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For the first 3 months when I was exclusively breastfeeding, monthly baby costs were about $25-30. Most of that was for diapers.

When we started supplementing with formula, it went up to probably $40/month.

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Cory_loves_this_girl:  wow… How did you get that cheap a month?? 

Both my kids, with diapers, wipes, baby formula, than add baby foods in later, baby lotions, diaper rash creams and baby bath wash, if say average spent about $175-$300 a month. And that’s not including any sick visits to doctor, medicines needed, clothes and toys sometimes. That’s just the basics. 

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First few months (on maternity leave) I probably only spent $50-100 I’d say.  Of course you have a huge upfront cost with furniture, car seats, clothes, etc…  I cloth diaper during the day so I don’t have huge diaper costs. It probably could have been very low except I think I spent $ on some clothing and maybe things I didn’t know I needed before like a miracle blanket (swaddles we had didn’t work), vitamin d drops, or new pump parts (ugh).  Um, any hospital bills would be a hit!

So for a newborn it’s not really that bad. 

Mine is 8 mo and I’m guessing we average $500-600 a month.  We have a part time baby sitter- I’d estimate we pay her about $100 a week (in reality it flucates from $50-$200).  The other $100-$200 is for things like baby food and other randoms like wipes, lotion, medicine, clothing, toys.  Just a guess. Some months it’s much lower (like $50) and higher when she needs something like a new set of clothes or when I needed a new pump.

I BF/pump (so no formula costs) and we cloth diaper during the day but do use disposables overnight and when traveling.  Last time I bought a box of diapers was in August.  Haven’t really had any sick visits yet, probably because she isn’t around other babies/kids much.

Fulltime daycare often costs $1000+ for infants per month.  Usually daycare is the most expensive thing.  Formula can be pricey too, especially if you need something special.  If baby has issues it can increase costs, like my friends 8mo old has already been in the hospital once (jaundice), one (minor) surgery, and a handful of sick visits.  I’ve been lucky with nothing besides well visits. 

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TrueLove407:  I’m not including clothing/soaps/lotions/furniture because we got most of that as gifts before baby was born. I’m talking bare bones basics, diapers and wipes. We didn’t use expensive diapers or wipes. Also, DD’s doctor visits were covered by our insurance. We do not use outside childcare, so no cost there.

I will add that my delivery cost $4400 after insurance.

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There’s really no one-size figure. It depends on your lifestyle. 

We cloth-diapered, I breastfed and stayed home, we had healthcare and he was pretty healthy. So here were the costs that I remember:

$80 – 1 month rental of hospital pump (then I happened to get one for free from a friend–but I still recommend starting with the hopsital pump if you can afford it. Check with your healthcare–some will cover the cost of a pump)

$30 – formula, for the times when it was Dad’s turn or just to have on hand. And that would last, like 3 months. 

$25 – detergent for laundry (the diapers) for about 3 months

$10 – infant Tylenol

Everything else, such as clothing and sheets and stuff like that was given to us at the shower. 

Newborns really don’t need toys or books. Our kid’s favorite toys, until he was about 1 or so, were empty wipes wrappers, balls of tin foil, non-working power cords, belts, and dust brushes. We read to him from our own books and magazines until he was about 1 and he started getting interested in books of his own (which we got a lot of from the shower). We pick him up new ones from the library a lot. 

Having said that, if you were to go back to work immediately, need childcare, formula-feed exclusively, have a baby with medical needs, do disposable diapers, and so on, you can easily go into the thousands. 


My recommendation is to do your best not to buy anything until you really know it’s a definite “need.” The actual needs (not counting child care) are: formula/pumps/bottles/storage bags for expressed milk, wipes, crib, diapers (unles you’re doing EC), some clothes (our newborn was always in sleepers), basic medications like infant aspirin and a thermometer, carseat, and probably something to help you transport, like a stroller or snuggly. The rest of the “needs” aren’t really actual needs, and in some cases, they’ll be a waste of money, depending on your child (our kid never liked pacifiers or teethers, for example, and his skin didn’t care between “sensitive” detergent or regular detergent). So I would purchase the bare minimum and then add as needed. 

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That is hard to say as I haven’t kept track but I can say it hasn’t been much. So I don’t have dollar figures but here’s an overview of some essentials that we used daily after baby was born.

Diapers – Disposable for the first couple of months, then cloth except at night, so not much cost there.

Wipes – Used these for the first few months (huge Costco box of Kirkland wipe – really good ones!) before switching to cloth wipes (baby wash cloths which were almost all gifts/samples, kept moist in a wipes warmer, but could be kept moist in any container).

Clothes – Tons of hand me downs, gifts, and thrift store finds from Nana. I have bought clothes but never out fo necessity. Used sites and thrift stores have some great stuff too.

Baby lotion/soap – So little is used daily that the same bottle of soap lasted us about 6 months. We have two lotions on the go that we have never yet gotten to the end of!

Diaper cream – We have used Vaseline from the very beginning. Still on the same normal sized jar (but we don’t use it with cloth diapers).

Food – Breastfeeding, and now that baby is on solids, she just eats what we eat plus baby cereal.

Miscellanious items like gripe water, infant Tylenol or Advil.

I agree with what BothCoasts said. Buy the essentials then buy things as you need them!

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We spend $100, but the tiny one is clothed diapered, although she does need a special formula for her allergy problems. But it’s perscription so it’s part covered by our medical plan.

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