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Busy bee

sbl99 :  don’t  feel bad. I’ve donated alot and I’m not afraid of blood or needles but sometimes I get a pressure drop and they can’t take a full bag cause I’m passing out :)) It’s pretty common. 


Sorry no jokes lol 

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Bumble bee
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It’s 100% not your fault and no one will hold it against you.  You tried to do a good thing, but involuntary medical issues got in the way.  If they do 1000 blood drives a year, you’re very unlikely to be the first person to respond poorly. 

You’ll get some well-meaning concern tomorrow and then they’ll drop it fairly quickly.

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xiexie :  I agree! OP, at least you were trying to do the right thing 🙂 


ETA – As an ICU nurse, I see the importance of donating blood – I can’t even number how many lives has our team saved with this simple thing. My sons and I donate regularly and we all work out and hydrate well prior to going. Hydration is key to good blood volume (especially if you did a sweaty work out.) A simple snack (apple with peanut butter or cheese is also helpful prior.

Please don’t let this incident stop you from trying again in the future.

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You’d be surprised how common it is to pass out. My husband has passed out a couple of times at work from donating blood. I am a teacher, and I remember our big burly principal passing out during a blood drive. I understand you’re embarrassed, but it really isn’t something you should be worried about. It happens. Laugh it off and move on. 

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1000 blood drives a year? is that an exaggeration.  that’s basically 3 a day.

i haven’t donated blood in a long time, due to pregnancy and breast feeding. 

but i used to donate alot, i recall them always asking when your last full meal was because they don’t want you donating on an empty stomach.

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ajillity81 :  I think she probably meant 1000 DONATIONS from company blood drives, not 1000 indivudual drives.

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You’re overreacting. No one is going to care about this.

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You are 100% overreacting, though since you have never given blood before you wouldn’t know that.

This literally happens ALL THE TIME 🙂 all the bloody time. It’s happened to me twice. Relax lol

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Helper bee
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Oh Bee, don’t feel bad. I’m the WORST! I’m one of those people who passes out as soon as a needle touches my skin. And I have a condition that requires me to get bloodwork on a monthly basis! Needles don’t even freak me out, my body just decides that when I get poked with a needle it’s time to check out. 

On the bright side, I always get a kids sticker from my local lab after the ordeal is over 😂

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I’ve worked in phlebotomy before, and trust me, no one is going to think differently of you. It happens all the time, especially for the first timers. Just prepare a bit better next time; plenty of water and a hearty snack beforehand will help. You can ask for water during, too. 

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I think you are the only one who cares lol. 

I dont donate blood due to my history of fainting. Whenever I get a blood test I have to lie down for awhile after and while I rarely faint now I do go shades of grey and have the nurse hovering. 

Last year I got 3 injections for travelling and i passed out and twisted my ankle and hit my head on the counter. Show up to work on crutches like me 🤣


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You are literally overreacting. Seriously no one else is going to care.

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sbl99 :  This is really no big deal, so do not feel bad. Btw, I wish I could donate blood, so good on you for trying! I have an autoimmune illness and am not permitted to give blood. (though I would be allowed to donate plasma to research) As I have a useful blood group I would love to donate it. It is for sure embarrassing telling folks that I am “banned” from giving blood 😔



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Helper bee
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It’s not a big deal. My fiancé has worked in blood collection for the Red Cross for the past 10 years and it’s not unusual for someone to pass out. It’s really not even a big thing, all the phlebotomists are trained in how to get you back and help the dizziness. And they don’t put blood back in you, I’m not sure what kind of blood drive you were at but if you’re doing just a regular blood donation they don’t even have a way to do that. If you do try it again make sure you drink a lot of water, eat a full meal, and don’t do a workout. But if not don’t feel like you have to donate, even marrying a blood collections worker I’ve still never donated as I know I’d pass out. Don’t sweat it, it’s pretty common and the phlebotomists are totally used to it. No one from your work is even going to know unless they saw it happen and I don’t think most people would see it as a weakness or an embarrassing thing. 

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