(Closed) Most inappropriate guest/their actions at your wedding?

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Tiramisu – your story is cracking me up!  I can totally see that happening at our wedding…I KNOW we’ll find at least a few people passed out in the wedding attire on beach chairs in the morning.  I love it!!

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I have a really good one.

 My friend proposed to his girlfriend AT his cousin’s wedding.


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i had a bridesmaid not like the table name she was assigned so she took the sign out of the frame and wrote a new one in ballpoint pen on the backside.  then she felt the need to come tell me she had done it to make sure i didn’t mind.

i could have killed her.

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A friend of mine grabbed my Sister’s buns in front of her SO and his family and then tried to get several of the ladies at the reception to go have a threesome in the parking lot.  He ended up alone a drunk in a bar that night where he met his latest squeeze. 

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My husband’s aunt and uncle didn’t show up, didn’t call anybody, nothing.  We didn’t hear anything from them until we saw them at Thanksgiving (our wedding was in August) when they said that their daughter had been sick so they hadn’t shown up.  But worse was when husband’s (17 year old) sister got extremely drunk, threw a tantrum when he danced with his stepmother during the parent/child dance (his mom wasn’t even AT the wedding) and stormed out, necessitating that husband spend the first hour of our reception after dinner talking to her outside while I thanked our guests alone.  Later she threw ANOTHER huge fit in the washroom about something else.  Good times.

 Oh, also we had a couple who were perfectly well behaved except that they weren’t actually our guests – they snuck in from the wedding upstairs.  It was pretty close to the end of the evening so it’s not like they could have blended into the crowd, there were only about 30 people still there.  One of the groomsmen went up to them and was like "Enjoying the wedding?" and they said yes, and he said "How do you know the bride and groom?" and they said "Oh, we went to school together" and he said "No you didn’t.  How about you finish up this dance and then head out?"  He’s a pretty big guy.  They went willingly.

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@MrsLeopard: What was the table name??

@baderin: I don’t understand how they can do that!!!  Like no one would notice??

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@MightySapphire: I know, right?  If nothing else it was ballsy.  Our wedding was clearly better than the upstairs one (their guests got into a fistfight in the parking lot) but still…

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OMG… our reception was mayhem. 

First of all, my mother was probably the drunkest of them all.  She blamed it on me being her first child to get married, and the fact that she had turned 40 the month before.  It was so embaressing.

Secondly, one of our distant friends also took advantage of the open bar and then started hitting on my 15yr old sister.  He grabbed her butt and then told my step dad he would love a chance at that.  Needless to say, we haven’t spent time with him since.


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Oooh, fun board!!

MNH and I had 2 ambulances at our wedding: one was for a woman who feel and broke her wrist on the dance floor, the other was for the wife of a friend who had a few too many cocktails, and locked herself in the bathroom to puke before passing out. THEN, and this is my most inappropriate guest, we had a homeless woman show up! now, I actually don’t care about this, I think power to her – she saw fancy guests coming and going and figured there would be food and a lot of people, maybe too many to notice her, so she gave it a try. Smart lady. I guess the building managers noticed that she didn’t quite fit in, and escorted her out. Had I known, I would have asked the caterer to prepare a few plates for her to take on her way.

Anyway, with 2 ambulances and a homeless person, it was a pretty adventurous night!



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 We had an outdoor wedding on my parent’s farm.

We invited my husband’s friend and his fiance (his fiance introduced us), well, last minute his friend couldn’t come- but the fiance was going to come alone.  I thought this was a little odd, but still nice.  She ended up getting super drunk, asking all my male family members to have sex with her, fell on the dance floor, etc..  My father in law pulled me away to take care of her (I’m still irritated he did that), and while I was bringing her into the house to get her some water, she puked on me and my dress.  My Aunt came in and got her, took her outside and sat with her for the rest of the night while she was passed out and puked in a lawn chair. 

    She woke up still drunk around 2.a.m demanding we give her the keys to her car.  My husband and I told her no, and we would drive her home.  When we got to her car- the keys were locked inside.  We had to call her sister to bring her another set (which took 2 hours- her sister was at the bar drunk herself).  My husband drove her car, and I drove mine- on the way there she puked on my husband.  We were so tired.  We got back home around 7.a.m.  We get to say we spent our wedding night driving her home, and sharing a room with my brother and his girlfriend for a few hours!  The next day we were supposed to leave for our honeymoon- but we were so tired that we ended up going back to our apartment in Detroit for a night and leaving the next day.

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We didn’t have anything as bad as some of the previous stories (I’ve gotta see that youtube video!) fortunately for us, but we did have a few guests that had to leave early *cough-MIL-cough* but didn’t want to leave until we cut the cake. So they stood around practically giving us the evil eye as we made the rounds to the last few guest tables as if to say "hurry up and cut the cake I have places to be!" I think I found that more diappointing than inappropriate.

There was one girl who recently got engaged who works with my husband, I used to work with her also – she’s not one of my favorite people and she doesn’t like me much either. As soon as we walked up to their table she held her ring hand to me and said "we got engaged!" I thought that was a bit rude to try to upstage someone at their own wedding. I should have held out my ring hand and said "I got married today!"

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My step-cousin had asked me on numerous occasions (including at my bridal shower in front of my MIL) before the wedding if she could bring her son (8yo) because she didn’t have a babysitter.  How she knew 6 months in advance (when I sent STDs) she wouldn’t have a babysitter I don’t know.  We had a no kids policy and I told her that I couldn’t accommodate her son.

Now mind you- the year before at my sister’s wedding- the check this cousin wrote as a gift BOUNCED and cost my sister money as a result.  So this woman should have been sympathetic to the cost of adding a kid to the guest list.

So she said that she couldn’t make initially.  Then she said she was able to find a sitter and she would come.

Well imagine my suprise when she AND HER SON came up to congratulate me on the recieving line!  When she congratulated me she also apologized saying her sitter cancelled at the last minute!  I still don’t believe that was true.


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people were having a hell of a good time at ours and so many people were terribly drunk, so there were lots of interesting things going on.  one 60+ yr. old aunt of DH’s fell on the ground while dancing, stepped on her own skirt as she was getting up and mooned everyone on the dance floor.  we missed it ourselves (kinda glad) but stories like these live on forEVER.

when i go to weddings i really like watching out for hoochie mamas, i always find them super entertaining coz them in their super tight and/or super short and or super low cut dresses are always so self concious or think they are da shiz and often act the most ghetto.  always hilarious.

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This wasn’t my wedding, but at a wedding I went to one of the groomsmen kept hitting on the grooms 15 yr old sister!

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greentea, I’m with you on the hoochie mamas!

there was one at my cousin’s wedding with her boyfriend (I didn’t know her, I think she was family of the bride’s) and I spent most of the evening watching (and making fun of) her hoochie-like antics of shakin’ it on the dance floor and making out with her boyfriend.

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