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Honey bee
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My son measured way ahead my entire pregnancy. I was 2 weeks, then 3 and then 4. My MW thought I would likely have GD because he was so big, and I was actually sent for extra ultrasounds to make sure everything was ok. He was estimated to be 6.5 pounds already at 34.5 weeks, and at .5 pounds  per week that would mean….biiiig baby if i went to term.

He was born at 38.5 and was 7lbs, 14oz, so pretty much average. But he’s always been a big kid (he was in 2t clothes at 11 months). 

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Even the growth scans are not 100% accurate, and can be off in size by up to a pound in each direction. I wouldn’t take stock in a midwife feeling your belly for a prediction especially if they are not giving an estimate based on measurments of limbs, head etc. It is also normal at this stage to have more fluid, baby in a position that makes him/her seem larger, and so on. Babies go through growth spurts at the end, too. Maybe yours just had one and will slow down.

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Bee Keeper

MeandYou :  Baby measurements in utero are often wrong.  I was estimated to have a larger baby as well and the baby was tiny.  So I wouldn’t worry about her thinking your baby is large.

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MeandYou :  Let me preface this by saying all the babies in our family are big.  I was 9’5 and my husband was 10’3.  The day before my water broke my midwife guessed my son was 8lbs or 9lbs if he had dropped.  Turns out he never dropped and he was born two days later (on his due date) at 10’6.  Everything went well and I had no complications with delivering a large baby.  Your body makes what it can handle!! (Assuming you aren’t going crazy with your diet, gestational diabetes, etc…) 

YogaMama :  We have so much in common.  I had a big first baby too!  


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Blushing bee

MeandYou :  Also pregnant with my first and based on ultrasounds they are predicting big – 6.5lbs at 33W+5D. I have Type 1 diabetes, so this is not entirely unexpected, however my blood sugars have been really tightly controlled so my Drs. are not quite sure why she is growing so fast.

That said, I have also heard that these estimates can be off by a fair amount in either direction and I also know people who have had REALLY big babies (10lbs+!) and survived just fine so am not too panicked. My Drs have recommended weekly ultrasounds from 35 weeks on and say they will decide when to induce based on these (with Type 1 diabetes they rarely let you go past 39 Weeks so were expecting at least a week early but she may make an appearance a bit sooner!)

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Busy bee

Absolutely – they put our daughter in the 90th percentile according to weight – she was rather on the small side.

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Sugar bee
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My baby was 8 lbs 8 oz, 8 days late. I was surprised to have such a “big” baby who actually seemed soooo tiny! 

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I had gestational diabetes and went past my due date, so I thought my baby might be pretty large… then even during labor the nurse thought she was going to be on the large size because pushing took a while.  But! it turns out that she was only 6lbs, 14oz and that she was just in a sort of crooked position making her seem big!

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MeandYou :  my little brother was 11 pounds at birth & is now a giant (not really, but kinda really)… If it helps my mom was my size before she got pregnant (about 5’4″ and 115 lbs) so don’t worry! It’s scary for sure- but you can do it! 

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My husband was 10lbs 8oz and he was early. Some lady in my town just gave birth to a 13lb baby. I think you’ll be okay….

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Honey bee
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How much weight does a baby normally gain between 37 weeks and 40 weeks? I don’t remember. My second baby was nearly 10 lbs and it was fine. My first was closer to 7 pounds, and honestly it felt the same giving birth to both. 🙂 Don’t worry. 

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Helper bee
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I’m in the same state of panic… I’m measuring large so got sent for an uktrasound at 28 weeks to measure growth and the estimate was 4lbs… 33 weeks. I’m hoping Ill go early at this stage of baby is really so big…

Ive only put on a few kilograms but my belly is huggge.

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Busy bee
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7lbs is pretty average. I’m sure you’ll be fine!

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Don’t worry!

I had a ginormous belly and was sure I’d be giving birth to a baby elephant, but I just had an anterior placenta and she just ended up being very tall (20.5″ 7 pounds 4 ounces). It isn’t necessarily a monster baby! 

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