(Closed) Most Confusing thing an Ex has done to you?

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Eh, I have a few..

But basically an ex of mine broke up with me because he suddenly took a job several provinces away.  I desperately wanted to stay together, long distance, but he didn’t want it.  He told me we should see other people.  We still talked on skype/text/etc all the time every day pretty much, and amost every day I was like “why don’t we just call ourselves together?  We talk every day anyawy..” and he was still all like “no, we should see other people”

Long story short, I saw someone else.  He found out.  He FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT.  Like told me he could never talk to me agian, blocked me on everything, and then every hour unblocked me to scream at me and then blocked me again.  After this happened at 2am I had to block him because he obviously didn’t care at all that I had a final exam early the next morning.  Oh, and when I mention that I was literally following his instructions and was under hte impression he was seeing other women too, his comeback was “well I thought I meant enough to you that you would take longer than 4 months to get over me”.  *eyeroll*

Ok so the dust settles, and we actually get back together eventually.  I move out to the middle of buttfuck nowhere to live with him.  It is literally the worst city ever, and the city I left for him has my friends, my family, and is awesome AF in general.

He can’t stop talking about how I cheated on him and he loves me more because he took me back despite it and any time we got in a fight he’d bring it up how I cheated and therefore I owed him my life.  If I ever brought up “we weren’t together..” he’d fly off the handle.

Shocking twist: we didn’t last the second time, either! 😛

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Well, my  story isn’t quite as dramatic as some of these,  but it was still confusing.

I dated this guy who I really cared for,  quite genuinely.  I thought we were a good match…..but he was one of these sorts who really only wanted me when I was unavailable.  Then when I was available,  he would never commit to being in a relationship with me and wanted to be free to meet and date other people . Of course I wasn’t going to be OK with that,  so I would tell him that I was done. Fast forward a short time and  he would be calling me and wanting to see me to work things out because he missed me. He always added in some kind words which made my heart melt and would make me think that things would be different.  

I can’t tell you how many times this occurred.  Eventually I told him off via email and told him to leave me alone.  My only regret was that I didnt tell him off sooner.what a waste of time! 

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My story isn’t as interesting as others’ stories are either. But here goes.

I dated a guy who dumped me by email after far too many years together. He said he wanted to see other people to make sure that he wasn’t missing out on anything (ie grass is greener). I went total no contact with him. After about eight months, I started dating again. The guy I started dating eventually became my husband.

So ex comes around after Darling Husband and I have been dating for 4 months and says to me, “so, I guess you’re not going to think it’s romantic if I just randomly show up at your door to proclaim my love for you right?” Yah, not happening because one you’re a jackass and two, get this, he was dating another women. He actually had the gall to complain to me about her, about how she wasn’t like me, about how she wasn’t as expressive and communicative like me. Sorry dude, you dumped me to see what was on the other side of the fence. Sorry if you you didn’t like what you saw. I’m no longer responsible for your happiness and I certainly don’t care enough to listen to you whine.

I’m so glad he dumped me. Bullet dodged. Worst boyfriend ever!

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Messaged me out of the blue on Facebook a full four years after we broke up asking me to send him the CD of a mutual musician friend/acquaintance. Told him sure and then promptly “forgot” And then wouldn’t you know it? My hand slipped (oops?) and deleted his stupid self. 

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