(Closed) Morning sickness and I can't stop eating :(

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My morning sickness didn’t kick in until week nine, but the only way I could keep it at way was to eat. My felt sick whenever I had an empty stomach. 

I would try and snack on things like nuts, crackers, peanut butter, fruit, etc., that wasn’t too horrible for you so I didn’t feel so guilty. Honestly I probably gained more in my first trimester than some people but my weight gain definitely slowed once my morning sickness passed (about week 13 or 14). In my second trimester I even had one month where I only gained a pount and my doctor was worried I wasn’t eating enough. 

I personally believe, unless you completely gorge yourself, your body gains what it needs. I’m 35 weeks now and have probably put on about 26 pounds, more than I’d like but not enough that my doctor is worried. 

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Yes, worst part of pregnancy.  I had it last time until 17weeks and I am only 11 weeks now.  I hate eating so much crap but the only other option is puking/feeling awful or not eating anything sooo (which also leads to feeling awful and puking)…no choice really.  I can’t cook right now because smells make me gag.  So mostly I eat frozen items, cereal, carbs, fast food, or take out.  Also having to eat every 2-3 hours.  People who say just snack on fruits or vegetables…yeah right.  The best I can do is apples.

It’ll go away eventually (not the hunger part but you’ll be able to go back to eating more of your normal foods).  And it won’t matter in the end, just keep taking your prenatals/vitamins.

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lucygirl1:  I feel for you girl.. I am feeling like DEATH (7weeks)… I found ginger helps tremendously.. ginger tea, ginger candies (gin-gins) they dont last long but it surely helps settle your tummy between meals.

I am also having trouble with keeping food and water down, and had to actually go to the ER yesterday and get hooked up to IV fluids because I was so dehydrated, and my Bridal Party was in the 60s. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum.

They also perscribed me an anti nausea medication, which helped a little today this morning, but now that it’s wearing off I am puking again about every hour or so.

So make sure you’re staying hydrated (especially if you’re actually vomiting) – gatorade will be your friend.


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Eat whatever makes you feel better. My doctor assured me not to worry about it. I lived on frozen bagels/Mac&cheeses for weeks, it’s all I could keep down! Baby is totally healthy now at 20 weeks and my appetite is back to normal. Hang in there. 

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lucygirl1:  Lol, I could have written this! I’ve been the same way, I keep hearing about people being too sick to eat, but the only time I get sick is if my stomach isn’t full.

Chips and dill pickle dip is my go to right now, lots of carbs too. :/ I’ve been trying to be more active to help balance, but I’m so tired and bloated all the time!

You are not alone!!

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Same but unfortunately I have gained 6 lbs, I’m 11 weeks today. I couldn’t eat meat or eggs at all, all I wanted was carbs. I gain weight very easily though. Now that my aversions and nausea are letting up I’ve started restricting my calories to 1600-1700 to try to drop a couple of those pounds, luckilly now I’m craving fruits and veggies like crazy!

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lucygirl1:  girl, you’re not alone! I’m 8w3d and going through exactly the same thing. I am also a very healthy eater and pretty fit, and am finding myself wanting to eat crap right now. Processed chicken patty sandwiches, which I would never ever imagine wanting, seem like the best thing in the world, while salads/veggies, which I usually love, seem totally unappealing! And if I don’t have some sort of carby snack every couple of hours, I start to feel extremely nauseous – I’ve tried snacking on things like apples and carrots, but they don’t do anything to alleviate the nausea and I still have to function and lead meetings at work all day. So I am constantly munching on granola bars and saltine crackers. I’m worried about putting on a ton of weight but I feel like I have no choice.  

FYI – it’s not the tastiest, but for constipation, I drink a small (4-6 oz) of prune juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It works miracles. I recently went away for a long weekend and didn’t have any, and let me tell you, that was a miserable 4 days…

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Yep I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much junk food in my life 🙁 I use to love vegetables and have hardly eaten any since getting pregnant. I’m 14+4 now so I’m hoping my normal diet comes back at some stage this trimester. 

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It’s the same for me! Be kind to yourself – eat when you want and sleep when you want.

Can you substitute whole grain products for at least some of the processed foods to help with your constipation? It was trial and error for me. Most whole wheat breads made me gag, but I had success with toasted Thomas whole wheat english muffins and whole wheat saltines.

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I didn’t even get morning sickness but all I could eat for the first 13 or 14 weeks was shite food. I even started shoppping in the frozen food aisle for things like chicken kievs and tato tots, food I hadn’t even thought about for years! 

I did gain a bit more weight than ‘ideal’ in the first tri but I was technically undeweight when I fell pregnant (my natural state, not through diet or exercise or anything extreme.) 

At about 16 weeks I developed the sweetest tooth I’ve ever had and I know would survive purely on sugar if I could. I balance it out with healthy a 3 meals but SO MUCH SWEET in between! I’m 35 weeks now and have still mostly stuck to this routine (although I did just have nutella on toast and cookies for dinner last night.)

I do feel guilty because I was always so concious about what I put into my body, and now I’m responsible for another helpless human I feel like I should be more conscious.  Midwife keeps reassuring me that the baby is taking the goodness it needs from me and not to worry, but it’s hard!

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This is how I felt from weeks 6-13.  All I wanted was mac and cheese and pop tarts. It was like being 8 years old again. I ate empty carbs pretty much all the time so I didn’t get too nauseous. I did manage to eat a reasonable amount of fruit, but veggies were totally unappealing. I gained about 8 pounds in the first trimester. (ouch!)

Now that I’m 17 weeks I’m almost completely back to normal eating, though sometimes I still get nauseous in the late afternoon.

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I felt the same way around that time. I’m 11 weeks now and feeling better, but I can pretty much still only eat junk. On the plus side, I didn’t gain a single pound until this week. So I’m counting it as some awesome first trimester wonder where your body forgives all the junk so you can make it through. Now that I’m closing in the second trimester, my body says “alright, it’s time to start eating healthy again, or you’ll regret it!”  No worries, just eat what you can, and keep to lots of small meals/snacks. It’ll pass!

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lucygirl1:  ugh, I was the total opposite. I could barely down a bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers and everything sounded, smelled, and tasted positively disgusting. 

My doctor told me to eat whatever I wanted and however much I wanted at my 8 week appt (not that I could actually eat anything, but that was exciting to hear). And to drink as much as I could. I’m sure your doctor will let you know if you’re on the right track or not. I’m sure others get different advice, so ask your doctor and see what he or she says is best for you.  For now, just be happy to eat and enjoy it!! 


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I was the same way and I gained a TON of weight in the first trimester. My doctors weren’t worried about it though, they pretty much said you should do whatever you have to to survive the morning sickness. I’m 23 weeks now, and the sickness is still lingering, But my weight gain did slow in the 2nd trimester anyway. You kind of get used to the nausea. It still sucks, but you learn to go about your day despite it. (And hopefully find the right medication to lessen it!)

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