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Helper bee

I would go with moissanite over white sapphire.

Moissy has more sparkle and depth to it, whereas the white sapphire Ive seen look flat. Moissy is also more durable and alot harder than white sapphire. The size of moissy is measured in millimetres (eg 6mm is 1 carat for cushion cut), but I’m not sure about the white sapphire though sorry. The only problem is that moissanite is a lot more sparkly than diamond due to the double refraction which some people don’t like, but it is all personal preference. Also, most moissanite has to be enhanced (at an extra $100 per carat) or it will have a yellow/ green tinge in certain lighting. Moissaniteco have a great website which will answer all of your questions about it: http://www.moissaniteco.com

I would also suggest Asha as an alternative as well. An Asha has a CZ core with amorphous (spelling?) coating which is like crushed diamonds. With this coating it looks alot more like diamond (than moissy and white sapphire) and is alot more durable than regular CZ. You can buy this in colour gradings too (usually between F – I) and it does not have the colour issues which moissanite has. You can buy it here: http://www.ashadiamonds.com and this company is run by the same people as the previous website I listed.

This website here: http://www.betterthandiamond.com/discussion/ will answer alot of your questions about moissanite, Asha, regular CZ as well as gemstone (white sapphire) alternatives.

My SO has ordered an Asha, purely because I wanted something that looked as much like diamond as possible and there are more cuts and sizes available in the Ashas. We have found out a lot of info through all of these sites and their customer service is very helpful.


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Helper bee
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Moissonite IS a diamond, its just man made (my brother is a jeweler and explained it to us when we were looking at rings).  It looks so much nicer than even some diamonds at a much less ticket price.  Wht sapphires loose their bling quickly and dirty quickly.  They don’t pick up the light nearly as well as moissonite.  I would say definately moissonite, and if you want less traditional, add colored stones on the side.

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Helper bee

@mrstobeeisme: moissanite is not a man made diamond, it isnt a diamond at all. A man made diamond is one which has the same chemical properties as diamond but made in a lab. Moissanite is made in a lab but it has a completely different chemical make up to diamond.  It is a gemstone that was discovered through a meteor and can not be found naturally on earth so it is therefore man made by the company Charles and Colvard, no where is it stated that moissanite is diamond. Another interesting fact is Dr Henry Moissan who discovered it was one of the head gemologists at Tiffanys 😉 Any reputable moissanite retailer will be able to provide this information and if you talk to the staff at moissaniteco through their online chat they will give you this information too.

This info is from the moissaniteco website:

An Amazing Gift from the Stars

Moissanite (SiC – silicon carbide) is an incredible near-colorless jewel more dazzling than any other gemstone on earth. In a class of its own, with nearly 2.5 times more fire than diamond, Moissanite is a unique jewel with exceptional brilliance and fire that delivers quality, beauty, and value like no other gemstone. Women around the globe love the big, bold sparkle of Charles & Colvard created Moissanite.

The Perfect Combination of Art & Science

Moissanite is a created gemstone that was born from a rare geological find made more than 110 years ago. Discovered by French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan (who later became a Nobel Prize winner), Moissanite can trace its origins to particles found in 1893 in the Canyon Diablo meteor crater in Arizona. These natural Moissanite crystals were too scarce and tiny to set into jewelry. For years, scientists tried in vain to re-create these rare and extraordinarily brilliant crystals. Only recently, through the power of advanced technology from the house of Charles & Colvard, is Moissanite now available to you.

How is Moissanite Created?

Single-crystal Moissanite is manufactured through a patented thermal growing process, the specifics of which are proprietary. The process is very difficult and expensive, thus preventing mass production. Today, Charles & Colvard, Ltd. is the sole source and global distributor of created Moissanite with patents for the manufacturing process itself, as well as for its use as a gemstone.

Every Charles & Colvard created Moissanite gemstone is produced within exacting specifications and high quality control standards. Each gemstone is hand faceted by a skilled gemstone cutter to create its maximum brilliance and enhance Moissanite’s exceptional fire.

The favorite shape for Moissanite is Round, however, Moissanite is also available in most of the fancy shaped cuts such as Princess and Cushion.


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Busy bee
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Coming from a girl who owns both a moissanite ring and a white sapphire ring, I vote moissanite hands down! It is so sparkly and has so much depth. My white sapphire is lovely, but it’s sparkle always looks kind of blurred, and it gets dirty easily. Moissanite has a very sharp sparkle and a ton of fire.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@mrstobeeisme: moissanite is not a diamond. Check the education on moissaniteco.com It’s basically a mineral from space, but since it was in such a small amount, scientist were able to regrow it in labs (like lab grown diamonds. Same make up, just not out of the ground)

I would choose moissy over a white sapphire. moissanite is harder than sapphire.

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Honey bee
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I think it will depend on what kind of cut you want.  Moissanite isn’t available in a step cut, whereas sapphire is.  So, if you want an Emerald cut or a Asscher cut, you won’t be able to get it in Moissanite.

Other than that, I think you really need to look at both and see which one you like the best. I understand that Moissanite is very hard and durable, but as far as gem stones go, sapphire is right up there as being very hard and durable. The other consideration is, most jewelers will replace sapphires if you lose them from your ring. I don’t think there is any kind of warranty like that with moissanite.


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Bumble bee

I have a white sapphire and I love it. I love that it’s totally natural and came out of the ground. That was important to me, as were a lot of other things that led me to choose a white sapphire. It sparkles differently than a diamond, more white icy light than rainbows, but in direct sunlight it is absolutely blinding. Sapphires are measured in carats like a diamond is and is nearly as hard as diamond.

In terms of hardness

Diamonds – 10

Moissanite – 9.5

Sapphire – 9

So a Moissanite is not a lot harder than a sapphire, they are all three the hardest stones on earth.

It really depends on what you want. If you want rainbow sparkles like a diamond, go for the moissanite. I wanted something naturally found, untreated, and rare….but without the diamond price tag, stigma, and ethical concerns. That led me to the white sapphire and I adore it. I would reccomend them to anyone.

[attachment=1446685,183619] [attachment=1446685,183620]

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Bumble bee

@Miss Tattoo: Me too! I look at the halo boards all the time, just to drool over them. : )

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Busy Beekeeper
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@artichokey:SO got me a moissanite halo. I can’t wait to get her on so I can spam these threads with my own photos! lol

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Bee Keeper

I own a white sapphire centerstone ring with diamond accents.  The diamonds sparkle more.  The sapphire does get dirty easily, and doesn’t have the fire or dispersion of a moissanite or diamond.  I have to clean it all the time.  But it isn’t often mistaken for a diamond (which I like), but it IS mistaken for glass (WTF) which I don’t like.  I have to explain that it is a white sapphire.  Then I have to explain that sapphires come in many colors other than blue.  Then I have to explain that I wanted a ruby (technically a RED sapphire) but Darling Husband vetoed that idea but agreed to get me a white sapphire as a compromise.

I usually don’t have time for the long, drawn out discussions that come from complete strangers about my ring (cashiers, sales people) and usually just let them believe it is whatever they think it is (diamond, glass, CZ, whatever) to trunkate the conversation.  Sometimes I wish that I had either gotten a much smaller diamond or the ruby I really wanted, which could only be mistaken for a garnett, if mistaken at all.  But overall I like my white sapphire.

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@Winter12:  Moissanite does look more like a diamond than white sapphire, but they are much darker in color and more pricey.  That said….I own a couple of white sapphire rings that get many compliments.  I had a man once lecture me…”You know, if you had gotten a moissanite instead of a diamond in that ring, you could have saved a lot of money.”  Didn’t tell him it was really a white sapphire….and I did save a ton 🙂  

Also if you haven’t seen an Asha…you should check out 




I own asha, diamonds, and white sapphires….My asha gets more compliments than anything!

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