(Closed) Mortified over my job interview! Tell me your embarrassing stories!

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Helper bee

Oh my gosh the hug, I shouldn’t but I had a little chuckle. And F- that receptionist, so unprofessional. What do you even say to that

I had a terrible interview that refused to end, in all it was like 3 hours long. Started off like you by getting completely rattled by the security guard at the front desk. He was being nice but repeatedly called on that I looked like I had just finished school (I had) and that I didn’t have any job experience or interview experience for that matter. I arrived really early so met the interviewer, shake hands etc. He left and came back about 15 minutes later to see me in and I promptly shook his hand again but like very awkwardly and he kind of laughed.

First question was a technical one that I kind of knew the answer to but I just started talking with zero thought and eventually realize I’m not answering the question and just basically saying words so I had to ask them if I could start over. The interview was about an hour and a half and I just sucked so much – between not knowing things and blanking on things that I did know it was a bad scene.

Then on to a 45 minute written test, which not just hard but stupidly long. I didn’t finish it but wouldn’t be surprised I other people didn’t either.

Now feeling even worse but on to the technical exam. I knew ahead of time, generally, what they would be asking me to do as the had sent SOPs and given the subject of the two parts. The first thing was routine and something I could do with my eyes closed on any other day, but I was so off that I got through it just barely. Then on to the next task which I had completely misunderstood what part of the sop the would be asking about, so despite studying a lot I was totally unprepared. It was an interpretation type question and I just kept staring at the numbers but couldn’t make my brain do anything at this point. I figured out half of the answer and the tech intervening me kept prompting me for more and telling me to “think” and at this point I had in every single way except for physically checked out. I put my jacket back on and basically started backing slowly towards the door, he got the hint.

Obviously didn’t get the job.

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Buzzing bee

Oh goodness, I’m sorry! But I laughed. Because I’ve been there and done that. 

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The hug! I’m so sorry.

My friend once had a phone interview scheduled for the 31st (I saw the email) but they called her to do the interview on the 21st. She was so flustered but they insisted they scheduled her for the 21st so they did the interview. She was totally unprepared and kept stumbling. I felt really bad because it really wasn’t her fault they called her 10 days early.

My first interview for a position after getting my PhD was horrible. It started out with the guy coming up to me in the waiting area saying “Hi, you must be Amanda” I am not Amanda. Then I went into a room with like 5 people who proceeded to quiz me on the stuff that their company studies (it was a research position at a biotech company). I knew the general answers, but obviously I wasn’t an expert in their field and they knew that going in. But they continued to grill me. I’ve never had an interview like that in my life. At the end they said they’d be in touch, yeah right. I don’t think they ever hired anyone. I’ve since found out that the main guy resigned and I’m pretty sure the company closed that location. Dodged a bullet I guess.

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Helper bee
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Many years ago I went for an interview for a shop assistant. All was going just fine until it ended and I got up to leave. I.Fucking.Farted! I was absolutely mortified and started scraping my heels on the floor to make the same noise. And then the smell wafted. Fml I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me! And no I didn’t get the job,they probably thought I’d stink the store out haha

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Bumble bee
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I had an interview with a private physical therapy practice as a rehab tech. I had been a rehab tech for several years as I worked through college, so I figured it would be a breeze.

The place was part gym, part nutrition bar, and I just didn’t feel comfortable with the business the second I walked in the door.  The interviewer started asking me about modalities I had never done and didn’t feel comfortable saying I did, so I told her I was clearly not the right candidate for the position while trying to hold back tears of embarrassment. Instead of agreeing me and letting me leave, she says she is going to get the physical therapist so I can interview with him. She clearly didn’t tell him about anything that had already transpired as he completely starts the interview over. I had to tell him that we had already gone through this, I was clearly not right for the job and ask again if I could go ahead and go. He didn’t want to let me go either!

Back then I was far from assertive and I didn’t know I could stand up for myself. It was so bad. I got in my car and sobbed. I’m not sure if they didn’t have other candidates and they were trying to convince me I could do it, or what, but I have gone on to have some of the best interviews of my life since. 

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Oh I have had a truly awful interview in my own department. I could barely answer the questions and it was just BAD. I wanted to live under a blanket for the longest time haha. I promise it’ll pass though! 

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mrsginger :  just wanted to say, you are so funny! I loved  the vanilla ice cream come with more personality bit

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Sugar Beekeeper
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theatrejulia :  lmao! Yay Sesame Street, you’ve got to have good stories:-)

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Busy bee
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For my current job, I downloaded frequently asked interview questions, and rehearesed my answers so hard… when I actually got to the interview, they asked a question that was similiar to the first one I expected, but I completely blanked on how to answer it. Their “why should we hire you,” turned into me acting like a dork, “because I’m the best of course!”

Sometimes even the things you think you know by heart, one thing off can throw you – don’t let it get you down. Almost one year later, I’m sitting pretty awesome at a job of an interview I “head-wall” right after.

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Busy bee

sarusarunna :  The dramatics of this story are unbelievably entertaining. Please tell me another story!! Lol

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Busy bee
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First internship interview in NYC for a large bank.  I got in the day before, went to the place an hour early and chilled at the nearby Starbucks.  Went there 15 minutes chilled with other candidates.  Confident and head held high, I walked in there and gave it my biggest smile.  

The first words out of my interviewers mouth was, “you have lipstick on your teeth”.  Mind you I was wearing red lipstick.  I was mortified and tried my best to not appear shaken!  The only reply I came up with was, “my quant is better than my make up skills as you can see” and laugh. Mostly laughing cause I realize I was done for.  The rest of the interview I just kind of became more personable cause I realize “fuck it, I won’t get this anyway.”

got out, felt like a loser.  Went to the bathroom and it was like my gums were bleeding–to this day I never bought that brand again! 

I actually got the internship.  Still, my most mortifying experience in interviews. 

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Busy bee
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Not me, but DH’s friend was interviewing for a position at a company that another of his friends works for.   Friend #1 only told Darling Husband that he didn’t have some of the skills the company was looking for, so he didn’t think they’d be calling him back.  Friend #2 later told Darling Husband that when #1 was in his interview he opened his laptop to show some examples of his work, and the first screen to come up was some porn!!!   #2 said that if he had simply played it off quickly & moved on, he was more than qualified.   But, he was so thrown off by it…..he bombed the rest of the interview.  Omg, I’d die!!!

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