(Closed) Mommies: How long did it take you to "get your body back"?

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My mom didn’t gain much, and lost it right away. Hoping I’m the same way haha.

I know that you can’t necessarily predict these things, but I’d say if you don’t ‘eat for two’, continue to exercise throughout pregnancy, and you were fairly fit to begin with, you shouldn’t have too much trouble dropping the weight because you won’t gain that much.

I think unless there are some complications (like you’re on bed rest for a few months), the women who can’t shed the weight gained way too much to begin with in most cases.

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I’m 4 months PP, and I’m about 8-10lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained about 35lbs when I was pregnant. I’m BFing, and I think that helped a lot, but I’ve also heard that some don’t lose the last 10lbs until they stop BFing. We’ll see, I guess. My body does not look the same as it looked pre-pregnancy. I have stretch marks and more of a pooch. I’m not sure if I’ll ever look the same again.

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I think it all depends on your weight gain, genetics, and the individual situation. I gained a substantial amount during both pregnancies, first one due to swelling and pre-e, which after having my child, and the water weight dropping off, it took about 6 months to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight without a ton of effort. My second, I won’t lie, completely over-indulged and gained about 55 lbs. It has taken about a year to finally be back to me pre-pregnancy weight and I have busted my butt to get back. It all depends on your situtation and numerous other factors. Regardles of the situation, you can get your body back after pregnancy, there may be a little wear that will never go away (stretch marks, c-sec scar, etc), but you can get it back for the most part. 

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The weight loss was much easier than anticipated. I was always jealous of the people that lost their weight so quickly and was sure I wasn’t gonna be one of them, because my fat likes me and tends to stick haha.

I don’t remember when I was at my old weight, but it was well before the half year mark. Let’s say around 5 months PP. Now at 8 months PP, I’m at 10lbs below my prior weight.

I started moderate exercising (once a week) at around 4 months. I breast feed. I don’t diet, but don’t have the most healthy eating habits. I often don’t get to eat until it’s afternoon (however, I do believe I make up for that in the second half of the day, haha), but really, I don’t think I’m taking in less calories than normal.

However, my tummy is definitely different. It’s more flabby or however you’d call it. I got stretch marks right at the end of my pregnancy and they have gotten better, but are still visible.

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About three weeks.

I’m now 5 1/2 months PP and my body looks even better than it did pre-pregnancy. I was very athletic before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and then after baby was born. No stretch marks and you’d never believe I even had a kid, really.

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I don’t remember how long it took to lose the baby weight, but for the first few months my body was very flabby and I had some weird distribution of fat around my c-section scar. Probably after about 4 months or so, my body looked normal again (and I had lost all the weight). After that, with breastfeeding, I actually had problems being able to maintain my weight. I’m pretty active but I never go to the gym or do actual “workouts”, and while breastfeeding full-time I had to eat a lot more calorie-dense foods than usual because if I ate normally, I lost weight and felt weak. I’ve always had a pretty high metabolism and could usually control my weight pretty easily.

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Every woman is different.  I was big before, I still am however I’m down 30 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I lost weight during pregnancy then gained a few back, but she came out and now I’m way down.  My pre-pregnancy jeans are lose which is nice.

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I only gained 17lbs while pregnant and had lost the majority of it by the time I left the hospital. I lost the last 5 lbs within a month after giving birth. it did take my body a little more time to get back to looking like normal. my abs were squish ( but still flat) for about 5 months. I ended up losing about 15 extra lbs while breasfeeding, which was pretty nice. I’m pregnant with my second right now, adn I’m 24 weeks and am not above my starting weight yet so hopefully this pregnancy will be similar. I only got a few stretch marks on my hips and they aren’t even really visible. I am not super active, but my body does seem to like to be around a certian weight and a size 6, so I hope I get back there with ease again!


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Definitely varies from person to person. I gained 21lbs during pregnancy and at less than 2 weeks post partum, I was only 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m now almost 4 weeks pp and am only 2lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Like caritas, I have a strange little fat distribution above my c-section scar which I’m hoping will go away in time. I was in great shape before pregnancy and stayed semi-active during pregnancy which I think helped…and breastfeeding DEFINITELY helps drop the weight quickly. I’m waiting for my 6 week follow-up appointment so I can get cleared to workout again so I can get my abs back. And like iarebridezilla, I’m one of the lucky ones that came out with no stretch marks at all — not sure if it’s good genes or my dedication to bio oil and cocoa butter 🙂

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I was at my prepregnancy weight 1 week post partum. my belly is still softer then it was before though. It’s nothing that really bothers me and is totally rock a bikini right now but will probably hit the gym to tone up when I can at 6 weeks and have some time.

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I think it totally depends! I did everything “right” during pregnancy, and got active really quickly afterwards and have been bfing and dieting and working out with a personal trainer and 8 months out I am still up 10 pounds. I think if you’re plus sized to start with you may end up losing weight, especially with bfing and focusing more on your diet. If you had a hard time losing weight beforehand, you will probably have a hard time after! For me I look okay, but I am still not happy with my muscle tone, and really want to lose the last bit before my second! I don’t know how much of it is effort and how much of it is genetics, age, pp weight, ect. 



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I know that my Mum gained a shedload of weight with each pregnancy, but that she lost it really fast because she was one of those lucky women who breastfed easily and produced wnough milk for a village of babies. I think she managed it for about 5 years in total with both children, and she was really slim!

She absolutely piled the weight on when she stopped, though.

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We are probably baptising our baby 4 months after birth. I’m really hoping that breastfeeding will help me lose weight during that time so I’m not really huge for the event. 🙂 There will be professional photos taken!! lol

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Huh, funny that it’s mostly lucky mamas commenting. In my situation, I was the lowest weight ever (134 and 5’7″) when I became pregnant then gained about 30 pounds (10 pounds of that from the week long hospital stay at the end! ). Within a few weeks pp I was within 10 pounds of my previous weight. They’re a sticky 10 though.. At last weigh in, I still have 6 pounds to go. My LO is almost 8 months 🙂

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