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slomotion :  Says the person who has Steve Buscemi as their profile picture!! 🤣

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YOU ARE WRONG!!! tulipdazey :  

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Steve Buscemi is a beautiful angel. A kind and nobel man with a heart as pure as sunshine and puppy dogs.

Kevin Bacon looks like vomit in solid form. cmsgirl :  

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mrsbarack :  This seems fairly draconian. Are you suggesting heterosexual individuals should intermittently cease their friendships when either enters a romantic relationship? Are couples not able to be friends with couples? How would this work for LGBTQ individuals?

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soexcited123 : 

Cheating is definitely an act I have zero tolerance for.

I also don’t associate with closed minded people. So in all similar situations you listed, I like to stick up for the ‘voiceless’ or the ones that are talked over… because people should be able to live their lives without someone else right there wagging their finger at them. (Like, before I slap you, check yourself for any ‘flaws’ you have). Jes*s f*kng Chr*st.

I think the same on religion. people shouldnt try to make you feel like a lesser person for doing what humans naturally do, make mistakes or make decisions that they want to incorporate into their lives. 

Everything you do, will always have someone disapproving, and I think we need to make ourselves happy, yeah? Not 7 billion others? Come on now. 🙂

I guess thats more of what I think instead of values/morals/beliefs, but those are it. I have more, but that should suffice. 

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The general racists/bigots/homophobes/sexists that everyone covered.

I really dislike gossips. I think gossiping is one of the lowest things you can do and one of the meanest. Sitting around and talking about Mary’s life in a gossipy way is not what nice people do (with the only exception being if the person you are talking about is in danger but I doubt you would be gossiping with the postman about that). Women are the worst for this, especially as a way to degrade other women.

I judge people that judge any other relationship than a hetero monogomous relationship. As long as everything is consentual then who the frick cares?

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My Dh calls me the judgiest of the judgy judgers, and he’s not wrong. I feel far too strongly about far too many things, so the bigger question is what DON’T I have strong beliefs about? In my defense, I rarely voice my opinion (especially because I’m an “East Coast Liberal” living in the midwest, and I’m afraid of pitchforks and torches) in public. 

So, yes, I’m pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, pro-universal healthcare, pro-paid maternity leave, pro-affordable higher ed, anti-isolationist (as a country), anti-war, etc. I am also PRO-SHOE-SHOPPING. Dh refers to me as an East Coast Liberal, but I prefer the term pinko-commie-liberal, myself.

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anonymousbee001 :  I don’t profess to know how it works for LGBTQ folks as I am not a member of the community/not been in that type of relationship.

I think couples friendships are okay. I don’t have my original post in front of me, but my meaning is that a man in a relationship shouldn’t be friends with a single woman and vice versa.

I do know that I typed in most situations and not in all situations. Sometimes it can be worked out, but I think the numerous posts on the bee where someone’s spouse develops an inappropriately close friendship with a single female and the HUNDREDS/Thousands of threads on Surviving Infidelity where the affair started as a friendship that crossed too many boundaries in a testament to my opinion. So yeah, maybe it sounds draconian, but it also has an element of truth to it.

If it doesn’t work for you, that’s cool. It’s my and my FI’s opinion (something we share) and why I posted it.

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I’m pro life. Killing another human being for convenience sake seems very immoral to me. I’m also against the death penalty.

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I’m going to dodge all the political hotbutton issues and state this:

I feel extremely strongly about spam/junk mail and phone calls.  It should be illegal, across the board, to solicit someone in any way for any use with their personal information.  Do not call me, do not email me, do not mail me.  Use a billboard or a TV ad or whatever else, but DO NOT INSERT YOURSELF INTO MY PRIVATE LIFE.  I’m not talking about robo calls that are already illegal, I’m talking about mailers and brochures and email campaigns and subscriptions and all of that nonsense.  Find a new/better way to tell people about your sales and services.  It’s all frigging out of control these days and FAR too much of my life is spent throwing shit away and angrily smashing the “unsubscribe” button (which often doesn’t even work) and screening calls.  No more.  I actively refuse to use any business that contacts me through mailers or email campaigns and I tell them that.

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I believe strongly in the use of punctuation, and that run-on sentences are an abomination to my eyes and an insult to readers everywhere.

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I am morally against any form of animal abuse. They are as innocent as children to me and it’s everyone’s job to take care of those that can’t always take care of themselves. Hurting animals, or their habitats is the lowest of the low in my opinion.

I also don’t care much for Kevin Bacon, or Steve Buscemi (although I love Fargo)… so not sure where that leaves me.

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I feel like this post was started to stir the pot/create drama so I’m just going to go ahead and close it.

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