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I have heard that it’s easier to lose that stubborn last 5 pounds after kids because your body is more willing to lose the fat layer.  Not sure if it’s true or not but my old trainer was in crazy shape and she had 2 teenagers and the girl who shows up the guys at my bootcamp has a teenager too.

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I wore my jeans the day after I got out of the hospital with my second, definately much jigglier, but they fit. Breast feeeding really melted the weight off, and then once I was done breast feeing I was pretty much back to normal if not smaller. It takes work, but it is definately doable.

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My sister was a size 16 before she got pregnant with her daughter. She dropped the baby weight fast plus some and got pregnant with her son when her daughter was less than a year old. He is now 10 months old and she’s a size 8.  The smallest she’s been since she got married. It’s from breast feeding for sure.

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I think everyone has a different body and a different experience.  I didn’t breastfeed, but within, say, 6 weeks of having my daughter I weighed less than pre-pregnancy and all the swelling/puffiness/big belly/etc… had completely gone away.  My body wasn’t exactly the same (my arms and legs were much more toned, but I had a little belly pooch I didn’t have before) but I think I was actually happier with my post-pregnancy body.  Now I’m pregnant with #2, and while I’m sure I’m going to have to work even harder on my abs (pregnancy does a number on your abs), I’m not too worried about anything else. 

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I started off a size 4 (5’5”, 129lbs) and gained 28lbs during pregnancy. I had an athletic shape, toned abs and all. I worked out until past my due date.

After birth, I was pretty bloated from all the IV fluids after being induced/epidural/c-section. It took 2 weeks to evacuate all the fluids (very sweaty nights, had to change pj’s with each feeding) and get back to 2-3 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.

My shape is slightly different than before. Bigger boobs (used to be 34B, am now 36D), slightly bigger thighs (from not working out during the first 6 weeks post-birth), and similar waist. I do not have fat on my stomack per say, and my skin is pretty tight, but I do have more than I did before so my abs can’t be seen unless I flex hard, but I can feel them under the skin.

I just received the OK from my doc to start working out again and I am confident that I will get back into shape quickly. I am happy with the way I look and honestly, never thought it would be possible to look that way so early after birth and it was a big concern of mine. If it wasn’t for my c-section scar and the fact that I know what I used to look like, no one could tell I just had a baby.

being in good shape before, working out during pregnancy and breastfeeding were what helped me to get my body back quickly.

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I’m wondering this too. I have horrendous stretch marks that make me cry when I see them, and I wonder about those as well – will they always be there? Will I NEVER be able to wear a bikini again?

I know that right after the baby is born, for the first month or so, the belly is really jiggly because there is so much extra skin. But I don’t know when/how it goes away. I was thinking of doing one of those tummy wraps to tighten it up? 

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While I think everyone is different, most active women that I know (friends and sister) went back to their “normal” weights within a few months of pregnancy.  My sister looked even better than pre-pregnancy!  But, I think if you aren’t active pre-pregnancy (or post) it’s obviously a lot harder.

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@miss-spunkin  Here’s a different perspective on stretch marks!

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@miss-spunkin:  I bought one of those; and after the C-section I was so sore that I didn’t wear it right away. Then I got my waist back before I felt good enough to use the wrap and it was never worn.

In my case, there was no jiggly skin… Just a little extra…

My mom swore by sweet almond oil to avoid stretch marks; I didn’t really believe in it, but I believed in not hearing my mom saying “I told you so” if I didn’t use the oil and did get stretch marks… So I used it every day from my breast to knees, and had no stretch marks at all. I had tons on my thighs and bum from puberty.

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DS is 10 months old now and he’s my only child. Before I was pregnant I was an athletic, tall size 12. During my pregnancy I gained 32 pounds. I lost a lot of the bulk around my midsection within the first month. I hovered around 10 to 15 pounds above my pre-preg weight for the next 8 months. I exclusively breastfed and let me tell you, it is NO miracle cure for weight loss. I was up to a size 14 and they were tight.

I was nervous to diet while breastfeeding, to make sure I didn’t lose my supply at all. I didn’t eat the best, but was mostly healthy. My stomach is still pretty lose and flabby. In the last three weeks I’ve started dieting. I’m eating 1200-1500 calories a day and run on weekends. I try to ride the stationary bike and do Jillian’s workout DVDs during the week. My endurance and strength is coming back and I’ve lost about 12 pounds. My pre-preg clothes are starting to fit better.

I still am working on my abs/stomach as well as losing an additional 10-15 pounds in the next few months.

I had wider hips to start, so I don’t feel like things fit differently or that I’ll permanently be up a size like some more petite or skinny-framed women are after pregnancy.

My advice – try to keep healthy snacks that you can grab and eat around. It was too easy to grab junk food since the baby needed my attention or I was so busy after I went back to work. Buying veggies already cut and washed and fier one bars were great. And don’t count on breastfeeding to help you lose weight. For some it does and it’s awesome, but for others it doesn’t and it’s infuriating. Also, don’t get sucked into eating too much junk food while you are pregnant. Cravings are all fine and dandy, but the habits can be hard to break after baby is born.

It’s definitely possible to get your body backafter baby, but it takes work. I had to cut calories a lot, make healthier choices so I’m not constantly hungry by wasting calories on junk, and really focus on exercising more.

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I think exercise during and after helps and your genes might determine some of it also! I gained a good 35 pounds while pregnant, but lost that plus another 8-10 I had gained in my late 20s/early 30s (I was 33 when I had my son) – I totally buy the whole body shedding a fat layer after the baby thing because it has been really easy to keep the weight off.

In terms of how I look – I feel like I look better than pre baby.  No stetch marks, a teeny tiny c-section scar that is not seen even with a tiny bikini, my stomach is flatter than it used to be.  And my arms look great from picking up my son so much 🙂 The only real negative I have experienced has been slightly saggier boobs from 6 months of breastfeeding.  They are still ok, but lost some perkiness 🙁

In terms of time, after 6 weeks, I still couldn’t get my sweats on and I was majorly bummed out. By 3 months I was at pre-baby weight and by 6 months, below pre-baby weight. I did exercise – started with walked a few miles a day at 2 weeks and added ~4 workouts a week after that (intense stroller workout classes in the park, awesome).  While pregnant, I swam and did prenatal yoga, but nothing super intense.  Honestly working out since returning to work has been hard, but luckily my weight has remained stable! 

ETA: I live in the city, so walk everywhere and have lots of convenient healthy food alternatives. I tried to eat well overall and I walked a ton every day seeing friends and getting out and about.

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@mommytobee:  I actually meant the spa treatment body wraps – I’ve known a couple chiropractic offices that do them too. But it helps eliminate inches by firming extra skin, like THIS

@chemistryBee:  haha nice! Although even hers are better than mine, mine are all over my stomach and all the way up to my belly button 🙁

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My mom never lost the baby weight. She was a size 6 when she had my older brother. Then she had me followed by my sister.  Having 3 kids in 6 years left her no time for dedicated workouts and of course crazy sleep schedule and eating habits makes it harder than anything.  The less weight you gain in pregnancy, the easier it will be to get back to normal.


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I think everyone is different. I over-indulged during my pregnancy and gained 60lbs. (A LOT of it was due to excessive water weight, but the rest was fat.)

I lost all my baby weight in about 5 months, and when spring/summer hit I walked every day with my baby and got down below my pre-pregnancy weight.

Obviously I had to work harder because I gained so much. But at least it’s proof that you can get your body back.

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