(Closed) Most important days of your life…NAME THEM

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Buzzing bee
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1. The day my daughter was born.

2. The day my daughter died (3 weeks shy of her 21st bday).

3.Graduation from grad school.

4.The day I learned I was granted tenure.

5.The day I learned I was promoted to professor.

6. The day my god-daughter died.

7. The day I met my present hubs.

8. The day I married him.

9.The day my ex moved out!

10.The day I moved into my present home.


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Sugar bee
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1) Being removed from my mother’s care and placed with Gran and an aunt, age 7

2) Getting therapy at 18

3) Dumping my abusive (now ex) boyfriend after two years…age 19

4) Meeting FH and getting engaged

5) Adopting our two furbabies (kittehs)


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Aug 24 1987…I was left at an orphanage by my natural family in Korea. Pretty much the last time I saw them. I’d say that’s a hugely significant day in my life.

June 30 2006…Totaled my first car ๐Ÿ™ Learned some hard lessons. Matured. 

Nov 19 2007…Moved out on my own! Independence!

Superbowl Sunday 2008…My now fiance’s apartment was broken into. He came over to stay the night at my place because it was safer…He stayed forever!

Aug 24th 2008…we got our kitty! And became a real family.

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Bumble bee

These are in chronological order

1. The day I placed a child for (open) adoption

2. The day my son was born

3. The day my X-MIL passed away

4. The day my daughter was born

5. The day my divorce was final

6. First date with Fiance

7. The day I realized I had “made it” on my own

8. The day Fiance proposed

9. October 10, 2010  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I can think of six off the top of my head:

1) The day I was born.
2) The day I figured out there were some things that my parents couldn’t fix.
3) The day I figured out that sometimes the people you think really have it all together don’t (and therefore I’m okay).
4) The day I met Fiance.
5) The day I grew a spine and told one of my ex-best friends to shove off.
6) The day I learned that my thoughts and opinions are valid and okay.

ETA: Oh, and definitely the bra thing! Good underwear is a wonderful investment. 

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Just a few off the top of my head…

  1. The first night I said goodbye to my parents and moved into my freshman dorm in college
  2. The day when I decided, at 11 years old, to attend a two-week summer camp with my friend that focused on ecology and the natural world, an experience which eventually determined my career path
  3. My first day in Kenya during a summer study-abroad
  4. The weekend when my husband proposed and I received my masters degree
  5. The day I met my husband
  6. The day I flew cross-country on a one-way ticket, leaving behind my entire family and most of my close friends, to move to a new city and new coast, and finally ended 2.5 years of LDR with my husband
  7. The day I graduated from high school
  8. The day we moved into the home we bought together
  9. Definitely the day my college friends and I adopted a skinny yowly orange cat who showed up on our doorstep in a rainstorm – he’s now my husband’s and my very fat cantankerous housecat – and of course the day my husband and I drove 6 hours roundtrip on a Saturday to adopt a 6-lb puppy who is now our adorable dog.

And yes, the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

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FAB thread! Bras and cats…LOL! I’m older, so I have more than most of you…

College graduation

Day I got engaged

Day I got my dog

Day my “x” ended our relationship (was devistated at the time)

Day I found out I was diabetic (I was only 16)

Day I lost my virginity (I was only 15!!!)

The day I walked into my very own office. I thought it was such a big deal! I’m now back to NOT having an office, an happier than ever!

Every day that I’ve lost a pet in my life.

But…at 44…I still don’t have a good bra.

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@casteel_dream:AMEN TO THE BRA THAT FIT!! This is such an understated important day, and I am SO looking forward to it.

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1. College Graduation

2. Wedding Day

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Busy bee
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Love this thread. ๐Ÿ™‚

So far…

  1. The day we left Portugal and moved to the States ( I was 8 and I swear I can still remember every detail of that day)
  2. The day I joined the Army ( I was 17 and I can only remember being excited)
  3. My college graduation
  4. My commission as an Officer in the US Army
  5. The day I received my diagnosis ( Don’t remember much of that day)
  6. The day I had my first clean scan (Took 3 years to get that)
  7. The day I got engaged 

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Bumble bee
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What a fabulous thread – moving, interesting, just fascinating.

The first day that comes to mind for me is the day my nephew was born – April 25, 2002 – my life changed forever and although he has a younger sister and younger brother, the day I became an aunt really changed my whole life!  It wasn’t the MOST important but it was the first that came to mind when I started reading this topic.

Aside from that wonderful day I think the most important days have been:
The day I met DH
Our Wedding Day
The first day I spent studying abroad – it wound up meaning more to me than I ever imagined it would.

What I’m looking forward to: BABIES!  Laughing

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Not in any order except the first:

Birth of my Son

Election Nights – 1994 and 2004 (I work in politics every other year)

First Date with FH

First Wedding




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our wedding day

the day hubs and I found out we were pregnant

the day hubs and I saw each other after being apart for 5 years (it was the day I had been dreaming of and the day I knew we’d be together forever, even though it took a few more weeks to be officially together)

the day hubs proposed

the day we closed on our house

graduation from graduate school

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Sugar Beekeeper
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It might be odd but some of the traditional bigger days (graduations etc) really didn’t mean as much to me or stand out as much as some other random days. Chronologically: 

– spring of freshman year of hs:a really popular guy told my friend he thought i was cute. (maybe stupid? but it was the first time i ever had any confidence in myself around guys and it was a turning point for me)

– getting the lead in the hs play

– first weekend in my college dorm

– my hs bf going to basic training

– getting into university of chicago law school 

– breaking up with my hs bf

– my first date with fi

– getting my dog

– going to vegas with fi (our first trip together)

– the day i got my bar results

– the day i decided i wanted to marry him

– the day we closed on our house

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Bumble bee

1. The day I was accepted to college (though I transferred twice.)

2. The day I swam my personal best (last swim meet senior year of high school)

3. The day I accepted my first “big girl” job (2 months after graduating – Still there two years later, though looking to escape)

4. The day I met my BF. It was the best, and probably longest, first date ever.


Waiting bee is waiting. Days to come:

1. When he finally gets a job elsewhere so we can move! (Radio is a small market so we go where he can get work and I can find something.)

2. When we get a puppy! It was my birthday present this year and I’m tired of waiting for Mr. Poochypoo! (Don’t tell the dog I ever called him that.)

3. Seeing my best childhood friend get married.

4. The day I get to start grad school. I’m a nerd. I like school.

5. Engagement/wedding/family/friends all together.

6. Trips to France Spain and Israel. We will go. They will be epic.

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