Most embarrassing thing to happen to you.

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gozerthegozerian :  My husband and I just got back from our second anniversary trip. We did a Western Mediterranean cruise, which was amazing, by the way! But we actually missed out on the first couple of days due to some travel issues, so when we finally met the ship, we had to get acclimated quickly. I can’t remember if it was the first or second evening, but we went back to our room to have a little romantic time and forgot to put the “do not disturb” card on the door. We heard faint knocking on a door but it was hard to tell if it was ours or not. It turns out that it was our door, and at the tail end of my orgasm, our door begins to open! We both screamed “No!” and it immediately shut. Hubby covered himself up and went to the door, but no one was there. So we found the card to put on the door and somehow managed to finish through the laughter. The next day we ran into our butler who awkwardly brought up how he had tried to enter the room and assured he didn’t see anything… Ah!  

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ladyvictoria : Oh no, that is mortifying 😹


I wrote most embarrassing moment on here a few years ago. It’s still the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me so I’ve just pasted it from another thread.


FI(then BF) used to have a roommate who we’ll call Megan. Megan and I really hit it off when we met. It wasn’t the ideal situation but… was what it was.

I bought my FI(then BF) an iPhone for his birthday that year. And his phone had a habit of pocket dialing the last person he spoke to. Since we spoke on the phone all the time, the person it called was often me.

Christmas time rolls around and I beg Fiance to get a Christmas tree. Megan didn’t want to be bothered with getting a tree. However, when Fiance and I went to get the tree, Megan insisted she tag along since the apartment was half hers. We went looking for the tree and it was the Megan show. I was bummed because she didn’t even WANT the tree. She was just there because of the principle of the matter. But we end up getting the tree SHE wanted and picking the colors SHE liked. I was pissed… But I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t my place. It’s her house too. Gotta suck it up. I was irrationally irritated, not stupid enough to make a deal about it.

Christmas time came and went. This is the world’s longest story to tell so I’m really trying to condense it. 

A few weeks later, my voicemail box was full so I decided to check my voicemails. I happen to be one of those super irritating people who never listen to their voice messages. So i was deleting most of them without even listening to the message. But whenever I heard a message from Fiance, I would stop and listen.  One of the messages was odd. It was clearly a pocket dial. I was just about to press the delete button when I heard it. Megan’s voice. I immediately recognize her overly flirtatious twang.

In an instant I was on edge and listening to every word. Call me jealous. Whatever. I couldn’t hear much but this is pretty much what I could make out:

(Megan and Fiance giggling. Keys rustling. Sounds like they just entered the apartment)

Megan: “I hate that tree”

Fiance: “Me too”

(More rustling. Then you hear the squeezing sound people make when giving someone else a big hug)

Fiance: “hi”

Megan: “hi”

(more giggling like some lovesick schoolchildren)

Megan: “Let’s go to the bedroom!”

(Now we hear sounds of more giggling and what I guess are walking sounds. I assume they reach the bedroom.)

Fiance: “Who said you could lay on my bed?”

Megan: “I did.”

Fiance: “Good idea!”

(The next few seconds were hard to understand. At some point her cat enters the room and I assume the cat starts rubbing on Megan or wanting attention by what happens next. Let’s call the cat Coco)

Fiance: “Coco, stop flirting with my girlfriend! You can’t have her, she’s mine!”

(At this point they proceed to do more talking that I can’t quite make out. I can just hear a few words and

her annoying laugh. She seriously has the most annoying voice in the world)

End of call.

I am heartbroken. And livid. I could not believe he would do that to me. I call him up immediately and scream “Have you ever in life called Megan your girlfriend?!!!!!!” He says no. I hang up. I listen to the message over and over and over. I listen to it with my left ear. I listen to it with my right ear. I listen to it on speaker. I listen to it at high volume. I listen to it at low volume. They all confirm the same thing. Fiance sucks. 

I try and see if there is any way I could be overreacting. No… She was on his BED. She was clearly coming on to him. And he LET her. I was sick to my stomach over it. I wouldn’t let myself cry. He wasn’t worth it. I wanted to punch him and throw him in traffic and ask him WHY all at the same time.

I called him to end it.

He told me what all guys say. He didn’t know what I was talking about. I was paranoid. He loved me. He’d never hurt me. 

I told him I had proof. I told him that I knew Megan was on his bed. I knew he flirted with her. I knew he called her his girlfriend. I told him he pocket dialed me and I had it all on tape. He said that if he could listen to the message he could explain it. Of course he could. Typical. I told him that what hurt the most was that I thought he was at least man enough to own up to it.

I hung up on him again. And then I got pissed. My Fiance is a very busy man and some weeks WE barely have time to see each other. When did he have time to have romantic interludes with this girl??! I listened to the time on the message. 1:50 pm. Where the eff was I at 1:50 this day??! I check my texts to see what excuse he gave me as to where he was at this time. I only had 2 texts from him that day. One at 12:33 pm and another at 11:58 pm. Wtf? He’s with this girl all day and only texts me TWICE? I begin to read the messages. The 12:33 message reads “I’m outside” and the 11:58 message reads “Goodnight”. Wait… What? It almost sounds like we were together that day! But that can’t be!  I begin to think REALLY hard about it. I worked from 6 am to noon on the day in question. Fiance picked me up from work on the day in question. I think even harder. Megan was on a cruise to the Bahamas on the day in question. Which means…. Oh sh*t.

The girl with the annoying voice was me. 🙁

He pocket dialed me WHILE he was with me. 

I was the one who hated the Christmas tree.

I was the one giggling like a school girl. 

And I was the one who had to make the worlds most embarrassing call explaining the whole situation to Fiance. 🙁

He’s so great. He laughed and said he knew it would work itself out because nothing like that had ever happened. He was annoyed by it but really was good natured. However, to this day he still jokes about the day he cheated on me with… me. Lol.

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Oh boy, I still cringe thinking about my most embarrassing moment. This past winter, I was home on winter break and was about to go back to law school for my final semester. The night before, I was at DBF’s house (he is living at home with his parents while he waits for me to finish up school so he can save money before we move in together). We were in his room with the door closed, and his parents were just about to leave for dinner to meet friends. They hadn’t said anything to us for a couple of hours, so we thought we were safe to get busy. We also thought we were being very quiet, and did our best to muffle sounds, even though his parents were on the other side of the house and we doubted they could hear us.

DBF is literally in me when we hear his parents about to go out the front door to leave. Right before they do, his mom calls out very loudly “Have a good last semester!” or something to that effect. I quickly call out “Thank you!” so as not to seem suspicious. Then his dad follows up with “Yes, good luck with the big finish!” and laughs. I look at DBF with this this face sealed and say “they know…”

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jayebaby :  Yeah, that was our first and hopefully last time being walked in on. And OMG I can’t believe you didn’t recognize your own voice! LOL

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When I was 15, I wore the cutest boho outfit to the county fair. It consisted of a peasant top, a purple boho-patterned broomstick skirt with an elastic waist, and some really cute tan strappy sandals and matching crossbody mini bag with embroidered flowers on it because my bags always match my shoes. Since the skirt was literally ankle length I just threw on some random underwear that morning. That afternoon, a goat at the petting zoo tried to eat the skirt right off me, yanking it down to mid-thigh on one side! I was yelling and having a tug-of-war match over my skirt with a damn goat while a good portion of the small town I lived in, including several of my classmates, gawked at me and the tacky-ass red cotton bikini panties with pink hearts all over them that I was wearing. I was mortified!

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