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Busy bee
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I’m sorry you’re going through this.  I don’t have any advice for you, except *HUGS*!

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My mother is the same way.  I recently found out that my little sister had a huge heart to heart with her about the way it makes me feel like she doesn’t even care that we’re getting married.  Apparently they talked about it while I was with the future in-laws for christmas, but it still feels like nothing has changed.  In my mind it seems like my parents just don’t think about it.

I wish I had some tips for you to make you feel better.  I just keep thinking about the fact that the wedding is about the two of us coming together as a couple forever, but it does little to soothe my tears or the pain I feel about my family.

If you ever want to talk more about this feel free to PM me.  It was nice reading what you wrote and just knowing that someone else has the same situation to go through (esp. when all of my friends’ mothers are SUPER involved in their weddings).


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Well I’m kinda in the same boat.  My mom is excited, but she never asks how the planning is going or offered to help.  I don’t need the help, but it would be nice if she asked.  She is planning our wedding shower so I should be happy about that, but I feel like my Future Mother-In-Law is more excited!  My Future Mother-In-Law is always asking how things are going with the wedding planning, willing to share ideas, and shes even hosting an at home reception for us! 

I’m sure your mom is excited for you, maybe shes just not into the wedding planning!  Hope it works out! 

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Sugar bee
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my mom isn’t really into wedding planning either. she’s excited for the wedding, and will do some things when i ask her, but she made it very clear in the beginning that she was happy that my fi and i were doing the planning, because she just didn’t want to. sometimes i’m ok with that because that means less opinions to deal with, but sometimes it would be nice to have my mom’s help! i’m finding it easier to get her to participate in things that she is interested in. for example, my mom loves to bake so she helped me make all of my favors, homemade cookies.

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Buzzing bee
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I know exactly how you feel. My mom really isn’t into it at all, and I kind of have to drag anything wedding-related out of her. She’s just not all that interested. It’s very, very frustrating, and it really hurt me at first, but I’m at the point where I kind of understand that it’s just how my mom is and there’s nothing I can do to change her.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this – I know it’s not fun! The only advice I can really give you is to turn to the people who ARE excited about wedding planning – for example, I know I can talk to my sister or my best friend when I have wedding stuff to talk about, because they will be excited. I’ve just accepted that my mom isn’t going to be as excited as I’d like, and that’s okay.

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my mom’s not into wedding planning either!!  Any time I call her up to ask her for an opinion, I get a response like, “do what you want that makes you happy” or “that sounds fine, I’m okay with anything”.  I know she doesn’t mean it in a hurtful way, she just really doesn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other!  But it’s kind of nice because it really gives me freedom to do what I want so I don’t have any drama with her about doing what she wants (though at the same time I do sometimes wish for more of an opinion from her).  She loves the idea that I’m getting married and is really excited for me, she just wants me to do what makes me happy.  I find comfort in talking with my fiances mom about details that my mom isn’t too concerned with if that helps!

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I skibobrown,

I can certainly relate to your feelings of sadness over your mom’s lack of interest. 

My mom is not into weddings; she didn’t even get married herself, because she’s so not into them! So since I’ve become engaged it has been an absolute struggle to get her involved. She wasn’t around to help me pick out my dress, or for any aspect of the planning, for that matter. In her defense she does live a couple hours away from me, but even my attempts to get her involved from a distance (emailing her pictures of dresses that I’ve tried on to get her opinion) have gone completely unanswered. 

It is definitely hurtful that my mother won’t even humour me with something that means so much to me. 

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing a similar situation, but you’re not alone! Hold your chin up, and I guess that we just have to accept that some people aren’t going to be as excited as we are! The important thing is that I’M excited for the big day! You should be too!

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Busy bee
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Oh girl, you are not alone.  My mom could care. less.  Part of that might be her five previous marriages, or the fact that at the most recent one she wore black and did it at the courthouse, or the fact that she has recently totally reevaluated her life and decided that she doesn’t care about anything anymore (holidays, birthdays, religion, friends, etc.).  No kidding, she really told me all this.  Apparently the only things that make her happy are my stepdad and their grandkids, who are not related to her by blood, but that’s alright.  She has repeatedly thanked me for “not making her have anything to do with ‘all this wedding crap.'”  Well, gee, mom, you’re welcome.  I love my mom, and she’s been through a lot, and I would never make her be involved, but I have to say–this is not how I pictured my wedding planning experience.  And I honestly have no idea if she’s excited that I’m getting married or not–I’m not sure I want to ask, because she might not have an answer I like.  But I do have other wonderful people in my life who are excited for me and who do offer to help–do you have other support?  If you want to vent, come to the Hive, it’s what we’re here for.  You already know you can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to, and I think you’re handling it as well as you can.  You’re sister sounds great and like she’s really going to bat for you!  Yay!  Good luck, and we’re always here when you need us!

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Blushing bee
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My mother is the same way, and always has been… my dad took me shopping and stuff when I was a kid and I have a feeling dress shopping will be the same way… luckily Future Mother-In-Law is really into all things girl and party planning (even if she has tacky taste lol) so I don’t have to do it all alone. I just have to filter suggestions!


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My mom wasn’t to involved in planning our wedding either. I didn’t understand why – she would ask how planning was going, and when I would ask her opinion on something she would just say “I’m sure whatever you want to do is fine. You can make your own decision.” I was hurt at first and thought that she didn’t care, but she told my sister that she didn’t want to control anything about the wedding, that she wanted to make sure that I was doing things that we wanted, not because I was just going along with her opinions. Once I understood that, it made a lot more sense and I changed the way I talked to her about planning. 

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My mom jokes to people how she will be a guest at my wedding because she has no idea what is planned.  My wedding is 3 weeks away and I can say her involvement was minimal.   I just found out that my mother invited some of her friends to the hair and make up before our ceremony without even asking me.  Her friends who do not speak a word of English, so she will be busy trying to entertain them instead of spending precious moments with her only child…. oh and now I have to figure out how I will fit 12 people in a hotel room.  My mother had over a year to select photos of me for the slide show. I had to do it by myself because she never got around to it in time when she doesn’t work and has a maid.

This time of my period has been very disappointing for me in terms of our mother daughter relationship.  It has comforted me in knowing that I am not the only one.  I promise to never act like that with my daughter.

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Wow its good to know that there are other moms out there like this. My mom was barely around when I went dress shopping. I’m the only child and we’ve never been extremely close, but I guess I was still hopeful. I think sometimes she doesn’t give her input because we have two extremely different tastes in life when it comes to things. I’m with MsMarch2010 in the fact that I hope I never act this way to my kids – and on more things then just their wedding.

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I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one either!  The only things that my mom cares about are my dress and her outfits for the wedding.  Now that those are pretty much locked down, she hasn’t called in two months to talk about the wedding with me.  It’s hard, but I have other supporting family members who are really making up for her.  Good luck, skibobrown and I’m sorry for your pain.

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