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klein27 :  What a nightmare. At this point, I would ask for Chris’s supervisior. Even if the ring wasn’t stamped correctly, you should have been offered a no-questions-asked exchange for the correct ring with the correct stamp. “Chris” shouldn’t be working their customer service department. He should have immediately tried to rectify their mistake, and even offer a discount for your troubles. 

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If you don’t get this resolved, file a chargeback with your CC company. I don’t know how MoissCo is still in business. They are shady as hell…

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Wow, what a deceitful company. It just blows my mind. I’m so sorry you went through all that. How hard is it to admit a mistake was made, expedite (free of charge) a corrected version and give you a huge discount for their error and waste of your time? I mean, whether the gold ‘was’18K and stamped 14K in error? doesn’t even matter. Can you imagine that conversation with your fiance when you’re shopping for wedding bands. “Oh honey, it’s really 18K so match the band to that. The stamp is an error, so-and-so-liar from Moco swears it is, even though our jeweler proves him wrong.” What?!?!

Talk about bad business. They’re really trying hard to amass a huge group of dissatisfied customers and their own downfall.  


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Sadly, nothing surprises me with this deceitful company anymore. I am astonished they’re still in business. Nothing is ever their fault and they ALWAYS spin it where the customer is to blame somehow, or they’re wrong and MoCo didn’t make a mistake, and it always ends up being the customers problem to deal with. Expect them to see this thread and tell you they won’t offer any compensation until you delete the entire post. They’ll probably even offer you a deeper discount if you comply. Do a quick search on here and you’ll see TONS of other horror stories about Chris and MoCo. They’re manipulative and dishonest to say the least. I jokingly called them the Moissanite Mafia, but in all honesty it’s pretty despicable how they treat their customers. Some have even ghosted their posts until their situation was resolved because they were legitimately scared either they wouldn’t get their money back, the repairs wouldn’t be made properly, or their ring would be held hostage until any negative remarks they’d made online were deleted. They’ve sucked the joy out of more people’s proposals than I can count, which is disgusting. 

Chris, if you or any of MoCos minions are reading this, you should seriously be ashamed of yourselves. How hard is it to request the ring be sent back to you so you can remake it IN EIGHTEEN KARAT GOLD, and stamp it properly. We all know that ring is 14k and you’re gaslighting this poor customer into thinking YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT WHEN YOU ARE! And the discount is laughable. That just evens the playing field where they’re paying for exactly what they got…a 14k gold ring. Sheesh. 

Do yourself a favor, get a refund and have someone else make the ring. If you ever have additional issues down the line with the ring or pave, I’ve heard they’re equally terrible to deal with. 

They don’t deserve anyone’s money IMO. 

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I see moissanite co is up to it’s old tricks again, this time with gold measurement. Such imbecilea. Using an invoice to “prove” that a 14kt gold stamped ring is really 18kt is absolutely ridiculous. An invoice proves nothing and insults your intelligence. Send it back, get a refund them or a charge back on your card.

And that ring is 14kt, bet your bottom dollar on that. Such liars. Get your money back.

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klein27 :  Sorry for all of the problems. I agree with the PP – threaten a chargeback through your credit card and follow through if necessary. I believe there was a recent previous post discussing another bee’s multiple problems with moissaniteco.

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Ugh this sounds like my nightmare. I’d return the ring for a full refund, propose with a simple stand in band, and go with a different company. Brilliant Earth offers moissanite. I know there are Chinese vendors that do as well for a cheaper price but I’d be too nervous to go through a Chinese company. 

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No surprise, I think someone posted before that they actually only received moissanite in their setting instead of the real diamonds they paid extra for. Someone else said they  received synthetic diamonds in their setting rather than the mined diamonds they thought they were getting….Do a search.   Next you will be offered a gift/bribe to take down this post… 

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What a horrible hassle and inconvenience for you!  And to tell you that you have an 18K gold ring but it is just stamped 14K is fraud. Why would they send you a ring stamped 14K and say it is 18K?  That is just ridiculous!  I am very sorry you have to deal with this.  I would return the ring for a full refund and go with a different, more reputable company. At this point, after all the excuses and runaround and extra fees you have been charged, you should not give them another second of your business.  If you want moissanite, go with someone like Joseph Schubach. I have worked with him before and he is excellent.

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I second Schubach. They’re pricier, but their customer service is excellent, and you get exactly what you pay for. Get out of that mess immediately.


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They will find your posts on this board and try to get you to remove them, be warned.

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