that matters is that you love your ring and feel 100% comfortable with it. 

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I would just go with your gut. Get the one you want so you don’t regret anything and end up changing it later. Good luck deciding!

I don’t have a lot of experience with moissanite, but I hear it kinda hard to tell them apart in pictures but easier in person. I found a couple of pictures from my jeweler that works with all types of stones that may help but I don’t know what kind of moissanites they are. Maybe it will help, but you should still go see them in person and see which one you are more attached to. 


Here is my 2 CT oval diamond on a 5 finger:

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If youre unsure, I’d just get the setting you want and start with the mossanite equivalant of the diamond you’d get.  If it bothers you after wearing it a while, switch it out for a diamond.  A moissanite isn’t going to break the bank, so not much loss to swap it.  But if you start with a diamond, you may still feel like you ‘wasted’ all that money on a diamond when you could have had a similar look for a lot less and at that point you’re stuck cause the resale value of a diamond is crap.

TBH, I only wanted a diamond for my e-ring.  But sometimes I do wonder if I would have been happy saving all that cash and wearing a moissanite…. too late to find out now though!

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The only way for you to know is to see moissanite in person. I have both and honestly can’t really tell the difference between the two. Generally I can only tell unless it’s an older or poor quality moissanite or it’s next to a diamond like it. Those tend to be cut splintery and have a green/yellow tint. Honestly, I had no clue that the splintery cut of older moissanites were different than diamonds until I had it for a while. Moissanite does sparkle more…and the rainbow sparkles are more saturated in color than diamonds. That’s what I loooooove about it; however, that can be offputting to some.

When I wear either diamonds or moissanite,  I just receive compliments…no questions about what stone it is. I actually receive the most compliments on my 10 carat round lab grown white sapphire. People just like to see beautiful jewelry. You just have to decide on your own if you’re ok with it not being a diamond and moissanite’s extreme sparkles. In real life, no one cares about your ring more than you do. That’s the way it should be. 

I don’t notice other people’s rings truthfully. I’m a teacher and my colleague has a two carat round diamond solitaire and I JUST noticed it after working with her for a year. We share a room so I see her everyday. I only saw it bc she nearly hit one of our students with it and he screamed “Your giant rock is about to kill me!” Lol. Then I was all into her ring and she’s happy to talk about it lol. 

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Well this thread is perfect for me lol. I had a 1.3 GIA triple excellent diamond, ended up selling that and putting the money towards an upgrade. I got myself a big beautiful 2.4 lab diamond only to realize I missed my old ring and the sentimental value it held. So I sold that upgrade, and now I’ve decided to just buy a round moissanite to put in my old setting (only $500 for a 1.5 carat moissy).

I’m going to pocket the difference and use the several thousand dollars I got towards a down payment on a house. We are expecting a baby and looking to buy a house this spring so it just seems incredibly silly to be rocking a $15,000 lab diamond when I can get something that’s a very close substitute – moissanite for only $500! The older I’ve gotten, the more my priorities have shifted and I just don’t want to spend that much on a ring. I just couldn’t justify it in my head and it made me feel uncomfortable even though we could afford it. I don’t think I’m going to regret it because I’m one of those people who loves a good deal and that’s what moissy seems like to me. No one in my everyday life is a jewelry expert… so I’m just going to wear it since it will look almost exactly like my old diamond and no one will know the difference. I say go for it and buy from somewhere that has a good return policy so you can see it for yourself and decide if you like it.

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katek90 :  have you looked at lab diamonds? Here’s my 2.4 carat j xxx vs1 with a 1.5 mm size 6 setting. I loooooooooove Lauren B’s settings but ended up just going classic with the solitaire. I’ve adtually never seen them advertise working with lab diamonds, though. They’re no different than mined diamonds so it should be fine. 


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I would get a diamond, since you are on the fence and want it to look like a diamond it may be that you want a diamond. Moissanites are beautiful but are their own thing. How about a lab grown diamond? 

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This isn’t a big as you’re looking at but I would love one that big! haha mine is 1.7c Diamond  on a size 5ish finger.

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