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My SO bought my Moissanite ring 1 week ago! (It’s still being made). 

The reason we chose Moissy is because I wanted something that sparkled, but wasn’t a diamond. I didn’t care if it was sapphire (which was my ORIGINAL first choice), emerald, ruby, whatever. I just didn’t want a diamond, because I know how much it means to him (HE’S the eco-friendly one; well, I am as well, but not nearly to his level…lol) The price definitely helped, and knowing that it was durable, had great brilliance/fire, and was in our price range made me ecstatic! As in, he paid for it completely at once and now we don’t have to worry about any kind of payment for that!   We did, however, get the Amora upgrade, because I didn’t want so much of the yellow ‘tinge’ I heard moissy can have. Not that I mind color, because I definitely don’t!

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In my personal opinion, diamonds are way overpriced and a waste of money. I could never justify the cost of a diamond. They aren’t rare (unless we’re talking very particular stats) enough for what they cost. There’s the whole marketing thing, that’s not so much of a reason because we all buy into marketing on some level. But for me there’s no point in buying something just to say it came from the ground as opposed to a lab when it’s just as durable and sparkles twice as much. If I had $20,000 to spend on a stone, it’d be a Burmese sapphire or a padparadscha.

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Because it looks like this!

Price was definitely a factor, and I was already wary about blood diamonds. But pretty much, we got it because I loved it. I love the double sparkliness, and the price was right. My  ring is PERFECT. There are no cons.

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1. Because of the price. Like KatyElle said, the price of diamonds is artificially inflated for how common they are. There are entire vaults chock full of diamonds just to keep the price inflated. I felt sick to my stomach thinking we would spend this much on a rock that would lose more than half its value the moment we bought it.

2. Because of the sparkle. Moissanite has twice the fire of diamond while retaining the same durability (or pretty darn close). I wouldn’t have been happy with a diamond unless it was really sparkly, and that would have been super expensive. This way I get a super sparkly stone for much less, and it’s from outer space, too!

3. Not everybody has one. I like to feel special, or at least a forerunner. It doesn’t matter if millions of people turn to moissanite in the future, I got one when most barely knew about it ๐Ÿ™‚

4. It looks like a diamond, which will satisfy the snobs I may encounter in my career.

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i didnt buy a moissy i have an asha from betterthandiamond.com and i chose it for the same reason alot of the bees are posting, money wise why spend more for something that might be less beautiful? imo i love my asha and moissy are beautiful also the sparkle cant be beat!

heres my beauty

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@Jane8530:  No one has ever asked if it’s a diamond but I get compliments on it all the time.

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I don’t have moissanite but if my Fiance hadn’t already purchased my diamond e-ring I would have definitely considered it.  I had never heard of moissanite for engagement rings before coming to this site but the pictures are really amazingly beautiful.  I can’t tell him now, though!

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I like moissy because it is durable and gorgeous and so affordable.  I like jewelry in general, and it is not an option for me to have everything I want in diamond.  So with moissy I really can “have my cake and eat it too” ๐Ÿ™‚  And I can spend money on quality settings that make my rings look 10x more than I want I actually paid.

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I WOULD have bought a moissy if I didn’t have a diamond to use.

Not as big of fan on plain moissy as I am of the enhanced (from better than diamonds or moissantie co)

My reasons are a mixed bag.  Moissy is nice.  I like that it’s an actual gem and that is still has a lot of hardness.  The sparkle is something I also like (I know it takes away from it to some people).   The enviromental wake of mining for diamonds and gold is heart wrenching and  I’d be devastated to own a blood diamond.   I also don’t like the consumerism of the diamon industry.

If I lost my ring for some reason I’d use insurance money to go moissy in the future.

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1. It is gorgeous!

2. I love the sparkle and luster.

3. I think moissanite has such great personality, especially the unenhanced version.

4. I felt very comfortable going with moissanite after 2+ years of looking at it and reading many reviews of it (I have been hanging around the Better Than Diamond forums at least that long).

5. I think it is super cool that it really IS very rare on earth, and it was first discovered in meteor fragments.

6. I also think it is super cool that man can make such amazing stones in a lab (just as they can also make amazing sapphires, diamonds, etc).

7. I have worn a blue lab created sapphire for a couple years, but when I had to get a new set, felt ready for a change to a more colourless stone (though mine is unenhanced so not THAT colourless!).

8. I like that it is still quite tough on the MOHs scale, and can certainly last a lifetime or more (just as sapphires, etc) but that it is also very durable against cracking, etc.

9. Did I mention it is gorgeous?

Mine is an 8mm unenhanced and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I also have studs and a pendant with unenhanced moissanite.


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my SO just bought my moissy e-ring from Moissaniteco.com. it’s still in production. ๐Ÿ™‚ betterthandiamonds.com is the supplier from moissaniteco, so they’re the same stones! i got an amora enhanced 1.5ct center stone. once i learned about moissanite, i pretty much knew i would get it. the fact that i could get my dream ring for the same price as a .5ct diamond made the decision very easy. plus, i am so drawn to the sparkle of moissanite!! i eventually want to upgrate to the moissanite gem, H&A cut, but that won’t be available in the US for a while, so i went with an enhanced moissy for now. can’t wait to see it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@RayKay:  Your rings are STUNNING!!!

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