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Honey bee
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$400-$500 a month. 

I check prices and we don’t coupon. If I want something or he likes something I’ll get it.  I hated that growing up (my mom would tell me wait until it goes on sale) well by then I’m not craving it !


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Bumble bee
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We are around $600/month for both of us, though we don’t monitor it that carefully (we probably should).  We don’t eat out a lot and both usually bring our lunches to work.  We have a good balance, I think– we don’t buy exorbitantly priced meat/fish too often, but we eat a varied diet.  We don’t worry about things that we like even when there are cheaper options– like 16oz containers of mixed greens for 6.99, or Chobani yogurt (usually 1.30ish each).  For awhile I was buying store brand Greek yogurt, but Darling Husband realized that the first ingredient is sugar!  Yikes.


Darling Husband is a big eater, so my grocery costs more than doubled when we first moved in together.  He also loooooves meat and we currently pay $80/month to a farm for 10 lbs of locally raised/grass-fed meat.  It’s usually a mix of red meat, chicken, pork, sausage, etc.

Usually on the weekend we’ll plan meals for the week and then go to the grocery store– meal planning is a lifesaver!  Otherwise I am always missing 3 ingredients for what I want to make, or else go to the store daily.

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Busy bee
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We shop at Costco for essentials a lot (chicken, salmon, milk) and we buy things we eat on a regular basis in bulk from the regular grocery store when they go on sale.

We try to stick to frozen veggies since they don’t go bad if we don’t eat them right away (and can stock up when they go on sale) and they are just as healthy as fresh (some argue more healthy because they are frozen closer to the time of picking and therefore have more nutrients).

We spend about $70 per week on average. We have simple tastes and use coupons and Fiance packs a lunch for work 4/5 times a week. (We live in Ohio for price comparison)

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Buzzing bee
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By using coupons, and our red card (which we pay off every month so it’s just to get the 5%) plus the cartwheel discounts we are able to eat well for about $350/month.

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Sugar bee

Until now it was 150/week or 600$/month for the two of us, including a few fast-food meals or a few bottles of wine or fine cheeses. It’s a ”let’s get some extra” budget, but we could definitely get everything we need for less than that. 

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$100/ week so $400 for a 4 week month.  But, we don’t pack breakfasts or lunches for work days, and we tend not to make breakfast/lunch at home ont eh weekends either.  So really this covers dinner.  Plus, sometimes I travel for work so it’s not 7 nights of dinners every week either. 

We also do not buy snacks or extras.  It’s basically dinner,  non-alchoholic beverages, and ice cream treats.  



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Sugar Beekeeper
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We spend anywhere from $50-100 per week on groceries.  We eat out a lot (pretty much from dinner friday through lunch Sunday) so that adds on another $100-200 per week depending where we eat.  We really need to reign in the weekend eating out (at laest for breakfast and lunch!)

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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We spend about $400-$450 a month.  This also includes cat food, litter, cleaning supplies, and toiletries in addition to food.

I make most of our meals but love to try out new recipes so that does lead to buying some particular ingredients here and there which increases expenses.  I usually bring leftovers for lunch.

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Buzzing bee

@turnanewleaf:  You guys sound like my Fiance. He’s average height and pretty slender, but has the metabolism of a freaking chipmunk! He seriously can eat anything and not gain an ounce of weight!

I’ll make something that is supposed to have 6-8 servings for dinner. I’ll eat one to two servings, he’ll eat the other 5-7 servings! He is the reason we spend so much on groceries! It kills me!

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Busy bee
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We try to stick to about $60-75 a week on groceries for three people (FI and myself, and our roommate, who contributes to the food budget in her rent).  It’s tough, admittedly.  FI and I are both gluten-free, Fiance is sensitive to dairy and eggs, and all of that cuts out a lot of the basics for eating on the cheap.  Pasta and such isn’t an option, Girlfriend pasta is pricy, and using eggs to bulk up protein can’t happen.  It takes a lot of awareness about what has gluten and what doesn’t, and it means we basically eat vegan save for the meat, hilariously.  I used to cook kosher on top of all of that, but kosher meat is too expensive any longer, so we’ve stopped.  

We eat at home a good 90% of the time, and we cook a lot from scratch.  I’m laid up with an injury, so Fiance is doing most of the cooking, and it’s not as much from scratch as I usually do (he has a chronic illness/disability that makes it hard for him to spend as much time in the kitchen as I can).  But we make it work.  I shop sales, we buy in bulk when we can afford it, and we utilise a lot of slow-cooking methods as well as cooking a great deal of ethnic food that doesn’t require pricy ingredients.  We try to have one fancier dinner a week for Shabbat, usually with wine.  

I used to be very diligent about menu planning, and I think once the term ends here in a few weeks, we’re going to get back on the wagon with that.  It really helps when it comes to thinking strategically about our food and getting ingredients that will do double and triple duty, not only as leftovers.  It’s the old strategy of roasting the chicken on one day, making something from the leftover meat the next, and using the bones for soup later in the week. Luckily, I like cooking and we’re both in the research stage of our degrees which means we’re working from home, and that gives us a lot of flexibility in our meals and such as well as cutting down dramatically on eating out.

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Bumble bee
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@MichiganGirl24:  lol! Just imagine both of you eating that much! There is no slow cooker big enough. I don’t know what we’ll do if we have a kid and another mouth to feed…2 slow cookers? 2 kitchens?! 😛 

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Sugar bee
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We were spending roughly about $400 a month for a family of 5.  Now we don’t shop as much since every time my il’s go shopping, they pick up a bunch of stuff for us a well… I’d say we spend less than half what we use to now.  We’re now a family of 6 but baby is still only on breastmilk, but I know diapers, wipes and other stuff may bump up the budget.

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Buzzing bee
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We don’t really set a budget but that’s because it’s already really low. SO and I both work and are in school. We are both so busy that we rarely have a nice dinner.  It’s usually sandwiches, grilled chicken and an easy side, or even cereal. For lunches I kind of just snack on like an apple/granola bar. Breakfast is always orange juice. We should really take more time to eat more well rounded/more.  It’s not that we don’t have the money, but the time. 

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Bumble bee
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We have a budget of 360 a month but we ALWAYS go over. I refuse to increase the budget and i’m trying desperately to find a way to spend less then 360. That includes everything sold in a grocery store except dog food. Ofcourse if theres a way i could get Darling Husband to stop eating so much junk food that would probably help.

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Bumble bee
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We live in the suburbs area of Toronto. We spend aprox 150$ per week (including clenaing supplies etc..)

Mind you we have 2 children (13 & 10) that live with us every other week so that adds to it quite a bit.

If it was just me and Darling Husband, we would propably be good with 110 per week.

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