Morning Sickness

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megm1099 :  LOL Awww youre about at the peak of it, so it should get gradually better and go away in the next 2-3 weeks πŸ™‚

My morning sickness with my son was how I learned I was pregnant. Got up and drank a big glass of orange juice and shortly after puked it up in my garbage can in my bedroom lol.

With my daughter I had made my son a bday cake with homemade frosting. Put the extra in the fridge in a glass bowl. A few days later I went to clean the bowl and the smell was overwhelming. Plus its greasy so it didnt just come clean! I ended up just throwing the bowl away! LOL

Im 4w6days with this pregnancy and thankully still feeling good but I know the morning sickness is on its way in the next week or two.

Already bought a little trashcan with lines specifically for puking in bc I HATE puking in a toilet!

And you are so right… why dont we have a medical solution for this nonsense? Thats the patriarchy at work LOL

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morning sickness is the worst! especially because you’re expecting it you know you just have to get it over with before you start your day lol. I had morning sickness and all day nausea in my first trimester. It went away thankfully and then I hit my third trimester and it came back with a vengeance :'( I started taking an acid reducer twice a day with breakfast and dinner to try to counteract the additional stomach acid that might be triggering it. I’ve had an amazing stuffy nose this entire pregnancy too, so I don’t think that drainage is helping lol. I’m just so ready for this part to be over!! I hate getting sick every morning and it nothing helps except for just letting it happen.


You can do it ! πŸ˜„

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Bumble bee

I had all day nausea when I was pregnant and sleeping was the only relief I got! You’re so close to the end! You’ve made it this far. 

It’s all so worth it in the end. 

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30 weeks pregnant here! 

Morning sickness is rough but the good news is it’s very likely there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Mine was at its worst from weeks 9-11, I basically just entered survival mode and ate whatever I could stomach (mostly crackers or plain salt chips). At 13 weeks I was back to eating normally and felt 95% back to normal! 

I had a dream second trimester, third has been OK so far and just starting to slow down and feel a bit uncomfortable now.Good luck with your pregnancy 😊 

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6 weeks and change, and I feel HORRIBLE on and off all day. With my first, I didn’t feel bad until 7 weeks, but this time I’ve been feeling like crap for a week so far. I eat small amounts every couple of hours, drink a little pedialyte, lay down whenever I get a chance. 

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I’m currently 7w 2d.  My morning sickness in the morning has been okay, as long as I eat a boring plain high fibre cereal not long after waking up.  I feel nauseous but I’m not actually running to the toilet.

My afternoon morning sickness however, has been crap.  I have thrown up every afternoon as I get home from work.  But if I could pick, it’s the best time of day, so I’ll take it. 

Hope you’re feeling better soon! 


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I’m only 5 weeks and I’m already dreading morning sickness. I really don’t understand how women deal with this! 

It’s even more difficult when you work M-F full time and are trying to hide symptoms! I already feel weird because I have to pee more. I don’t know how women go about their normal lives during the first trimester! 

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Mine was the worst from 6-8 weeks. When I was in China. And Chinese food is not conducive to morning sickness. It was horrible. 

I could finally eat again at 15-16 weeks. The constant nausea was horrible. 

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megm1099 :  are you taking anything? I had pretty awful morning sickness from weeks 5-12, moderate from 12-15, then mostly ok. However, i was on the max dose of diclegis AND made sure my prenatal vitamin had no iron. If i skipped any of my four Diclegis pills it was game over. Have you asked your ob about meds to help? I found Diclegis worked way better than the OTC ingredients of B6 vitamin and Unisom, probably because it’s time released, but even starting with the OTC stuff might really help. The less made it so i didn’t throw up i just felt awful, but i could at least keep food down. Worth a try? 

My doc wouldn’t do zofran until weeks 10-11 because of neural tube defect worries and by that point i was doing a bit better so only needed it a few times. 

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megm1099 :  I am 23 weeks now, but my morning sickness was AWFUL. I was feeling sick consistently from weeks 6-16. It sucked. I lost almost 15 pounds my first tri from not being able to eat. I only got sick maybe a dozen times, but I felt nauseous nearly 24/7. The worst was the morning. Know it will get better! My second tri has been tough (lots of new symptoms, still tired, aches and pains) but I can eat, which has been amazing!!!!


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I’m 10w 2d and I’ve had all day nausea this entire time…. but the past 3 days have been the absolute worst. I have yet to throw up, but I feel soooo sick all day. If I get too hungry, I get super sick. I end up eating things that I really don’t feel like eating. NOTHING sounds good right now 😞

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I’m 34 weeks now and have had hyperemesis the WHOLE time. The worst part was that it went undiagnosed for 17 weeks. I didn’t have any consistency of care and everyone I saw told me it was normal. I had a LOT of people tell me not to worry it would go away at week 12, 14, 16… and then it never did. My biggest regret was not advocating for myself earlier. Doctors and midwives would tell me it’s normal and at the end of the day – even if it wasn’t HG – I wasn’t coping and I wish I had been more adament about that. My life got a lot better with the help of some good medication.

All of that’s to say – odds are you don’t have HG, but don’t underestimate your symptoms when you go to the doctor! For me, that meant I needed Darling Husband in the appointment with me to back me up and say “No, this is NOT normal or okay.” I also eventually switched doctors and care plans and it’s the best decision I made. 

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