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You’re not horrible at all! Tons of women go through it. If you can, take a prenatal vitamin. If you can’t, don’t worry! Babies are tough little buggers. Can you talk to your doctor about Zofran? It’s really helped some friends of mine. But really, don’t feel horrible for a second. Zillions of women have gotten through the first trimester on little else than crackers and ginger ale, and their babies are perfectly healthy. I hope you feel better soon!

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missjewels:  I had terrible all-day nausea for the first 4-5 months of my pregnancy, I think you just have to go into survival mode: eat when/what you can and drink plenty of water.  Don’t feel guilty.  One thing that helped was having my husband prepare some healthy snacks that I could just reach in and grab (carrot sticks, cut up fruit, yogurt, etc) because even smelling the items in the refrigerator was making me sick.  My other life saver was Zofran, it’s the only thing that really got me through those days.  Some ladies swear by ginger tea, but it didn’t seem to help me much.  Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon.

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Don’t feel guilty! Just eat what you can stomach right now. It’s really common to be totally turned off by fruits and veggies in the beginning. Over time, your MS will most likely subside, and you will be able to eat more normally again. Just take your prenatals and eat what you can 🙂

ETA: Also take your prenatal at night if you’re not already. Then you can hopefully sleep through some of the naseau it causes.

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missjewels:  I feel your pain! I could have written your exact post. I pray we get Some relief soon!

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missjewels:  Take your vitamins and eat whatever you can keep down.  Your baby will take the nutrients they need an be fine.  However, if you lose a significant amount of weight in short period of time (i.e. 10 pounds in 2 weeks), then go see your doctor to make sure everything is okay.  They can prescribe an anti-nausea medication for you like Zofran or Phenergan which will help.

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missjewels:  omg I’m going through the exact same thing! I’m sure many of us are.  First off you are not a bad mom!

I have been living a low carb lifestyle for the past three years and now that I’m pregnant all I want is carbs.  I feel better in the short term but have been waking up feeling all gross and groggy.  I think a lot of it has to do with being pregnant but it also was happening before I became low carb so I think it’s both.  It’s so frustrating.  I’m nearing week 10 and am hoping I’ll get my appetite back for healthier foods.  

Dont nut be too hard on yourself!  It is very important that you eat something, and you are doing your best with where you are.  I hope you feel better soon!

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Just eat what you can do what you need to do to survive! Vegetables are a common food aversion during pregnancy – I couldn’t even step foot into a produce department my whole pregnancy. I had a lot of nausea and food aversions my whole pregnancy, so I had an extremely limited diet (like donuts, beef souvlaki, green apples, cheese and that’s pretty much it) and I have a happy, healthy 10 month old. They take what they need out of your supply if you’re not getting enough dietarily, so there’s no risk to the baby. 

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missjewels: First of all, you’re not horrible – morning sickness is! Mine started at 5w3d and then I was at it until yesterday (11w 1d), and the reason it stopped was because my doctor prescribed medication for it. For the month and a bit that I was sick I lost as much weight as I was supposed to have gained and he simply told me we had to reverse the trend before it was a serious concern. I must admit I cried of relief when I got the prescription, I was just so tired of not being functional and always have to worry about throwing up again.

As soon as my first diclectin table set in I could feel “me” returning. It’s a combination of vitamins and antihistamine, and is considered completely safe. My tip is to talk to your doctor about it sooner rather than later.  

Good luck!

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I had zero appetitie and was vomiting non stop between weeks 8 and 18.  I ended up losing 11 pounds.  The Doctors I saw told me that they did NOT care what I was eating,, as long as it was something.  One Doctor told me that she didn’t care if I ate cookies all day.  As long as I was getting something in my stomach.  And honestly, I didn’t have a vegetable that entire time.  I just took my prenatals and tried to gain weight by eating what I could (soup, pasta, and bagels!). 

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missjewels:  You poor thing! A friend of mine had the most horrendous morning sickness with her last pregnancy and couldn’t stomach ANYTHING aside from a few junk foody things (she was on medication etc. to try and relieve it), her dr told her its better for her to eat something than nothing at all so as long as you’re getting some food in your system and like you said, taking prenatals, you and bubs will be fine!

If you’re losing weight rather than gaining or you think there is a concern then chat to your dr but don’t feel guilty for eating whatever you can stomach! Good luck, fingers crossed you’re feeling much better soon!

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