(Closed) Morning workout bees – how do you do it?!

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You just have to set your alarm and make a commitment to yourself. We women too often put everyone else ahead of ourselves, but if we are fit and healthy, the whole family will also benefit.

When I first started, it was hard. But, if you just roll over, put on your gear, go to the bathroom then get to the workout, you will be so proud of yourself and eventually, happy with the results.

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•Sleep in my workout clothes.  

•Keep a shot of espresso on my nightstand and gulp it when my alarm goes off. I lay there for 10 minutes before the caffeine hits me. 

•Don’t overeat the night before and wake up with a food hangover. 

I know it is hard. My brain takes a full 15 minutes after waking to fire on all cylinders. I have never in my life been a morning person. In the dark Northwest we need our coffee. 

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I have been walking at 3ph with a 5.5% incline for 60 minutes on my treadmill every evening and keeping track with calories. I am going to start working out in the mornings instead of at night. I have to watch TV while I walk or I get completely bored. 

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_blackbird_:  I try to get up at 4am to do an hour on the recumbent bike, then I come home and do two short videos (arms & abs) and then another half hour on the bike. I don’t always get my butt out of bed because I loathe the day sometimes but you try as hard as you can and try to stay in the routine!

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_blackbird_:  I actually find that going to the gym helps me work out in the morning. I pack my bag and layout (or sleep in) my gym clothes the night before. Half-awake me can’t handle the thought of working out, but she can handle getting up, brushing her teeth, and just getting on the early train (my gym is near my office). I’m about 5 minutes into my train ride before I truly wake up and realize what I’ve done to myself and by then there is no turning back! Plus the train schedule makes it so I can’t snooze for five more minutes because then I’ll miss it. It also gives me time to eat a piece of fruit and start to digest it so I’m not working out on an empty stomach.

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It’s been a few days but I’m going to leave a comment anyway…

I work out 4 days a week- in the morning. It has helped that since I go to a gym, there are ladies in the locker room that I usually run into and they help keep me accountable. They do not on purpose but I do in the sense that I feel like they will know that I didn’t make it because I couldn’t get out of bed! LOL.

My 1st alarm goes off at 4:27AM. My phone alarm… I have it set with the “smartalarm”… it plays soft and soothing music to get me out of my REM cycle. I love it. So glad that option is on my phone!

If that fails… at 4:30, my phone alarm goes off. Loud, upbeat song.

If that fails… I have an actual alarm (an old school one that is obnoxious!) that I leave across the room, it forces me to get up to turn it off. 4:35AM.

If the first one wakes me up- I just turn off all of the other ones so they don’t go off.

The important thing for me is that once I wake up, I have to stay off the bed or else I’ll go back to sleep. LOL. It’s a trap!!!

Once I’m up, the first thing I do is go to the bathroom and wash my face. That usually wakes me up. Relieve my morning bladder (LOL) and then go get a tall glass of cold water (they recommend that you drink half a cup of coffee before your morning workout but I gave up coffee a year ago).

I lay out my workout clothes the night before (everything- down to my undies and socks!) so I just have to change. I basically get everything ready the night before… my gym bag, work items, etc… so it’s all ready for me to just grab and go.

I have to get ready for work at the gym so I take a cold shower after my workout to lower my body temp (to keep my makeup from sweating off), get ready and get to the office… this all takes about 35 minutes. I def don’t look amaze balls… just blow dry my hair (dries pretty straight so I just put a clip in it or pony tail) and light makeup. Good enough.

My workout…

I get to the gym at 5:15AM and do strength training (I switch days from arms, core and chest/back) and then my spinning class starts at 5:45. Finish that at 6:30.

My advise to you…

GO TO BED EARLY!!! Your body NEEDS sleep and DO NOT GIVE UP. You’ll have some days where you sleep through all of your alarms, just short of getting to work on time- and thats OK. Just try again the next day. After a couple weeks, your body will be used to getting up early.

There are some days where I miss my alarms and wake up at 5:30- too late to get to the gym but too early for work. I just get up anyways. I feel like it will help my body adjust to the earlier time.


Working out in the morning will also give you energy throughout the day so you’ll start to feel better eventually!

Good luck!!!

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_blackbird_:  I wake up at 4:45am to make my 5:30am Crossfit class (it’s an hour).  I just make myself do it (and reminding myself *why* I’m doing it helps a lot).  It physcially hurts getting up that early, but once I get moving it’s SOOOOO worth it.

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_blackbird_:  I work from 7-330 and we have a gym on site. We have a trainer who does 6am 45 min classes I kills me to get up that early esp on Mondays but i just get up and do it. I usually drink a smoothie or protein shake on my drive in and eat breakfast around 8am.

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I get up at 5am to go to my 6am Crossfit class.

Get EVERYTHING laid out and handy the night before.  I have everything laid out from my shoes and socks to my outfit, my work bag (I shower at the gym and got to work), snack is ready to go, keys are laid out, etc.

It takes practice (I’d say a good month) before it starts to NOT suck.  It definitely takes getting used to, and to get into it, I’d recommend scaling back your workouts/expectations until you get in the swing of things.  Make sure you stay hydrated in the evenings, that can creep up on you fast!

I wish I could work out every AM but due to constraints with FI’s schedule and our puppy dog I can’t always do it.

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_blackbird_:  It’s REALLY hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings, but once I do, I’m ok. I actually got really burnt out on working out and took a lot of time off and as of this morning started back again. I’m part of an organized fitness class/group, so knowing that it’s not just me really helps. My struggle is getting to sleep at night, and making myself get up. For some reason I naturally fight sleep – I don’t know why. I lay in bed watching TV and even when I’m super tired just can’t fall asleep. I started taking melatonin sporadically, which helps alot. About two weeks ago I started taking it regularly each night, and I’ve noticed a pattern of my body naturally waking up at 6am. I am self employeed and work from home, so it’s not uncommon for me to sleep in (and just work late into the evening). This morning was my first morning back, and I found that my body waking up naturally at the time I NEEDED to get up helped a lot. 

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_blackbird_: I really struggle getting up early, and feel like death when it’s cold, but I found that the easiest way for me to get up and motivated to workout in the morning is it to plan and do it with a friend! I hate letting people down after saying I would do something with or for them, so I get up at 5am, meet one of my girlfriends at the lake and do a brisk couple of laps which takes about an hour and a half to complete. Works a treat =)

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Barre class every morning at 6 

I lay everything out the night before, pack my gym bag w my work clothes, and the shower after class and head to work. 

The trick is that I’m not even really awake until I’m already at the gym, at which point it’s too late not to,work out. Which is a really slacker answer, but the honest truth. Once I’m done I feel much more awake and energized for my day.

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MrWonderfulsGirl:  ditto.

the first few weeks or so, to help my body get in the habit, i kept a source of caffiene near my bed.  i have an earlier alarm that goes off for me to drink the espresso (or preworkout) then another one 15 minutes later to get up to get ready.  it works for me.  after a few weeks, my body picks up the pattern and wakes up early on its own.

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If my alarm does not wake me up then my dog reminds me. I sleep with half my gear and switch out to full year in the morning. I usually hit outdoors for a run right before sunrise. Somehow, I manage to pack work clothes, fruit, water, cap, towel and try not stare at the clock to see how early it is. I would rather workout during at noon but usually doesn’t happen. I run about 3-4 miles for 40 minutes.

Though it does take a few weeks to get enough hours of sleep, get workout routine, while making sure everyone eats enough to last throughout the day. I try to always pack extra snacks in case I’m stuck in traffic or have late lunch.


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