Moissanite vs. Diamond

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katek90 :  Something I did when I was trying to decide if Moissanite was for me was I ordered a pair of charles and colvard studs from moissy co. They were a couple hundred bucks, were a nice gift to myself, and helped me get the clarity I needed. If I didn’t like them, I coudl just return them without it being as fraught and complicated as a ring, and if I didn’t – new studs! 

It seems strange to me that people act like they can alwayyyyyyyyyyys tell when 1.) not all diamonds are the same and 2.) not all moissys are the same. To me, when I hold my stud up to my diamond e-ring (I went with an heirloom stone), I can tell there are some slight differences, but I don’t know which ones are “diamond” or “moissy” or which are just quirks and nuances to my stones. I find in general when people get 3+ carat moissies they raise some suspicion, because most people (even upper middle class people) don’t buy $75k+ rings. Stones this size stand out and make people say “wow” which is then sometimes followed by “is it real though?”, particularly if the rest of your lifestyle isn’t exactly luxurious. 

Most people don’t get a close enough look at your stone to see a “splintery cut” or whatever people claim they can see from a mile away, but will notice if you’re rocking a huge ring and getting your car reposessed. 

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I’ll share! Mine was also about $2000.

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MrsGirlyGirl :  I saw it on MoCos Instagram and emailed them! I’m so in love with it. I prefer it over the H&A as I just could never fall in love with it.

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givemesparkles :  I had the same experience when I saw it in a dimly lit room. It isn’t very impressive looking then. But everywhere else, I’ve been impressed by it.

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You will 100% regret your choice if you are getting a moissy to mimic the look of a diamond if you really want a diamon and you will regret your choice if you think the cost of getting a diamond is too much.

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pinkcorsage :  Yep! Set on the left, loose on the right.

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katek90 :  sounds like a good plan! I hope you like what you see of the moissanite while you are there! Check out white sapphires at the same too. They are gorgeous also!

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sharpshooter :  I bought the stone in a store the color is so different in store vs when you get it in many lights 

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givemesparkles :  your ring is Georgia’s ingotnitnfrom a store it’s a c&c I just feel it looks empty if you know what o mean I feel yours looks more warm notnsp stark white in some lights 

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lovetwoloveme :  the diamond is from brilliant earth and the jeweler is Melissa Tyson Designs. I described to her what I wanted and she made it exactly the way I requested. She also custom made my husbands wedding band. 


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If you can afford it, and have some doubts I would get the diamond.  I can tell the differance of a diamond vs moissanite witout looking closely at someones hand, just by the way it sparkles, but that’s not a bad thing I still think they are beautiful stones (but if you are worried about people knowing its not a diamond go with a diamond).  

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Hey bee,

I love my moissy. Past posters have given great advice. I’ll echo some and give some of my own. 

-some advice on here is crap, people like to tell you every KNOWS it’s not a diamond they’re just too nice to make you feel horrible for your choice. Not true on both fronts, I was at a jewelers getting my wedding band fixed. This guy has touts that he was a gemologist for over 50 years, he comments on my beautiful diamond. I politely tell him it’s actually a moissanite. He immediately turned sour, scoffed, and told me I’d get a real one one day. He didn’t know it wasn’t a diamond, he has a super (over 50 years) trained eye, and couldn’t tell the difference.

-my moissy is moody. It captures the colors of the day and reflects them. It’s not a bad thing, but not a diamond thing. Personally, I love that property.

-the amount of people who will ask if it’s real will be 0-none. Even if they ask, you have NO obligation to tell them anything. I have never had anyone ask directly. 

-people don’t look at your jewelry that much. In fact, unless it is family, I’d find it super strange for anyone to oogle at my ring for more than a few seconds. 

-moissanite has a lot more rainbow fire. So pretty!

-if you really don’t care about having a diamond, then you really won’t care if you get a moissanite. 

-people talk about stains on moissanite. Mine is from India, I have never had a stain. I wash it every once in a while when I wash my other jewelry. 

-moissanite does not look like cellophane (see pics for proof) LOL!

Good luck bee, do what makes your heart happy!



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