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This is probably not the wisest of posts. 

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You don’t care about womens or LGBTQ rights? 

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soexcited123 :  interesting. When I see rampant pro-life people, I get the impression that they really and truly believe that it’s another human and abortion is really murder. I never feel they are trying to ‘control’ anyone for power or something. Just a very solid belief they can’t shake. I don’t necessarily agree, but I see where they are coming from because I see many people take it too lightly, in my personal opinion, and I find that gross as well. I also don’t think anyone should have to abet what they consider murder by paying for it for another person. It’s such a raging debate though, a personal, real life discussion can do so much more than an Internet forum to actually come to some sort of compromise. 

My moral/value that doesn’t agree with modern society is that I feel everyone (not literally) is too careless about sex to the point that it’s meaningless. I think it leads to massive problems with relationships and contributes to the whole abortion issue as well. But I don’t impose that, I just lived my own life as I secretly think others should. And that’s why I was a technical virgin until the ripe old age of 34, lol. Not exactly what I planned, but I’m satisfied with my choice. 

Whoo, let’s set the world on fire with our judginess! I also don’t care to pretend I respect everyone’s life choices, at least online. And totally with you on cheaters for sure. Equality for all, absolutely, though I believe it’s swinging too hard in the opposite direction at the moment. Social change probably always does though, before it settles down. 

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Interesting topic. I hope everyone is civil with this…..

I have the same opinion about abortion. When I was 17, I had two pill-popping parents who couldn’t be bothered to notice what I was up to, and I carelessly became pregnant. That was my CTJ moment where I said “Holy shit, Misstomorris, get your life together!” I had an abortion, which I do not regret for a second. Had I continued with the pregnancy, I would have done the child, the world, and myself, a disservice. Since then, I started an awesome career in accounting, I’m almost through with my BS, I’m about to be married this year, and I’ve grown more as a person than anyone thought possible from my upbringing – none of which would have occurred if I had kept my baby. If you don’t agree with abortion, don’t get one, (and make sure your kids have adequate supervision)!

Also: IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO TALK ON A CELLPHONE WHILE ORDERING FOOD. I feel much more strongly about this than I should. 

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skunktastic :  I 100% agree that sex can be initiated for the wrong reasons. Although I believe one-night stands can be a great “finding yourself” experience, be super sure your birth control (and STD control) is on lock. 

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I’m much too old and wise to judge someone for a moral failing where sex is concerned, particularly when the failure occurs only once. I’ve seen too much. People are human and they make stupid decisions.

However I do believe that someone who hurts animals should die. Preferably a slow, painful death, but any death will do.

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soexcited123 :  my beliefs align strongly with what you’ve listed about cheating, LGBTQ rights, and abortion.

Another strong set of values I have that has yet to be mentioned surrounds racial equality. 

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I have very conservative and deeply held beliefs about marriage and monogamy. I don’t support polygamy, polyamory, or open relationships. I believe strip club visits are cheating and I have mixed emotions about porn.

While that alone is highly contentious, I also feel strongly that heteorsexual men and women should not be friends when one of them is in a relationship, unless in highly specific situations. I believe 99% of the time boundaries become blurred and cause more problems than they are worth.

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Regarding abortion, I say that a woman should be able to choose for herself. My best friend had an abortion at 18. No one bothered to tell her that the antibiotics she had been prescribed negated her birth control. She had just lost her mother and was kind of lost herself. I defy anyone to judge in those circumstances. I know plenty of women with similar stories.

That being said I knew a seemingly intelligent woman who had an abortion at least 3 times, possibly more by now. This valedictorian of her HS class just couldn’t remember to take her pills. Several years ago she wrote an opinion piece about it that was published in Time or Newsweek, I forget which one. It made me I’ll. For that woman I will judge, and judge harshly. She was obviously using the procedure as contraceptive backup, rather than oh, I don’t know, a condom perhaps? An IUD? A diaphragm? 

My point is that there is very little black and white in life. Much of life is gray, dependent upon circumstances.

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I have very strong beliefs about Kevin Bacon and what a waste of space he is.

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slomotion :  I have very strong beliefs that Kevin Bacon is actually the greatest… soooo…

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soexcited123 :  the rule in our house is (and has always been) “don’t be a dick”. Seems to cover everything and is easy to remember. 

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