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My daughter was very active, constantly kicking and flipping around. Now, as a 2 year old, she is a very active toddler. She’s the type who would rather walk with me than sit in a cart/stroller. We spend a lot of time playing at the playground/playing hide and seek/running around outside. It’s exhausting but so much fun.

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I wondered about this too! My second son was sooo active in the womb compared to my first. And my first (who just turned 7) is a wild man, so I was thinking I was really in for it with #2. But my second, who is 10 months old now, doesn’t seem as active as I thought he would be. He just now started crawling and as active as he was in the womb, outside he is pretty content to just sit back and observe. It’s funny, you just never know!

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I didn’t think mine was that active.  I mean, she never kept me awake at night or anything.  So, she was normal-active, I guess?  She was a pretty easy baby but she did walk early (10mo) and is a very active toddler (always running around full speed and climbing).  I don’t have a second pregnancy to compare the first to.

I mean, infants aren’t exactly that “active” anyway lol.  But she’s always been pretty easy-going and flexible.

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My son was pretty calm in the womb. He never gave me any trouble and mostly kept to himself except for a few “I’m still here” punches and kicks every once and a while.

As a baby, he was pretty relaxed and easy going.

Now, he’s 2 years old and he NEVER STOPS MOVING. From the second he gets up to the second he goes to sleep, he is constantly on the go.

I assume he’ll wind down somewhere around teenagerhood and I won’t be able to get him out of bed to save my life!

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I don’t really have anything to compare too, but my baby never kept me up at night kicking or anything and she is a pretty easy going baby now.

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My first was crazy in the womb. I felt her move for the first time at 14 weeks, and it never really slowed down. She was always keeping me up at night with her kicks. She was a terrible sleeper since birth, and she ad her days and nights confused. She was a high needs baby, and is now a high needs toddler. She is super active.

The baby I’m pregnant with now is pretty calm in the womb comparatively, and I didn’t even start feeling movement until around 19 weeks. She doesn’t move around a ton at night like DD#1 did, so I’m really hoping for an easier baby!

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My first was pretty laid back in the womb and as a baby.  My second is much more active but not here yet so I’m not sure how he will be once he is out.  My first as a almost 3 yr old is another story.  He loves to run full speed and generally act crazy.  He was never a climber though thankfully. 

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My daughter was pretty active, but nothing to the point of being crazy or waking me up at night. As a 2.5 month old she’s not super active, she’s pretty laid back, but she does like to kick her legs out a lot, especially in the bathtub, she thinks she’s swimming! So maybe all those kicks I felt carried over into the real world.

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LO was super active in the womb, always moving moving, we had trouble getting clear pictures in utrasounds because of her crazy movement, and she is still crazy moving moving, she’s just 15 months but she’s always running and climbing over everything, nothing is safe. Once she realized she could get places on her own (starting with wiggling and then rolling) she was gone.

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My daughter hiccuped a lot in the womb and she hiccups a lot now.

i would say she is more active now but not a lot. 

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I barely felt my son at all when I was pregnant with him. I had an anterior placenta and only felt the really hard kicks. As a baby he would kick his legs and squirm non-stop. Rolled early, crawled early, and walked at 8 months. The complete opposite of what I expected. 

I will be interested to see how baby #2 is. She is a big mover in the womb! 

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Honey bee

This thread scares me. My little bub is a total maniac in the womb. She even made my OB laugh this week with all her squirming. What am I in for!?!?

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This is my first so I have nothing to compare, but it seems she moves a normal amount. The baby has this uncanny ability to know when someone besides me has a hand on my tummy to feel her kick, and then she will stop all movement. My husband and little nieces and nephews have been very disappointed at how uncooperative she has been

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