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Busy bee
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I honestly wake up ready to go…. I’m groggy and stuff but that usually wears off as I wake up (which sometimes isn’t until I’m on the treadmill for a few minutes).  I can’t eat before working out,  but maybe if you need something have a small protein shake or peanut butter toast just to get you going?  I think your body gets used to it over time,  I think there is a big mental component!

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Honey bee
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I absolutely hate exercising in the morning, but due to my schedule, I force myself sometimes.  I don’t eat anything beforehand, sometimes just a string cheese or spoonful of peanut butter.  I ALWAYS feel more energetic working out in the evening :/

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Bee Keeper

I don’t know how morning bees do it either! I’m like you in that I need to have something to fuel me, and in the morning, I just can’t get myself going without something. And I also can’t eat before I run either…otherwise, I’ll end up like Michael Scott at the end LOL…

To the morning exercisers, kudos for getting it done!

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Honey bee
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You eat the night before — that’s why there are always big carbo-load pasta dinners before marathons and such 🙂

I regularly run in the morning, so I’ll eat a nice carb-ey meal the night before. Then all it takes is some tiny snack in the morning to make my tummy stop complaining, and I’m good to go! Also, I don’t really drink water until I’m finished running. How far are you going? You really don’t need to hydrate along the way unless you’re going FAR — like, more than ten miles. If I drink too much water before/during the run, I just get side cramps.

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Honey Beekeeper

I work out in the mornings. Usually I do it on an empty stomach because like you, I can’t fathom eating a whole lot before working out. If I feel like I need a little boost, I eat a yogurt or a spoonful of peanut butter (protein).

I hate getting up to do it, but getting it out of the way early in the day makes me feel good. For me, there are just too many excuses for not working out after work. But the only one for not working out before work is that I want to sleep, haha. 😉

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Bumble bee
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@MyFavouriteChords:  Same here!

I actually prefer working out in the mornings because then I just get it done and over with, and don’t have to worry about squeezing it into my evening schedule after work.  If I do it as soon as I wake up, I have no excuse for “running out of time” later in the day.

Could you try drinking more water in the evenings or right before bed?  That might be annoying at first because you’ll likely have to wake up and pee throughout the night until your body gets used to the extra nighttime water – but then maybe you’ll be more hydrated in the morning?

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Buzzing bee
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I wake up at 5:15ish, get ready, have a glass of water and either a banana or nutri-grain or just something small to get something in my stomach. I leave the house by 5:30 and I’m at the gym by 5:45 to get at least an hour workout in. Honestly, it took a good 3 weeks or so to get used to it, but now I love working out in the mornings. It’s less crowded at the gym and I feel great knowing I’m DONE for the rest of the day and I can relax after work. I do have some mornings where I just DO NOT want to get out of bed though, so you can’t beat yourself up if you miss a few mornings. If you haven’t adjusted after a month or so, maybe you just aren’t destined to be a morning exerciser!

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Bumble bee
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@MyFavouriteChords:  This!



I am up at 4AM, I’ve been doing it for 3 months and I love it. Yes, it is hard some mornings but the hardest part is getting out of bed! I am blessed that Fiance gets up with me and we head to the gym. The first two weeks were hard but after that I didn’t have much of a problem. We also are in bed before 9pm since we get up that early,, so you have to weigh the pros and cons on what is more important to you.

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Buzzing bee
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Have you tried gels? Running stores will sell them, and I used them for my morning runs. They are not filling but will fuel runs, especially in the heat. Just make sure you drink enough water or sports drinks to replace vitamin loss.

As for morning workouts, I primarily get up at 5am for a run. I make sure it is short and doesn’t wear me out too much. Like, I limit it to a 5K or 30-35 minutes and then time to stretch and relax. Working out in the morning is no fun if you rush to get it done and get to work.

Also, the first month, I gave myself rewards for every workout I did. Since I love refueling with chocolate milk, I would buy myself the good expensive kind of chocolate milk if I worked out at 5am for a week. If I worked out for two weeks at 5am, I got a doughnut on Friday. If I made it a month, I got a manicure. Just dont reward yourself with “off” days because you dont want to reward yourself with the opposite behavior you are encouraging. 

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Bee Keeper
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I try to work out in the mornings.  Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not!  I try to eat a little bit depending on what work out I’m doing.  If I’m going to a spin class, usually just water will do.  For weightlifting, I have to eat a little something & drink water during my workout.  For a short run, I am ok on an empty stomach.  Once I get up to doing 5-8 miles I need a little something to eat (clif bars are my fave, nutrigrain or kashi bars will do in a pinch too!) but for my longer runs- double digit mileage an up- I try to eat at least a half a clif bar.  The kashi bars had too much, erm… fiber… to sustain a very long run without having to stop & “go” if you know what I mean :/

Oh, and for running anything more than a few miles I always carry water with me.  For very long runs in the heat, I mix half gatorade & half water as well.

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Helper bee
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I’m not a breakfaster person and never have been for some reason I’ve always felt a lttle quizie when I eat in the morning so I do a small protien shake right when I get up and bring 1/2 water, 1/2 coconut water and always feel great during and after my workout. I tried going on an empty stomach but I always felt too tired/jittery after my workout.

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Helper bee
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I also do a spoonful of peanut butter beforehand, or if I’m really lazy, I just eat a gu on my way out.  I get the ones with a little caffeine, and that’s nice for an especially long run.

If you’re still feeling underfueled, use gatorade instead of water.  You obviously don’t wanna overdo it, especially if you’re not going real far… but in the heat, it can be actually better than water.  If you’re feeling sluggish in the heat, it’s very likely that you’re suffering from an electrolyte imbalance, so drinking more and more water will actually make it worse.  In fact, if you’re going pretty far, this can be very dangerous and can cause hyponatremia.

The real trick for me for morning runs was getting to bed at a decent hour.  This was really hard, since I suffered from insomnia for years, but I’ve learned that I basically need to turn off all the lights and settle down at least 2 hours before I need to be asleep… This means no phone, no emailing, no chitchatting, nothing that requires brain power!  Seems to do the trick, and I wake up without an alarm.

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Busy bee
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I work early in the mornings. My shift ends at 8am so I’m already up. I have a light snack aout a half hour before my shift ends, then right after work I go to the gym or get home really quick pick up my dog and we go for a long walk.

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