(Closed) Moms- Help with transatlantic flight prep w/baby at 4 months old

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if you intend to keep baby in the car seat during the flight you will have to buy them their own seat.

Some airlines have bassinets available for long flights, but you have to call and book one.

You can always get a cheap umbrella stroller when you get there if you find it annoying without one.

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i am doing the same thing you are, but not to a different country, and I am going to purchase an extra (cheap) carseat and have it sent to my parents house, so i do not have to bring mine.  I hear if you have to check a car seat it can be damaged in flight.  walmart had car seats for $40

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Evie19:  You will not be allowed to bring a car seat as a carry on.  It cannot be stored in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.  Your only option will be to check it and risk it being damaged.


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Evie19:  The airline most likely will have a bassinate on board.  We have just flown across the Atlantic and were sitting directly behind a baby who did not like flying– the poor thing not just cried, but screamed nearly the entire night. I don’t want to freak you out, but prepare for the worst. The poor mom was alone and luckily another lady tried to help her calm the baby, but to no avail. 

After that, I vowed that if I travel with my baby I will pack little “I don’t want to disturb the peace” bags. I’ve seen them on pinterest: they include a little saying, some packaged snacks, and disposable ear plugs. 

Hopefully that will not be your situation!!! But again, prepare for the worst. 

You can pick up an umbrella stroller in the states for $15 if you don’t want to pack one. That way you can just use the carrier until you get here (or ask your parents to have one on hand). You could also ask your parents if they know any friends that they could borrow a plack n play from while you’re visiting. 

I think I’ve always seen carseats “checked”, but again call the airline and ask if there are any extra fees for them.

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Evie19:  The best thing I have ever seen a parent with a baby do was as soon as they got on and seated they apologised to everyone because their baby was going to cry. Pretty hard to be mad at someone that already acknowledged the uncomfotable fact that babies often don’t travel well. Of course there was still the few disgruntled passengers but most didn’t look daggars at the parents.

Also please don’t walk up and down the aisle with your crying baby especially when the lights are down. It is bad enough that it is crying period but bringing it into areas a compartment down from where you are seated is rude and will wake the whole cabin rather than just the people in your section. And can cause a chain reaction cryathon from the other babies/toddlers spread out through the cabin. 

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Pack ‘n plays are fine and safe for babies to sleep in. It sounds from you post that your baby hasn’t been born yet, so I would recommend that you just hold off having your parents buy anything sleep wise until you know what your baby is sleeping in at home! Pack ‘n plays are a bit hard to sleep on, so it might not be the surface your baby wants! 

As far as the carrier goes, if you are usually using a carrier, they’re amazing for travel! I didn’t bring a stroller with us in all our travels, except I will this upcoming trip because baby is too heavy now to be in the carrier for lots of carrying, and now she’s big enough for an umbrella stroller. 4 months might be too small for an umbrella, but I wouldn’t worry about that now either, because if your baby is a carrier lover, it’s a lot easier to get around like that. Also, for parents buying carseats, I would get them to buy a convertible carseat, not the bucket carseat, because the convertible carseat lasts for years, and the bucket baby will outgrow after this visit. 

And as far as travel tips go, pack lots of diapers, more than you think you’ll need. It’s way easier to travel with a bfing baby, because there’s a lot less to pack. If you have started solids by then, it’s fine to take breaks from solids and just bf when you’re travelling. Also, overwhelmingly people are super nice on flights, even if your baby is crying, and the people that aren’t nice usually don’t say anything. Most babies sleep on flights, so it will probably go better than expecting. And maybe I am an asshole, but I don’t apologize in advance, buy people drinks, or pack pinterest bags because babies crying on mass transportation is something that are just a part of life, in my view. 

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Please buy the little one their own seat. The FAA admits this is a far safer way for baby to travel. you can strap their car seat right into the plane seat so it’s a lot safer. There can be long periods if mild to moderate turbulence over the Atlantic and if it’s very rough, the baby is very vulnerable if they’re not in their car seat. I’ve seen little ones pop out of their mothers’ arms on a flight when the air gets rough. Plus it means you can get some rest too if you’re not holding baby all the way across the ocean. 

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Evie19:  If you haven’t already purchased your seats, check http://www.seatguru.com for the seat plans of your flight options. Some airlines have a flipdown shelf on the bulkhead at the front of the economy section where you can place a baby seat- babies must be held for takeoff and landing.

Many airlines also let you gate check your car seat and stroller so you have the use of them right up until you board and immediately after you get off the plane.

Buying another car seat in the US is going to be expensive. There is no such thing as a bargain car seat that meets safety standards. Have you checked out renting what you will need in the states? It’s a bit wasteful to buy an infant car seat if you visit once a year, as your baby will outgrow it by your next visit.

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