(Closed) Most important day in your life: Wedding or Degree?

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  • poll: What was/will be the biggest day in your life: wedding or degree?
    My wedding is the most important day in my life : (108 votes)
    43 %
    Getting my undergraduate degree was the biggest day in my life : (22 votes)
    9 %
    Getting my masters degree was the most important day in my life : (11 votes)
    4 %
    Getting my doctorate, medical, law degree, etc. was the biggest day in my life : (23 votes)
    9 %
    Pshh degrees and weddings? Something else was way more important! : (47 votes)
    19 %
    Giving birth to my child was the most important day of my life : (39 votes)
    16 %
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    I had a teacher who attended the wedding of a friend. One of her relatives told her, “this is the happiest and most important day of your life!” The bride replied, “well I geuss if this is the happiest I will ever be, and that this will be my life’s greatest accomplishment I can probably just die now.”

    I’ve actually expressed a similar sentiment to someone before! Hahaha!

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    • Wedding: May 2012

    I think the whole getting a degree thing is really spread out over a long time with milestones along the way so it’s an apples and oranges comparison. 


    Technically the day I got my post graduate degree (as in the paper) I ran over to the school on my lunch break to pick it up 3 months after it was available. So no that wasn’t a very important day. 


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    I said my undergraduate graduation. I’m a first generation college student, so my graduation was a HUGE deal. I had teachers from middle school that road tripped 10 hours to be at my graduation.  A wedding is nice, but no where close to that.

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    @MissMarple:  I am the same way. I honestly just feel lucky to have found my SO. It was a bit of dumb luck that we found each other in high school. Sure our relationship takes a lot of work and effort, and that’s something to be proud of, but I don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars and 40+ hours per week on nurturing my relationship with my SO as I do with my degree. I am happy that I have my SO, of course, but I wouldn’t call our relationship my life’s greatest accomplishment. 

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    • Wedding: March 2012

    So far the degree is the most important day in my life.  I’m the first woman in my family to go to college.  My wedding day was pretty close, but it was our most important day.

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    • Wedding: February 2014

    I have degrees.  I have a career.  Big freaking deal…so does everyone else I know.  I have a love that makes me feel alive and wonderful.  I found someone to support me through good times and bad and who makes me want to be a better person…

    Uhhh yea – I would say the day I marry my guy will be the most importand day of my life, thus far.

    My life is not wrapped up in my career.  My goals are to be wrapped up into my own happiness.

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    • Wedding: August 2013



    I also agree that the events, and the emotions surrounding them, were so different for me. 

    On my wedding day, I felt incredibly happy, joyful, grateful, and beautiful. It was so amazing to see all our plans come together and I had so much fun with my new husband, family, and friends.

    When I convocated with my Master’s degree, I felt extremely proud of my accomplishment. But like other PPs have said, the day/ceremony itself was not all that exciting. 

    I’m currently doing a PhD and every time I think of walking across the stage to receive that degree, my eyes well up with tears. It’s even happening as I type! I can’t imagine how proud (and relieved!!) I’ll feel when that day eventually comes. 

    I also agree that planning a wedding and pursuing a career are not mutually exclusive. I planned through the first year of my current degree and loved having a creative outlet as a break from my usual routine. One of my classmates gave me a hard time for caring so much about the wedding, but I really enjoyed the planning process and didn’t see anything wrong with that. 

    I’m not sure why people think women (who I assume that ecard message is addressing) can only care about one thing at a time. Some may prioritize their family. Others may prioritize their career. And others may prioritize both. As long as we are each pursuing a life that is meaningful for us, there’s no need for judgment. 

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    • Wedding: October 2012

    @MsLabRat:  Totally and 100% agreed. Getting my PhD was way more important than my wedding day. Most fun? Most emotional or enjoyable? The wedding. BEST or most IMPORTANT? My degree. Anyone can get married, and getting married doesn’t particularly require hard work or imply any kind of accomplishment.

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    • Wedding: October 2014

    i didn’t really care about graduation day… yeah it was important, but at the same time if i had to miss it for work or something, i wouldn’t be heart broken.  However, my wedding day is me committing my life to my sweet, wonderful fiance.  So much more is happening that day.  They don’t even compare. 

    Some day when I have a baby that might be more important.. I mean obviously I’ll love the child a million times more than anything else I’ve ever done.  But evne then.. the day itself?  My wedding will be awesome… birth?  Bloody and painful?  Not awesome.  The outcome, yes… but the process?  I think I’ll enjoy my wedding day more haha

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    Definitely the birth of our first child!

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    • Wedding: September 2014

    Can I have more than one very important day of my life? The birth of my son was very major. My wedding day will be very important in a different way. The day I FINALLY graduate with my degree after over a decade of starting school over multiple times will be incredibly important. I have worked and fought for this sooo hard. It will mean so much. 

    All of these life events are important in a different way. None of these things occur every single day… They are each really special and always will be. It is difficult to compare bringing forth life (which took a short period of time) to working on a relationship that is wonderful (which has been going on for years) and to my degree (which has taken the longest period of time) and is something that I did without the help of another human being. I just cannot choose…

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    • Wedding: April 2012 - Chateau Briand

    @springbride23:  hehe I lIke your response 🙂

    i have to say getting admitted to the NY state bar was the most important day of my life. It allows me to practice in my chosen career and has made a lot of what Darling Husband and I wanted come true.

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    • Wedding: October 2013

    @MsLabRat:  I don’t know that I could choose! When I graduated college (with honours!) I was soooo proud of myself and I felt like I could do anything.

    When I got married, I was soooo happy and excited. And marriage has been awesome so far.  

    Both were a long time coming and a lot of work. 

    I would say the most important and course changing day for me was the day I picked up my sport. That was the most influential thing in the course of my life. It led me to Darling Husband, college and some life long friends. 

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    • Wedding: October 2012

    @MsLabRat:  Hahaha exactly! I’m not really comfortable being the center of attention, especially for something like a wedding. We’ve also been together a long time (almost 10 years now!) so by the time we got married literally nothing changed for us in our relationship. I love Darling Husband dearly and he’s an amazing catch for me, but guess I didn’t, and still don’t honestly, get what all the fuss was about or why I deserved a kitchen-aid mixer for that.

    I think part of it, for me anyway, is that my family can relate to being married. But the whole PhD thing? Most my family has no idea how amazing it is to stand up there and defend this “thing” that you spent (6) years of your life creating and molding or just how much WORK it took to get there (I’m obviously pretty humble as well…lol). For most of my family, it was just like “So, you’re finally done with school now and can get a real job? It’s about time.” Little do they know, a post-doc is not a “real” job haha. Random side note, what’s your PhD in?

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