Mom against FMIL being involved!??

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I think we have heard this story one time too often. It never fails to amaze me how people get offended for whatever reason. And everyone has their “good” reason. Personally, it is something special so i can understand having key people around. ON the other hand you are a big girl and you can pick the dress on your own. That being said I recently as the wedding planner and a groomsman actually went with the bride and helped her pick out her dress. I have worked as a stylist and all but no drama. Sadly the bridesmaids are not much help in this group – my main goal is to get them at the wedding in fitted wedding outfits. They are the worst wedding party I have dealt with – no one responds to phone calls or emails and really don’t seem interested in helping the bride with anything – the groom on the other hand wants a say in everything – fonts, picture frames, cake, pew markers, even unity candles. Maybe it is the best as the poor bride was in a rush to find a dress because she got engaged barely 4 mos before her wedding date this December.

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DeniseSecunda :  LOL this was me *raises hand* Long story short to my dilemma, I sat my parents down and asked point blank what their restrictions were on paying, and from there we compromised. I just went to try on dresses with my mother and Future Mother-In-Law, Future Sister-In-Law and aunt… my Maid/Matron of Honor met me at another appt (she was Black Friday Shopping) in this situation I got what I wanted (everyone to be there). However, I am going to another store this week and ONLY asked my mom to go because she expressed multiple times, in multiple arguments how important it was to her for it to be just us two. Win-win on both ends.

Thanks for bringing up the point of the money though – I was going to say the same thing to the OP. Now knowing OP is paying, HELL NO your mother does not get a say who comes, even if she was paying… still no. Our mothers sound similar, if she wants to throw a fit, I would say she isn’t welcome period to dress shopping (yes, even though you may want her there just not her attitude). Don’t let her attitude affect this special day for you, bee.

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