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@GoldfishPie:  Admittedly, they tried to con the system, and it wasn’t for their benefit, but rather yours.

First of all, as a consumer I don’t want to do business with a company that admittedly cons the system for any reason. And let’s be clear, they haven’t benefited OP in any way here, but rather caused her a lot of inconvenience, time, money, and heartache. I’m sure their motivation doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that international shipping with insurance is quite costly to the vendor. 


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Though my future Fiance and I will likely be going with a diamond and a Tacori setting, I’ve considered purchasing a RHR from MCo for quite a while now – or even a “decoy” e-ring after I get my real one.

But holy hell, I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase from or recommend this company to anyone for the rest of its existence. I had no idea the owner actually comes onto WB to bash customers who post about poor service – talk about a really shitty way to run a business! Gah.

My only hope is that as Moissanite becomes more popular, other BETTER companies will edge MCo and their shitty business model out.

OP, I am so sorry you’ve had to endure this nightmare! I wish you’d kept your Blue Nile ring, too (and I’m glad to hear *they* have such great service, will keep them in mind for future purchases!)

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“Con the system” is a polite way to put committing customs fraud.  Falsifying customs documents  does benefit them, since more customers might purchase through a company knowing they won’t pay higher fees.  OP, I’m really glad you paid the higher taxes yourself.  Always best to take the high road.

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To akirasan: I am sorry the package was delayed a few days.  When we shipped the package we marked it on the Customs paperwork as return for warranty repair.  We thought this would be sufficient so that you aren’t billed twice for Customs.  Unfortunately Fedex provides little guidance when it comes to navigating through what Customs requires and each country can be different.

When we spoke to the Fedex customs representative what we learned was that even though there was no charge to repair the damaged Moissanite stone and there was also no charge for return shipping, they needed an actual invoice from our company that stated: Warranty repair: $0 USD.  This is what we provided to them. Unfortunately this has been a learning experience for us to in this regard, but at the least we know for the future. 

As far as insuring the package, we have 3rd party insurance.  Therefore if a package is lost, it is covered, regardless of what is declared on the package (and what we declare/don’t declare is stipulated by our insurer).  We do declare the value at full value for packages going to Ontario Canada.  Therefore this was a mistake.  The two shipping people who handle international packages both got the flu last week, and one of the girls who ships only domestic packages stepped in, and she made the mistake.  We did however pay for the fastest shipping that Fedex offers when we shipped it back to you, and so even with the delay, it should arrive to you in a reasonable time (I would guess no more than week from when we originally shipped it).

Therefore, again, I apologize for the delay with shipping.  As far as the initial issue with your stone, I don’t feel our company did anything wrong as it was sent in new condition.  It was inspected under a microscope prior to shipment, and it was free from any damage.  The stone chipped after it was received.  Charles & Colvard, the company who manufactures it and warranties it, refused to replace it, and not only tried to persuade you not to contact us about it, they tried to sell you a new one.  Nevertheless, despite damage not being covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we replaced the stone free of charge including setting and return shipping to you.  And hopefully the silver lining for you is that the newest FB Moissanites we have been receiving over the last couple of weeks are the best we have seen to date.  Therefore although I didn’t see the original stone, I am pretty sure the new one is better than the original.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your order, please send us an email, and we would be happy to assist you. 

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@mikec:  What a load of absolute rubbish.  I hope to god no-one on here falls for this drivel.

The OP should have pushed for a refund of her original purchase in full – you don’t buy a stone expecting it to chip straight away – so what if it left the vendor in ‘perfect’ condition!  MoCo should also refund her costs.

Let’s hope people read this post and vote with their feet!

Customer service – what a laugh!!

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@Blackie:  +1! What an unprofessional and unethical company. 

That response is just full if bs excuses. Like we are all supposed to believe this was a “learning experience” as if mco has never shipped via FedEx to Ontario lol. What a joke. Buyer beware indeed!

edit: he also admitted the newer stones are “better” than the older ones. Who would buy a product that the seller acknowledges is not always “as good” as other times. Yikes!

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I’ve tried hard to refrain myself from posting in OP’s topics but I just cannot hold it in anymore. I understand when people are upset and frustrated it often doesn’t help them to think rationally. So cool your jets everyone and lets talk sense here.

OP ordered and received ring from MoissaniteCo. She inspected it, found quality of it at least satisfactory and removed security tag, stone wasn’t damaged. In her own words: “After that, I finally received my ring on Friday. It was absolutely breathtaking. It is set in 14K white gold, a 1.5ct solitaire. Beautiful.”

Then, 4 hours later, OP smashed her ring and damaged her stone (by her own admission). She also spoke with local jeweller about it: “I’m posting some pictures of the damage. I went to my jeweler yesterday and he indeed confirmed that the stone was crushed. It is still sitting perfectly level in the setting; however a part of it has shattered off, leaving it sitting on only 4 of the 6 prongs. He said it would have had to been hit at a precise angle to get this sort of reaction from the stone, especially since I hadn’t hit it too hard. He also said that the 14k setting was completely intact, no scratches, blemishes, etc. so it’s really rare that the moissanite even broke.”

Unfortunate? Absolutely. Is it MoissaniteCo fault? NO!!! So, frankly speaking, I don’t even understand why she used title “Moissaniteco.com HORROR STORY (long)” when it should have been something in line with “I am so upset, I damaged my stone”.

Yet, MoissaniteCo decided to replace her stone. Great! How nice of them I thought! Saying that she got after sale customer service only because she posted here is a BIG assumption! or rather insinuation!

OP had to send her ring back and spend money on shippment. So she should! It was her clumsiness that caused that damage in the first place.

Now, ring was send back. Clearly, the whole thing with “value” is confusion and mistake. As OP learned from FedEx rep, MoissaniteCo called them and explained that OP already paid tax on import and why value was set at 100$. They also provided an invoice that said that it was Warranty repair: $0 USD. For some reason, it wasn’t enough for customs. 

In my eyes, both topics are heavily overdramatized and  I do not see reasons for such negativity toward this company!

Crucify me if wish, I stand behind my post!

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@akirasan:  I know there were a number of emails and chats the day the stone was broken.  I apologize that this request concerning shipping was overlooked.  For warranty repair we don’t reimburse for return shipping. 

@BlondeMissMolly: What I stated concerning shipping was in reference to returning items to Canada under warranty repair, not regular shipments.  We have plenty of experience with the latter. 

As far as selling Moissanite stones that have improved, Moissanite is a lab created gemstone and as technology improves so will the stones.  People who have purchased Moissanite 10 years ago will see a striking improvement over the stones being made today.  I love my iPhone 5.0, but I also loved my iPhone 2.0 back in the day (and my blackberry before that).

@Blackie: I agree, nobody should expect a Moissanite to break.  I know I don’t.  But I also don’t expect it to be indestructible.  She had it for a short period of time, and for that reason we have decided to replace it our expense.  It is anecdotal, but one of my wife’s rings has trillion cut diamond side stones.  Within a week from first acquiring it, she hit it, not very hard, but just in the right place, and it nearly broke in half.  Whose fault was it?  It was just bad luck.  The right amount of force in the right place will crack it.  It doesn’t take 4 years, 4 minutes but 0.000000001 s to break a gemstone.  Sometimes its just bad luck, and it happens.  But the important thing is that its been replaced, and Fedex will have it delivered to her soon.


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@akirasan:  “this should never have happened with proper moissanite” is a common misconception. It can and it does happen to any stone (even diamond) when “hit at a precise angle”.

“The fact that there were so many screw-ups along the way, coupled with the fact that I barely ever got a response from them is what makes this the horror story.”

I do not see a screw-up on their part at all. You got your ring, inspected it, liked it, removed security tag and started to wear. You damaged it while wearing. Without contacting MCo, decided to contact C&C instead and posted here. Anyway, MCo were nice to agree to replace it. They did so and sent your ring back. It got stuck at customs because of “value” issue. If it was set 1065$, you would have your ring already but would have to pay another 145$ or fight with FedEx about it. I think value should have been 0$ as it was warranty repairs but I am not expert in this particular subject. Anyways, you have learned from FedEx rep, that MCo contacted them and tried to make sure they understand why value is 100 and not 1065 and that you paid your tax already. If you think it is srew-up, fine. I do not.


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@mikec:  When this same situation happened to me the package was marked $100 costume jewelry, was this also a mistake? And when I emailed you about it I recieved no reply. I also never recieved the refund I was promised for having to send it back, because my ring was not damaged it was sent out in crappy shape.


The idea that the reason this is done is to prevent the package from being stolen is total BS. If that is really the case then why does no other online company do this. And if the package is REALLY insurered for the full value by some secondary insurance company (which I think is also BS) then why would they bother breaking the law for the off chance that the package will be lost or stolen?


I feel that this company needs some serious work when it comes to professionalism. I have always stated that it is not the mistakes that bother me, but how they are handled. Moco will go out of their way to help you when you are a prospective customer but as soon as something goes wrong it goes out the window. They become rude, unprofessional, confrontational and their service goes down the toilet. 

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