(Closed) Most disturbing parent to child advice. Ever.

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Wow, that is insane.  I definitely couldn’t have kept my mouth shut.  I would have at least said something like, “I think the one piece is really lovely on you and just right for a girl your age!” with a very pointed look at the mother…  Dear god.

About training bras…I don’t think 9 is too early for one?  I had to get one at eight because I was sprouting and when trying on clothes with my mom at the mall one day thought to myself, I kind of need a training bra.  I came out and my mom suggested we look at them too!  It was just necessary.  I went to girl scout camp a few weeks later and I remember discussing them with a few other girls…not many wore them yet but there were two or three that did.  That’s about the age when things start…coming in?  Having rhinestone-studded ones, meh.  I’d be more okay if it said like, “Princess” than “Glamour”, which sort of implies ‘flashy’ and makes it seem like it’s less to boost the little girl’s spirits and more for someone else to see?  Weird.  But not as bad as mom making her little girl get the “sexy” two piece.

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I agree with veganglam about changing the wording and I know that I would NEVER buy anything like that for my (future) kids. And I agree, sexy should not be applied to anyone under 18, especially as a parent. Sometimes I can’t believe the things I hear in stores.

While living in Portland, Or with my fiance, we heard some of the craziest stuff. Once, while shopping at the local supermarket we were cruising the candy/snack/junk food aisle (the #1 reason you should never ask someone married to a chef if they eat well haha) and we were looking through the candy. A mom and her 2 kids walks down the aisle and she tells them to pick out a package of candy each. We’re thinking good parenting mom, they get a treat without going overboard. Then she proceeds to list off about 15 additives that they’re not allowed to get including a bunch of food dyes. I think that’s completely reasonable with all of the studies being published linking food dyes and whatnot to unwanted behaviors, my fiance doesn’t completely agree and is already becoming slightly aggitated (the kids were between 3 and 5 mind you). So, the kids are looking and looking trying to find something good and pick out a few different things all of which the mom denies. Finally, getting frustrated with their inability to find something meeting her criteria, she grabs m&m’s…M&M’S!!!!!!!!! Seriously, did we just see that?! Luckily, the family left quickly enough that my Fiance and I were still in shock before we could say anything, but seriously, that’s like the mecca of food dye.

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ugh it is just so wrong. some girls need bras at 8 or 9 but that’s not the issue. i *hate* when parents say things look sexy on their children or that their children look sexy. what’s wrong with beautiful or cute? it makes me so angry

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sexy???? ewwwww. my mom has always encouraged me to be proud of my body (i was too curvy for my own good at 13–5’9″ and a C cup. I looked 18) but not to the point of encouraging grossness. Plus, the LAST thing i wanted at that age was people looking at me like that. Ew ew ew. There is a line that is easily crossed and that’s just nasty.

But that being said, i wore two pieces as a little girl (with ruffles and everything!) and my husband finds that shocking. I’m pretty sure my mom just thought it was pink and frilly and cute, NOT sexy. Sexy for a child? Absolutely revolting

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haha…it sounds like that show…is it Toddlers and Tiaras? maybe she was a contestant and the mother was they crazy stage mom.

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Wow I am sooo distrubed!  I would have said something to that mom for sure… the poor little girl! By the end of summer, with how kids grow, she will be lucky if it covers ANYTHING…. so sad!

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SMH some women dont know how to be mothers and are too busy trying to be girlfriends

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That’s absolutely disgusting. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

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wow. i dont even have words. that is the saddest thing i’ve ever heard – that poor little girl. 🙁

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These types of things in our society is just disgusting!!  I feel bad for the little kids that won’t know any better.  🙁

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yesterday I was at the mall with DH and saw a kid, couldnt have been any older than 12, wearing a shirt in the style of “enjoy coca-cola”, red/white, that actually said “I enjoy VAGINA”

who the hell buys that for their kid, lets them wear it in public, AND allows them to cruise the mall without them…..

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