(Closed) More facets = more sparkly? (100 facet diamonds)

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First I gotta point out the obvious, if they have a special cut they’re trying to sell for more money, of course they’re going to put it next to a cruddy-cut Ring Bearer to make their special little snowflake stand out. I would say it’s not the number of facets in the stone that makes it sparkle more, but the angle at which each facet interacts with the others to bounce the light around. I don’t know anything about their 100-facet gem, but I know that the marketing technique smells familiar to the “Crown of Light” cut that cruiselines try really hard to sell in the Caribbean to the tourists. I personally wasn’t impressed with that cut, but to each his own. Best case scenario would be to compare the two exact stones you’re considering, side by side so that nothing is biased. If you are looking at two different stores, that can be difficult.

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All I can say is they sound amazing, I don’t own one of these but would love to have one.

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i’d say more facets = more glittery sparkly.   Whether or not it’s worth it is a matter of taste.  To compare, an oec cut has fewer chunkier facets than a round brilliant and gives more rainbowy flashes, and some people prefer that look.  If you like the more glittery sparkle, then a more faceted diamond may be right for you.  If you don’t think it’s worth the premium, it’s hard to go wrong with an “ideal” or “excellent” cut standard diamond like a round brilliant.

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I think that the more facets there are the more sparkly it could be. However, some companies create these “special” cuts to hide inclusions. Ex: the jeweler where I got my ring from has special cut diamonds (it’s their own cut, like the Leo or Celebration diamond from Kays and Zales) that have like 90+ facets but they are all I1 or I2 diamonds. The higher number of facets hides the inclusions. This allows for someone to get a lower clarity diamond without seeing the inclusions (therefore saving some money). I did look at them and they were very sparkly and beautiful diamonds (I couldn’t see any inclusions) but Fiance wanted a traditional Ring Bearer.

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Peoples is a Zales Corporation store. Most retail chain jewelry stores (Peoples, Zales, Kays, etc.) feature their “specialty” cut patented diamond. Each of them claim that their diamond is more brilliant than the average Ring Bearer, and in some cases they are. However, I would also pay attention to the other C’s as well. Zales normally advertisises I2 clarity diamonds. They polish it very bright so that even their I clarity diamonds look amazing for a while, but without cleaning and re-polishing (done during the expection periods) they can look vey dull. I have some Zales diamond jewelry, so I know this for a fact. Also, when you look on their website and scroll down to the product details you’ll see I2 on almost every piece. Find out what the cut is… Ideal cuts with good clarity will sparkle just as well I bet.

Lastly, I have never seen a diamond ring not look brilliant in a jewelry store, no matter what the store is! LOL. Every piece is shined to perfection and sparkles so beautifully underneath the store lights…that’s why we buy them! 🙂 I would certainly ask questions and compare, because at the end of the day, find out which of the 5 C’s ( 4 Cs + Cost!) are important to you. Happy ring shopping…isn’t it fun?!!! 🙂

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I got my diamond from People’s (regular cut, nothing fancy) and I think it’s pretty sparkley in the right light. I don’t know if it’s worth getting some special cut. Personally, I’m investing in potlights in our kitchen.. lol.

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@ChicFoodist:  Crown of Light, right?

I tried a 1ct on in the Carribean, and I didn’t think it glittered quite as well as mine! And it showed smaller.

BUT–the seller said the main selling point is that you can get a bad color and highly included diamond, and as long as it’s cut well, it has SO many cuts that it will still look flashy!

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@chocolatejazz:  I know, right? Elevators are my favourite place to check out my ring.. the lighting is awesome!

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I have a Celebration diamond!! We went with it because Darling Husband wanted me to have a princess cut and it was the sparkliest princess cut I have ever seen! It sparkles every but as much as my smaller ideal cut round.  It got mine from Zales and it is a F-G, VS2!!! And yes, I had it checked out by a independant jeweler to verify that. The only complaint I have about it is that it faces up slightly smaller than and ideal cut princess cut….so if you order one, call the surrounding stores yourself and ask for the specs. I lived in Denver, CO and had this one shipped to me from Houston, Texas because it was the best specs and biggest table I could find. The only stone I have seen sparkle slightly more than mine is a *round* Hearts on Fire diamond…which are about $20,000 for a 1ct.



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My Sparkly WBand is from Peoples (which as someone pointed out is Canada’s name for Zales… People’s a longtime Cdn Jewellery Store was bought by Zales in 2000).  I have been a People’s Satisfied Customer my whole life.

And their acquisition by Zales hasn’t changed that POV for me.

Mr TTR & I when looking at ERings went to all of Zales US & Canadian Stores (Zales, Zales Outlet, and Peoples as well as Mappins).  For a chain Jewellers I found their selection and quality to be better than many of the other chain stores we visited in both USA and Canada (Kays, Ultra Diamonds, Ben Moss, Charm Jewellery etc)

My WBands were both purchased thru Zales / Peoples … my plain band at Zales, and my sparkly one from Peoples.

So not only did I do a lot of looking in these stores, I was quite content to make a significant purchase there.

I am very happy with my Sparkly WBand… which has 10 Ring Bearer Canadian Diamonds which is GIA Certified, and sparkles like all get out.  The quality is comparible to what I found at other Family Run Jewellry Stores… and for relatively the same price… so I didn’t see a big difference in makin my purchase at the chain store (and I liked the lifetime upgrade guarantee, having had this with Peoples back in 1980 when I got married the first time)

As other Bees have pointed out, when it comes to Diamonds there are a lot of known variables to be considered … the 4Cs… CARAT – CUT (Shape & Quality) – COLOUR – CLARITY then there are the lesser stressed ones… CERTIFIED – CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN as well as COMFORT and COST … along with two Ss… SETTING & STYLE

So a lot to consider when making such an important purchase.  The more time one takes to educate themselves the more INFORMED Purchase they can make

The Diamond Business (ie such as DeBeers) has their own gimmicks / products… and one has to recognize those branding elements… along with those that are also pushed by a particular designer or the store itself… so phrases like the following all are “created” to sell more diamonds period…

Past Present Future – Today Tomorrow Always – Eternity Rings – Journey Diamonds – Hearts & Arrows – Crown of Light – Leo Diamonds – Celebration Diamonds – Fire & Ice – Polar Bear Diamonds – Maple Leaf Diamonds – Arctic Brilliance etc

Even colours can be “registered property”… such as “Chocolate Diamonds” (owned by Le Vian)

That isn’t to say this is all smoke & mirrors or hype.  There can indeed be significant differences between namebrands (be they settings or diamonds) vs non-name brand diamonds… BUT one has to decide if one is willing to pay the difference, which in most cases can be a significant mark up

Such is the story for any material good marketed to consumers… You can go into the store and buy the Generic item – the Store Brand one – or the Designer one.  And they could very well all look quite similar, but still be slightly different from one another… be that in construction, materials, or presentation.

It truly is a case of personal preference and what your budget will allow for.

As someone else noted Chain Jewellery Stores tend to gravitate towards carrying mostly lower end to middle of the road Diamonds… H-I-J Colour and Is or SI Clarity.  You can find better in their stores in regards to COLOUR & CLARITY… or CERTIFIED & CANADIAN … or some of the more “Designer” elements in regards to brand names… but you will be paying a lot more for it.

OP, this is what you came across in your research… you were being faced with seeing a store filled with Generic… then some Store Brand elements (such as the Celebration Diamonds)… and lastly Peoples / Zales also has some Designer Rings as well.. I know they are most known for their Vera Wang line for example.

Hope this helps,

PS.. My own ERing is a semi-custom made from a Family Run Jewellery Store.  It is much better quality “for the price” than we could have found at a Chain Store… being in that it is GIA Certified – Canadian Diamonds – and has a higher grade of stones… Good Cut, F Colour, SI Clarity.  Not super high-end, more middle of the road, which we found chain stores didn’t have enough of to offer in regards to selection.


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@ChicFoodist:  Wanted to add: they do carry some lower quality stones but they do carry some nicer ones too!! I just wanted more bang for my buck so I called around till I found the stone I wanted. Also, they ship stuff between stores all the time.

Edit to also add: My setting and band are not from Zales, just my center stone.


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