(Closed) Mona Lisa Copper IUD and too tight cervix

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Did he/she do it while you were on your period? My OB explained that while its gross the cervix is natually opened slightly during that time. 

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Too Much Information… All of this:

I had complicTions with my insertion (Mirena) and it hurt like hell. she had to call in another nurse and use the ultrasound machine to place it. Only took an extra minute or two but felt like an eternity and I cramped for days, spotted for MONTHS. Im sure my cervix was snug as I’ve never given birth before and the doc was all… “Did you know you have a long cervix?” And I was like um… No. I did not know that. Why would I know that. 

But she did it, and I used some traditional midwifrey herbs to make the spotting stop. And now 2 years later I LOVE IT. Barely get a period, dont have to worry about bebes for 3 more years. I’m 28 now so that’s perfect timing for me! 

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awakemysoul: I am scheduled to have my Mirena inserted in October. When I went for my initial appointment to talk about the Mirena my doctor was nervous about putting in the Mirena herself because she said I had a tight cervix, especially so because I had just finished my period, when its supposed to be more open. I was referred to a specialist who is going to be putting it in and I was prescribed the same medication as you to help open my cervix. I feel better that a specialist will be inserting it becasue they do it all the time, whereas regular family doctors do not.

I’m really interested to know if you find that Cytotec makes the process easier, so could you please let us know? Also, ive heard you can take pain medication before you go in, so maybe give that a go next time!

Also, maybe you should consider Mirena over the copper one, I too read that the copper one makes you have heavier cramping and periods. Whereas with Mirena Ive heard that your periods could completely stop.

Mirena is also estrogen free.  

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I know you said you don’t want hormonal pills but have you considered Nuvaring? I HATED the way bc pills made me feel so decided to try the ring and I loved it. Didn’t make me feel sick like the pills and I definitely wasn’t as moody as I was with the pills. Plus it’s nice to just put it in and not worry about it for 3 weeks. 🙂

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awakemysoul:  I had a similar experience. I have a Skyla IUD, not copper. The first attempt at insertion was a no go. I was prescribed cytotec, went back, and had no issues on the second try. 

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awakemysoul:  I’bve had the paraguard copper IUD for 4+ yrs now (never had kids) and also had issues at insertion. I went during my period but they said I had a tilted uterous so it was a little tricky to place and took them two tries… That shit sucked, but in my opinion was totally worth it. I spotted for a week or so, and had general cramps/stuffy feelings for a while longer- for the first 6 months  I would say my periods were crazy heavy and lots of cramping, but my body adjusted after that & it’s the best decision I ever made. 

I would give it another go with the stuff your doctor perscribed, maybe have a few drinks before hand or take some painkillers? I do know that my Dr said the iud is not for everyone and some ppl just aren’t able to use it for one reason or another.. Also does your dr regularly insert them?? I specifically went to a gyno that was very pro-iud and had been inserting the suckers for 5-10 yrs- they even had a nurse in there with me doing pressure points in my hands & wrists to help with the pain during insertion… 

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Have them swab some topical lidocain on your cervix before insertion. Helps numb things a little bit. Still hurt, but nothing I couldnt handle.

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awakemysoul:  I had a great insertion, however, I also have a high pain tolerance, so I guess it could have actually been horrible.  But my doctor was also really great about it, I was 7 months after giving birth and on the tail end of my period.  For me the only difference I’ve noticed is on my one heavy day, for about 6 hours straight, I was bleeding clots, and filling up the super tampons (sorry TMI) very quickly.  I actually thought I may have had something go wrong, but everything returned to normal the next morning.  I really love my IUD though.

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awakemysoul:  Thank you so much! You made me feel so much better about this whole process. Sorry this is a super late reply, but how long in advance did you take the pill? My doctor said to put it in the night before the insertion right before I go to bed, is this what you did?

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