Morning sickness is ruining my life

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Honey bee

Unisom girl! Unisom and B6 is the only thing that got me through. I also sucked on anti-nasuea candies but they kind reminded me of my nausea after a while and grossed me out. Oh and try to eat regularly, even if its just crackers or toast.

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@sbl99:  It will get better I promise- but go see a Dr about anti-nausea tablets and keep on hand some very boring things like ginger beer, mints, crackers. And keep sipping that water. 

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Unisom and b6 is the standard treatment. It helped in my first pregnancy but hasnt done crap for me this pregnancy. I went on Zofran (the anti-nausea medication given to patients undergoing chemo) at 9 weeks this time because I was incapacitated from the nausea and vomiting, and it’s the only thing that has helped. But I would start with the b6+Unisom. You can take 25mg of b6 3 times a day and a full Unisom tablet at night. You can also take an additional half Unisom in the morning but might make you groggy. 

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@sbl99:  yeah, I felt the same way about taking Zofran. It was my last resort and I really tried to stick it out without it. But at my 9w checkup I was so miserable and dehydrated that my OB convinced me to take the prescription, and I’m really glad she did. It’s been a game changer. On really bad days I still vomit and am pretty nauseous on the Zofran but that’s rare, usually I’m functional. Before, from 5-9w, I basically was bedridden til like 1pm every day. Was falling way behind in work and barely present with my toddler. I’m 11.5 weeks now and really hoping to turn a corner soon and be able to stop taking the meds!


Def talk to your doctor about what they recommend. Morning sickness is awful but there are treatments that can help manage it!

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Talk to your doctor ASAP. They may have multiple medicine options to try you on. But I won’t lie to you either. I had it my entire frickin pregnancy.  I tried a bunch of different ones and eventually had to give up trying because we were running out of different meds to try. The only reason I was able to keep any food down was because of the diclegis. And I was still sick all the time. I basically had to put my own self on bed rest the rest of my pregnancy because I could not cook or do anything really. And the only reason I knew the diclegis was working even a little bit because I could not eat at all without it. I ended up losing 25 pounds before we got me on it. 

Hopefully Diclegis or Zofran or something might do the trick for you! Wishing you no more morning sickness!

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Honestly if you are that miserable talk to your doctor. I’m sure in aus you can get whatever equivalent there is of unisom and B6 (in Canada it’s the same ingredients but called diclectin).

None of the natural remedies worked for me at all. But by 10 weeks I had just started to turn a corner, and by 12 weeks felt much better. Most of the ladies in my birth month group felt the same way. So you are hopefully at the very worst of it right now (unless you have HG). 

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with morning sickness. That sounds absolutely horrid.

im not pregnant but I was just sick the other day with nausea and vomiting and the only thing that made the nausea stop was a cold wet compress on my face. I was burning up and sweating and seeing stars I was so nauseated but it immediately made me feel better. The coldness somehow stopped the nausea and the ringing in my ears stopped and I was finally able to lay down and rest 

Im not sure if it would do anything for you but could be worth a try. I hope you find some things that help. Nausea is the worst thing IMO 

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I’ll third or fourth or fifth the unisom recommendation. I had horrific all day nausea with both my pregnancies for the first 4-5 months. I spent SO many hours lying naked on my bathroom floor crying in between vomiting. I would throw up so hard I would pee myself. It was rough. 

Unisom wasn’t a cure for me, but it stabilized things a bit. Obviously, I was dumb enough to go through it all over again:)

I’m sorry you’re suffering!! “Morning” sickness is the dumbest name. 

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I hear you!I  got through my first trimester with nothing worse than a weird coppery taste in my mouth. But now, on what’s supposed to be the more pleasant middle months, I’m sick ALL the time!

I find it’s better for me personally to just puke and get it out, rather than try to fight it. Afterwards, feeling like I have a clean mouth is essential. I got a special rinse from my doctor, I brush my teeth constantly and I’m always sucking mints. Somehow, that really cuts down on “repeat oerformances”.

Try to eat whatever you can keep down. Crackers come up immediately for me, but I can handle Ensure supplement drinks for some reason. It’s all about your own tolerances.

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Ondansetron was the only thing that worked for me. I believe its the Australian name for Zofran. I tried everything else but I needed to be able to function at work part time, and attend to my toddler on the other days… and I absolutely couldn’t without it.

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Eat carbs constantly. Totally counter-intuitive but I had nausea all day during the first trimester and it was much more manageable if I didn’t allow myself to get at all hungry. I piled on nearly a pound a week in the first trimester (that slowed right down in the second/third) but it was the only way I coped. Lunch shifted to 11am and then I had a second lunch mid-afternoon!

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Talk to your doctor as they will know the best course of action for you based on your overall health.

That said are you taking any iron suppliments? It has been known to increase nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Maybe check whats in the elevit. 

Also zofran is available under that name in Australia (I get it prescribed for chemo) and the unisom sleep tablets are the same as what the other bees are talking about.

Granny smith apples are good for nausea if you can stomach them or fishermans friends to suck on. 

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